Top 11 Reasons Why Your Pet is Suffering from Skin Problem

Does your pet scratches or licks itself continuously? Or is he showing the symptoms of red marks, rashes or flakes on his skin? These all things indicate that your pet is facing issues of skin conditions. Well, take a back seat to find that skin conditions are common in almost all pets. However, pets face different skin condition and so are the solutions for them. There are numerous reasons that make your dog or cat scratch or bite. 

You can find that your dog faces dry skin or rashes sometimes and at other times, he is suffering from skin infection. Knowing the cause of skin problems, you can either change your pet’s lifestyle or visit to your vet to help him relieve from symptoms. Learning about the cause of skin conditions, you can choose an effective treatment for your pet.


1. Food Allergies 

Some pets are allergic to certain ingredients found in food. When they take such food, they develop rashes or itching. Food allergies can cause dry, itchy, or flaky skin. If your pet is susceptible to possible food allergies, he may require specialized pet food or daily medication to ease the symptoms. After recovery also, you need to take care that you do not provide the food to which your pet is allergic.

2. Skin Parasites

Certain external parasites cause severe skin irritation and skin problems. Mange is a skin disease caused by various types of mites. The symptoms include redness, baldness, dryness, and scabbing, flaking and skin odor. Fleas and ticks are also responsible for scratching and itching in dogs and cats. These parasites can even lead to more severe health issues including Flea Dermatitis.

3. Inhalant Allergies

These are second most common cause of allergies in dogs. Similar to humans, these allergies are caused due to allergens such as grass, dust mites, pollens and molds, which are either inhaled by your dog or absorbed by his skin. These allergens cause scratching and itching in dogs. It even causes constant face rubbing and belly scratching. Pets show most of these symptoms in warm weather, when grass and pollen are all around.

4. Yeast Infection

Yeast infection may indicate the presence of an underlying health condition. Symptoms same as to those associated with other allergies appear on pets. Due to scratching, the entire body will be flaming red and your pet gets irritated.

5. Contact or Environmental Allergies

Your pet is said to be suffering from a contact allergy, when he is allergic to things such as soap, fleas or dust that comes into contact. It happens immediately when your dog gets into contact. He instantly starts itching and along with it, you can find some raised red bumps.

6. Dry Weather

The lack of humidity in the air also causes dry, scaly skin in both humans and animals. Mostly during cold, winter months and summer months, when air conditioning runs nonstop inside the house, skin dryness problem is common. A moisturizing cream can ease this problem in your pet.

7. Poor Diet

Sometimes, nutritional deficiencies can also cause dry and itchy skin, especially in older pets. Lack of omega 3 and other fatty acids from the daily diet lead to this condition. Supplementing good amount of nutritious diet is essential to combat this skin condition.

8. Dehydration

Lack of water in body, largely damages skin structure and dries away skin. Make sure to provide fresh water to your pet constantly, which helps the skin to stay hydrated without drying your pet skin. Especially, during summer take extra care and check periodically for other signs of dehydration such as dry mouth or sunken eyes.

 9. Hormonal Disorders

Certain hormonal problems like Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism can lead to dryness, flaky skin and other symptoms such as fatigue and rashes. This is most common when your pet is entering from one life stage to another.

 10. Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Fungus and bacteria cause skin infections resulting into red, itchy and irritated skin. Sometimes, lack of proper hygiene during humid climate also results into bacterial and fungal infection irritating your pet’s skin along with rashes. Proper medication can help to soothe the skin and provides relaxation from the infection and symptoms.

11. Grooming

The most important part of our daily life style is also of much importance to pets. Proper grooming maintains your pet’s skin health. Bathing your pet too much removes all the essential natural oils from their skin that helps to retain natural moisture content. Excessive bathing results into dry and scaly skin. Reduce the frequency of baths and turn to moisturizing lotion or shampoo that is specially designed for dry skin.

Well, it is not limited to these only; there may be several other reasons also that can cause skin issues in pets. However, these are most common that causes skin problems in pets. If your pet has suffered from any skin condition due to the reason other than the above-mentioned ones, do share with us.


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