How to Combat Flea Threat This Flea Season?

Fight-Against-FleasWinters are too harsh for fleas to survive, though in summer from nowhere you can find those blood-sucking pests pop out and start enjoying feast on your pet. Unluckily, your pets are the worst victims of the heavy flea infestation, and this scenario depicts with dark letters on white board – ‘Flea Season is Back.’

Fleas are those blood-sucking insects that are quite difficult to kill. Though you must have implied hundred of ways to eradicate them, they are back again hoping and hiding to have a great blood meal on your pet. 

You may be thinking – Why these fleas are so difficult to control, in spite of all your tactics, they are back again to play their tantrums on your dog or cat.

Important Facts about Fleas 

Fleas thrive in warm and favorable conditions. After a heavy blood meal, female fleas can lay eggs as many as 40 to 50 eggs per day. These eggs hatch in a humidity of 70% and larvae require at least 50% of humidity to survive. In the favorable conditions, flea larvae hatch from eggs, and with a good supply of food, pupae start weaving a silken cocoon. Even though, the mercury levels drop down, pupae can survive as they withstand extreme climatic conditions and only perish when the temperature is below 32 degrees for up to 4 hours. This explains why fleas thrive and survive no matter what we do.

In ideal conditions, that is to say at temperatures between 70 to 90 degrees where fleas thrive, they reproduce every two weeks. When conditions are unfavorable, they lay dormant in the pupae stage until conditions turn into their favor. Then the goal of adult fleas is to find an animal to feed on their blood and reproduce. Fleas can die within one week of not finding any host to feed on. If it finds the host, it can survive for 2 to 3 years with meals in between, while the eggs can land on your pet or in the environment to evolve into hungry fleas ready to feast on the potential hosts.

You may be bit surprised knowing these facts about fleas and how they survive leisurely for years feeding on your pet’s blood. Well, now the question comes – How are you going to fight against these nasty fleas?

What You Should Do to Control Fleas? 

According to vets and various animal shelters, a year round flea protection is a definite solution that helps you control fleas and prevent your pet from heavy flea infestation. Just take a glance at a pet store or an online pet supplies, and you can find an array of flea treatments to kill and treat fleas and prevent flea re-infestation. Treating your pet with these flea medications can protect your pets and keep surroundings free from these parasites.

Some of the top flea preventives include Advantage II, Frontline Plus, and Capstar. These medications are effective in killing fleas within 24 to 48 hours and protect pets from flea infestation a month around. You can even seek your vet’s guidance about the best flea treatment for your pet.



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