Why Adopt a Dog? – Save Lives, Stop Puppy Mills

Why Adopt a Dog

Owning pets is bliss for they are your source of unconditional love, contagious enthusiasm and total acceptance. Most of us hop around puppy stores to get the cutest of all dogs for our family. Adding a furry new member in the family is a thrilling idea, but adoption is another way of doing this and gives one far more satisfaction. Adopting abandoned, injured or orphan pets from rescue shelters or animal homes has many positive sides to it.

Many pet parents are reluctant in adopting pets as there are several misconceptions surrounding it. The common assumption about animals living in rescue shelters is that they have some kind of behavioral or physical problem. It is concluded that because of these problems, their owners have left them in shelters. It is actually the other way round. Pet parents who cannot accommodate their pets in their house or are shifting to a ‘no pet’ homes leave these beautiful creatures in shelter homes. So, there is no point in punishing these innocent animals?

Common myths about rescue shelter animals:

  • Rescue dogs have behavioral problem
  • These are aggressive pets
  • They have physical ailments
  • They do not form a loving relationship with their human companions
  • They do not gel up with other pets at home

Those who are willing to adopt must look over these myths and figure out the facts about rescue animals. It will help them look at pet adoption from a fresh perspective. Check out the pets on your own and find out whether it will suit your family or not. There are several positive aspects of dog adoption from rescue homes. Adoption will not only add a new chapter in the abandoned dog’s life, but would add a beautiful dimension in the owner’s life as well.

Reasons for adopting dog from shelter homes:

It saves an animal’s life: Every year, nearly three to four million animals living in various shelter homes are euthanized just because there are no takers for them. It is a real pity and to improve this situation, all we can do is adopt the animal from these shelters and save at least one life. Therefore, when you adopt a pet you actually save a life.

Say no to puppy mills: Adoption is the foremost step towards saying NO to puppy mills. The puppy generating factories run by licensed breeders keep animals in pathetic conditions. They do extensive breeding and supply dogs to puppy stores. When more and more people will adopt, it will put a halt on puppy mills. Thus, not buying puppies from these puppy stores and taking up from shelters is the ideal way to condemn puppy mills and inhumane breeders.

Best way to treat animals: By giving an animal a home, you are giving him the best gift of his life. With this, you give him a tacit promise of love, care and protection. The once abandoned puppies now become a part of your family and get all the love they deserve on this planet. Giving this security to them is the best way to treat them.

Shelter homes offer variety of choices: You get to see a variety of dogs at the rescue shelters. In puppy stores, you are restricted to only a few breeds of pets. Shelter homes offer a wide variety of animals to choose from starting from different breeds of puppies to young and old dogs. You can choose the one you connect with the most. For those who are looking for older dogs, shelter homes are the best solution.

Already trained pet: Most of the dogs in shelter homes are house trained previously. They do not need special training and easily mingle with the family. The pet parents do not need to spend extra bucks on training these innocent animals.

Prudent investment: A qualified veterinarian vaccinates Pets in animal shelters. So, pet owners do not need to spend extra money on these animals. However, the amount you save by adopting pets can be reused in giving the finest comforts to the newly adopted furry pals. This is the finest investment of all as it gives comfort to the pet that might have faced many atrocities in life.

So, while you want a pet for the home, just think about all these facets. You will find that it is a positive step towards animal love. All animal lovers should adopt dogs for it puts an end to animal trafficking and saves a life.

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