Top 15 Questions to Ask Your Vet about Pet Medications

To get back to normal health, like humans – dogs, cats and horses too require proper pet medications. Pets benefit a lot from medications when given to treat and prevent diseases.  However, when you do not provide right dosage of pet meds, or do not handle them or store them in a right manner, you can do more harm to your pets rather than helping them to recover. It becomes vital for pet parents to ask certain question to vet when there furry companions are on pet meds. Moreover, being a caring pet owner it is your responsibility to buy medicines and treatments from authentic pet care supplies only. It ensures that you get quality products, which are government approved. Here are the top 15 questions you need to remember to ask about your pet’s medications. Ask-A-Vet

  1. Why my pet needs this particular medication and how long do I need to administer him/her this medication?
  2. Is it fine to buy pet medications from an online pet supplies store, or do I have to buy it from vet office only?
  3. What is the right way to administer medication to my pet?
  4. Do I have to mix it with food or give it directly into food? Do I have to give this medicine on empty stomach or after his/her meals?
  5. How do I store the medications?
  6. How often should the medication be given and how much should I give each time?
  7. If medication is in liquid form, do I have to shake the bottle or do I have to dilute it in water and then administer it?
  8. What should I have to do in case my pet vomits or spits out the medication?
  9. If I forget to give the medication, what shall I do? Do I need to administer the medication as soon as I remember or have to wait for the scheduled time?
  10. What shall I do if I have given too much of medication?
  11. Should I administer the remaining mediation, even if my pet has recovered from the illness?
  12. After administration of medications, what reactions shall I observe for its effectiveness?
  13. What should I do in case my pet shows any side effects due to medications given?
  14. When should I bring my pet back for a recheck, when the medication course is complete or in between?
  15. Do I have to call a vet for my pet’s progress or vet will call me for it?

If you still have doubts and want to gain information about medication dosage, then you can directly talk to vet on phone or can visit your vet. Directly consulting with your vet, you can get solution to all your doubts about giving pet medications. You can even take advice from free vet consultant found on authentic online dog supplies store or pet care suppliers. Well, this can help you to administer proper dosage of medications to your pet, and take care of them during their illness and recovery period.


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