Top 15 Questions to Ask Your Vet about Pet Medications

To get back to normal health, like humans – dogs, cats and horses too require proper pet medications. Pets benefit a lot from medications when given to treat and prevent diseases.  However, when you do not provide right dosage of pet meds, or do not handle them or store them in a right manner, you can do more harm to your pets rather than helping them to recover. It becomes vital for pet parents to ask certain question to vet when there furry companions are on pet meds. Moreover, being a caring pet owner it is your responsibility to buy medicines and treatments from authentic pet care supplies only. It ensures that you get quality products, which are government approved. Continue reading


Important Facts about Tick Life Cycle

Summer time and it is a merry time for all blood-sucking pests. Dogs and cats are the prime targets of ticks. These parasites attack and spread various diseases hampering the life of pets. In order to protect your pets from ticks, it is important to understand the various life stages of ticks, and how can these external parasites spread the diseases in pets.

What are Ticks?

Ticks are nasty tiny creatures living on the blood of animals and sometimes people. These creatures do not have wings to fly, nor jump. They are transported by birds and animals, and travel by walking on grounds and up the plants. When they come near their host, they drop onto it and hooked on them. Feeding on the host, they gradually multiply and start their life cycle. Continue reading

How Safe is it to Buy Pet Meds Online?

“How Safe is it to buy pet meds online?” –  This is the most discussed question that goes around among most of the pet owners.

With times changing, and advancement in technology, people are finding ways to ease their work with the help of technology. Internet has played a crucial role in enhancing the comfort zone and bringing in new ways to do every day work at fingertips.

Whether you want to buy pet care supplies, or want to fix an appointment with your vet, everything is possible just in a few clicks.

However, when it comes to shop for pet meds online, most pet parents are always confused and in dilemma – whether to buy pet meds online or not, whether they would supply the right product or not according to their pet’s needs, and much more.

Talking to some of the internet shopping experts and looking at the changing trends, we have disclosed here some major facts to clear your doubts.

Ordering pet meds online is as easy as you buy the product from any neighborhood pet store. On the contrary, we can say that ordering online is much easier than to drive out and do pet care shopping.

When you order online, you can save up to 60 % on your pet supplies and medications. However, still the pet parents have doubts about buying online. There are numerous things pet owners ponder about drugs that are sold online.

There are store which care and value about your pet’s health as much as you do. Safety of pets at their core values, the company delivers same branded medications as sold at your neighborhood vet office. Moreover, you can save a lot on monthly flea and tick medications and other treatments through online pet supplies coupons.

Most of these reliable websites have veterinary partners who help you purchase proper medications as your vet does. The online companies have huge resource of the pet medications as they supply to huge customers. Therefore, their stocks are always new. Additionally, these pet partners are able to offer pet products at cost effective rates compared to local vet office as they buy in bulk.

When you are looking to order from online pets care supplier, the first and foremost thing you will do is check whether the company is a member of any pharmacy group, and does it has verified and secured payment process. Also, check for the guarantee certificate that ensures you get quality product. This all proves that the website is reliable and sells branded pet products.

Overall, considering the above things, we can say that buying pet meds online is definitely a safe deal, and the additional benefit of huge discount on pet supplies is what you gain.

Spring Cleaning your Pet!

With the arrival of Spring season, pet parents have to be more active in managing their pets. Due to the seasonal changes, they have to add and delete few things from their pet care routine. This is the time to check your pet’s natural health as well as belongings. Starting from their body to changing their meal bowls, everything needs to be monitored and given a new set up with the coming season.

Pet Care in the Spring Season:

Pet care routine changes as per seasons. Environment and climate has a big impact on your furry bundle of joy. Pet parents have to change their pet care schedule as per the seasons. Some aspects to keep in mind for Spring pet care are: Continue reading