Safety Tips to Travel with Your Pet By Car, Train, Ship or Train

When planning for a trip or a vacation, look for the safest and most comfortable travel means for your pet. A good quantity and quality time spend with your lovable companion is much worth rather slogging your poor pet through a trip.

Anyways, if you are planning to travel, find the best mode to travel safely with your furry friend. Find here the safety tips to follow for hurdle-less and happy journey.


Travel by car

Dogs need not roam in a car

The best and safest way for your pooch to travel in a car is through harness or in a crate that has been secured with a seatbelt.  This will safeguard your pet and doesn’t allow him to move around and distract the driver.

Cats need crates

When travelling with your cat in a car, take her in a crate or carrier. With your abundance of love and care, you can keep her to stay cool inside the car without being frightened.

Pets need to be back seated

Pets should always be taken in the backseat. Never make your pet sit in the front seat as it’s not only dangerous for you but also for your pet’s life. When anchored in the backseat with seatbelts and harnesses, they are safe and you can travel freely.

Halt at plenty of rest shops for your pet friend

Pets need to relax and do require plenty of water especially pooches. Halting at rest places along the journey help you to make your pet cool and relax. It also helps to prevent travel nausea in some special cases.

Keep those pet heads inside

When travelling, dogs love to poke their heads out of car windows normally. This act is very dangerous. For your lovable companion’s safety never allow him/her to keep their heads out of the window, better keep windows closed.

Never leave pet alone in car

During warm weather, temperature inside the car is high compared to outside temperature. When pet left unattended inside the car, they face serious problem like brain damage or serious problem. It’s better take your furry friend along with you.

Travel by train

Some of the smaller American railroad companies permit animals on board otherwise Amtrak does not allow pets except assistance dogs. Many European trains allow pets on board until pet owners take responsibility of feeding and exercising their pets at station stops.

Travel by ship

A few cruise lines permit pets that too only confined to kennels. It’s advised to contact cruise lines about their policies and kennel facilities before taking your pet along with you. If they are allowing with kennel facilities, then find out is it safe for your pet to travel in the kennel and how comfortable it is.

Travel by Plane

Direct flights

When travelling with your pets, book for direct flights to prevent hassles of airline transfers and other possible delays due to pets.

Same flight

Travel in the same flight with your pet being in cargo. Ask your plane authority to let you watch your furry friend being loaded in the cargo and unloaded.

Summer or Winter traveling

When travelling in extreme weather such as summer or winter, choose flight to cope up with the temperature. During summer, book morning or evening planes and during winter afternoon flights work well.

Collar and tag

When taking your pet through flight, affix two identifications on the collar. One of permanent cell number and home address, and the second one of temporary traveling address with telephone number where you can be contacted.

Travel Label on carrier

Affix a label on the carrier that includes all the details such as your name, permanent address, telephone number, final destination and where you or a contact person can be reached as soon as flight arrives.


Do not administer your furry friend with tranquilizers without the concern or recommendation of your vet. Ensure that your vet knows that the prescription is for air travel.


Before six to seven hours of travelling, do not feed your Fido or Kitty. This helps to avoid any uncertain conditions arising due to food intake. Better, provide water in small amounts. Possibly, you can provide ice cubes in water tray attached inside the crate.


When you arrive at the destination, open the carrier as soon as you find some relaxing and cool place. If you find anything wrong with your pet, immediately take him/her to a veterinarian.

Holiday and Summer Vacation

Never travel with your pet during busy travel season such as during holidays and summer time. This is a rush time when most of the flights are full and quite uncomfortable for your pet to travel.

Whatever mode of transport you choose to travel with your lovable pet, ensure that you take all the precautions. This will help in safe and stress-free travelling with your pet. 


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