Best Tips to Deal with Dry Eyes in Dogs

Dry Eyes in Dogs

Does your pooch is constantly itching and scratching his eyes, do his eyes have become too red to ignore? These are some of the symptoms of dry eyes, which typically occur in dogs. It’s a very painful condition in which dog’s visual system loses the capacity to produce natural tears.

Medically called keratoconjunctivitis sicca or KCS, dry eye is a distressing condition in canines. It involves an abnormal functioning of lacrimal glands that are normally designed to produce tears. Dogs with this condition lead painful life suffering with scratchy, irritated, itchy and red eyes.

Causes of Dry Eyes in Dogs

There are numerous causes responsible for dry eyes, which is quite harmful in long term if not treated on time.

The common reasons are:

  • Drug reaction
  • Removal of gland of the third eyelid to treat cherry eye (which is not performed now due to risk of dry eyes)
  • Immune disorder
  • Other less common things can cause dry eyes

Though the eyes may look normal, it is essential to treat dry eye condition because tear glands damage eventually when dogs are left untreated. A lifelong treatment has to be integrated to control the underlying problem of dry eyes.

For canine’s eye health, natural tears are very much essential that carry out crucial functions, which are lost in dry eye condition. It is a painful condition, which when ignored results into permanent blindness. Moreover, dry eye problem can affect your Fido’s quality of life and damage his eyesight in the future.

If you find your Fido’s eyes are usually remaining dry, visit to a vet for proper diagnosis. Normally, vet recommends eye drops that are effective in treating this eye condition. Eye drops containing cyclosporine or ointment or tacrolimus drops or ointment are highly effective in controlling this situation when used once or twice.

The eye drops increases production of tears in dog’s eyes naturally giving comfort to your Fido’s eyes. Apart from treatment, eye care for dogs is quite crucial to protect their eyes and provide good sight during their entire life.

To help you fight the condition of dry eyes in your furry friend, we have briefed out certain treatment tips, which can be helpful to you.

  • Always follow the advice of your vet. For any doubts or difficulty, clear it with your vet, this helps to treat your canine fellow properly.
  • If you are finding difficulty in applying the eye drops or ointment, ask your vet for the demonstration.
  • In the initial stage of the treatment, it is better to have a spare pair of hands to steady your pet’s head while administration of eye solution.
  • Never miss the dose as directed by your vet. Stick to a particular routine, this helps to not to miss the regular dose of the treatment.
  • Before you finish your current ointment, ask your vet for further guidance – whether to continue with the same treatment or discontinue the treatment.
  • Without consulting your vet, never stop applying eye drops to your furry friend, even if his eyes look better. Normally, the dry eye issue requires long run treatment.
  • For monitoring your dog’s dry eye recovery condition, carry on regular checkups with your veterinarian.

Dogs with dry eyes are vulnerable to other eye problems also such as eye infection. Therefore, it is important that you provide regular treatment along with other short course antiseptic eye drops. A long-term treatment with cyclosporine ointment and artificial tears for dogs are effective in preventing the damage occurring to tear glands, which is the hidden cause of your furry friend’s dry eyes.


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