What Other Diseases Fleas and Ticks Cause

Warm summer days unveils a colossal colony of fleas and ticks. These external parasites are ready to march on your dogs and cats to suck blood. This is the most difficult time for you as a pet owner to not only battle with these nasty pests but also safeguard your pets. You must be surprised to know that apart from scratching and skin irritation; these blood-sucking creatures are the source of various other diseases, which can greatly hamper your pet’s health.

What Other Diseases Fleas and Ticks Cause


Ticks are the ugly little creatures that adversely affect humans and animals. These insects spread serious illness. Pets are more prone to ticks and the diseases caused through them. Lyme disease is one such illness that is a real threat to dogs and cats. More surprising is that it is now spreading at the tremendous speed over the other areas of America. The reason of spreading of this disease is ticks, as they are attacking newer territories.

Moreover, people are coming too close to nature through environment saving practice and having that internal zeal to live with nature. This also makes ticks to attack pets easily, and destroy their health quality.

These nasty tiny mobs are not only responsible for one type of disease but they are likely to spread multiple diseases ranging from Rocky Mountain fever to diseases that attack blood cells. Usually, the signs of these diseases are shadowy like mild fever, lethargy, joint pain, loss of appetite and swollen lymph nodes. With such symptoms in pets, it becomes too difficult to find the real reason behind the disease unless ticks are seen.

In the worst conditions, ticks can cause even paralysis when left ignored. This small wingless parasite injects a toxic material that makes your Fido or kitty’s legs and muscles go limp. However, the good part is that once ticks are treated, your pet can recover soon and can lead a healthy life.


Like ticks, fleas are annoying external parasites that largely infect pets and affect their health. These agile insects live on the blood of other animals normally your furry and harmless dogs and cats. This one type of biting insects is of great threat to your pet’s life. Some of the threats by fleas are:

Cats scratch fever:

Though cats may show hidden symptoms of this disease, they are most likely to pass this deadly infection to humans.

Anemia and low iron levels:

Fleas are great bloodsuckers with the need of blood 15 times more than their bodyweight (may be more than the vampires need 😉 ). With their long sucking tubes, they literally drink blood as much as they can, and with hundreds of them on your pet, they literally suck their blood out. Signs of this disease are usually pale gums and lack of energy.


Quite harmful, tapeworm infection happens when a dog or a cat accidently swallows a flea, which is infected with tapeworm larvae.


Fleas mostly cause allergies in pets. While some pets get skin allergies while others are allergic to flea saliva. In certain cases, reactions can be extreme.

What Pet Parents Can Do?

Pet owners have to be always alert about the health of their dogs or cats. They need to check frequently that whether their pets have fleas or ticks. High quality flea and tick preventives are available, which you can use on monthly basis to protect your pet from harmful flea and tick infection. Keeping your surroundings clean, while regularly de-infesting your home, you can greatly prevent the chances of getting fleas and ticks. Taking overall prevention care, you can definitely keep your pets free from the threat of these blood-sucking creatures.


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