Tricks and Techniques to Feed Medications to Your Pet

One of the biggest dilemmas faced by pet parents is to find the correct method of giving medication to the pet. This is because most of the pets do not like to eat those pills and may spit out or run away from grabbing those ‘health healers’. It is a common problem and there are plenty of solutions for it. Pet parents can discuss it with their veterinarian and find out the most suitable way for their pet.

Pet parents need to be skillful at not only giving medicine, but also creating a habit in their pet to take pills and tablets willingly. Giving treats after medicine and appreciating them for their cooperative behavior makes the pet happy and he would not run away from the sight of the pills. Veterinarians are the best help for this. They can answer every ‘what, why and how’ of giving medications to the pets.

Some trick and techniques of giving medications to the pet:

Prefer chewables: The pets take tasty chewables as treats. If medicine is available in chewable form, then prefer buying it as these flavored chews attract the pet and make your administration easy. Chews are available in beef, liver, roasted chicken and other flavors. Choose as per your pet’s taste and preference.

Hide in food: One can also hide tablets in the pet’s food. If you end up hiding the medicine in the pet’s food, then you need to keep a watch on the pet to check if he has finished an entire meal or not. If not, then re-dosing is necessary. You can also break the tablet into pieces before mixing with the food so that small pieces are not visible to the pet. Some more tricks are:

  • If the medicine is in capsule form, then you can pull off the two sides and sprinkle the powder over the meal. Mix the food properly and then give it to the pet. Ask your vet if this is a good practice or not. In some tablets, the plastic cover is important for dissolving the ingredients so ask a vet before applying this technique.
  • Some pets do not like the smell of the powder and would not take food. In these cases, choose liquid suspensions or the traditional method of administering tablets.
  • Hide the pill in a meatball or in a cheese cube and give it to your furry pal. Trick your pet by giving few meatballs and then the one with the pill followed by normal meatballs. Similarly give the pill between treats or kibbles. Just do not leave any time gap between the pill and the next meatball or treat. This way the pet would not realize that he has taken a medicine and you are done with this tricky job.

Liquid suspensions: If your pet runs away at the sight of tablets and capsules then, give him liquid suspensions. These pet medications are mixed with the pet’s wet food. If the pet does not take wet food, then administer medicine through a syringe.

Traditional method: Gently open your pet’s mouth. Place the pill behind the teeth and close the mouth. Slowly pull his face up so that he sees towards the ceiling. Gently rub his throat such that he swallows the pill. Follow this up by giving a treat immediately.

These are some of the finest methods of tricking your pet for medicines. Any one of all these will work out for your pet. If not then consult your pet’s veterinarian who knows his temperament and will suggest any other alternative to these methods. All the best!!


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