Top Ten Things to Do to Help Your Arthritic Dog

If you see your pooch limping with great pain, unable to move freely due to stiffness or is reluctant to walk, immediately take your pet to a vet. This is no less than a serious matter but a case to involve yourself and find out what’s wrong with your pet and provide the best help. These are a few common symptoms dogs show when they are suffering from arthritis. Dog arthritis is a grave matter that has been increasing recently according to a study of Animal Health Association.


Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that largely affects the joint and skeletal system of your dog. Moreover, senior dogs are more prone to this joint condition. This situation causes pain in joints and inflammation. When it turns out to be too serious, the pet is not able to move.  

If you find your pet is suffering from the pain in the joints, reluctant to walk, play or move around then take vet’s advice. Along with veterinarian help, here are the ten ways that can help your arthritic dog live a healthy and active life.

  1. Firstly, control your dog’s bodyweight. Keeping him slim will decrease tremendous load on his joints. Feeding with the right dog food, which is low in calorie and high in nutrients help your pooch to keep those extra pounds away and arthritic pain at bay.
  2. Regular vet visit helps you to provide the right joint care to your pet. Your vet can monitor pet arthritis and accordingly change the treatment plan.
  3. Proper massage can keep your dog’s joints flexible, increases blood circulation and help him to move freely. Ask your vet to recommend you an animal massage specialist, who can provide regular massage sessions for your pet helping him to gain mobility.
  4. Exhaustive exercises have to be abandoned totally, when your dog is suffering from arthritis. Put him on controlled exercise, where you can cautiously monitor him to play, run and walk. Your veterinarian can also help you by advising some soft exercises.
  5. Acupuncture therapy is applicable to both humans and animals. This pain-free method dramatically reduces pain in pets suffering from joint pain. Acupuncture has shown great success rates in animals. Provide this therapy to your pet and help him to have painless and active life.
  6. Cold and damp conditions aggravate arthritic conditions. Keeping your pooch warm and dry help him to stay trouble-free. During cold months, consider getting heated bed for your pooch and apply warm pads to painful joints.
  7. Talk to your vet about pain medications. He can recommend proper painkillers including anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal that can relieve your pet from pain. 
  8. Investing in glucosamine and chondrotin supplements help you in improving your doggie’s mobility. You can get them from any online pet supplies. These joint supplements maintain joint health and supports joint functioning in dogs having arthritis.
  9. In case of advanced stage of dog arthritis in your pet, surgery can be the option. Learn about the pros and cons about this surgery from your vet and then you can decide.
  10. Make sure that you make some changes in your home environment for your arthritic pet. Remove furniture where it’s not necessary for your dog’s easy movement. Provide ramps to get up and down of the stairs or furniture. Spread rugs and carpets that facilitate him pain-free walking.

A pet with arthritis needs your intentional care, easy environment, proper medications and lot of affection that makes his life easy and painless. Stick to it and let your dog lead an active life.

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