Spring Cleaning your Pet!

With the arrival of Spring season, pet parents have to be more active in managing their pets. Due to the seasonal changes, they have to add and delete few things from their pet care routine. This is the time to check your pet’s natural health as well as belongings. Starting from their body to changing their meal bowls, everything needs to be monitored and given a new set up with the coming season.

Pet Care in the Spring Season:

Pet care routine changes as per seasons. Environment and climate has a big impact on your furry bundle of joy. Pet parents have to change their pet care schedule as per the seasons. Some aspects to keep in mind for Spring pet care are:

Seasonal changes

After the cold and foggy winters, this is the time to make sure that your furry companion is ready to enjoy the warm season. Here is the time when your pet is ready to leave its cozy bed and enjoy some warm exercise sessions in the sun. It is time to warm up their beddings, checking their dental care, flea and tick treatments and deworming schedules.

Flea proofing

This season is a warning call for flea infestations. The pesky insects are at their lethal best in the warm temperatures. There are more chances of flea and tick attacks on your pets. Make sure to keep up with your pet’s monthly flea protection schedule to avoid these unwanted parasites. Check up with the vet to give specific guidelines for your pet.

Cleaning up the pet space

Cleaning up your pet space after the lazy winter season is a must. You need to vaccum clean your pet’s bedding and kennel to get rid of extra fur and debris. If not cleaned then your pet’s resting area will become the favorite place of fleas and ticks. It would be a breeding ground for flea eggs and thus need to clean thoroughly.

Pet cleaning

Once you are done with creating a hygienic surrounding, take charge of cleaning up your pet. Start from tip of the nose and check until the nails on the paws. You need to check his teeth, ears, skin, paws and tail. Check for any fleas and ticks, skin or coat damage and monitor his weight. Few tips that help in Spring cleaning your pet are:

  • Dental hygiene: You need to check for any discoloration of teeth, gum inflammation and buildup of plaque. In addition, take veterinarian guidance and use vet suggested toothpastes and dental products for absolute dental care of your pet.
  • Keep away the debris: Check the pet’s ears and armpit areas for any deposition of mats due to the winter season. Check the area between the pads and coat around the paws for any debris deposition. Clean up all these places with comb and groom your pet by shaping up his nails.
  • Solve the weight and fur issues: Winters are time when your pet stays more within the doors. This resting time piles up few extra pounds on your pet. Plan up some exercise and game sessions in the outdoors so that your four-legged friend becomes more active and fit. Even trimming down the extra fur will help deal with the heat of the warm season.
  • Monthly flea protection: Applying natural or chemical flea and tick treatments at this time is necessary to avoid unwelcome infestations from these pests.

Following these tips would help you take better care of your pet in this Spring season. In addition, go to a veterinarian and get some advice on the dos and don’ts of pet care in the Spring season. Take and follow expert advice to keep your pet happy and healthy in this warm season.


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