Facing Behavioral Problems in Cats? – Here is the Solution!

Is your purring pal too pompous for you to handle? Are you concerned about your kitty’s behavior? Is she behaving rude or notorious? Well, let us find out the reasons and solutions for this kind of cat behavioral problem – the reasons for your furry pal showing aggressive, hostile and irritating behavior. We need to take a fair look at the feline psyche to get into the root of the problems and come up with feasible and practical solutions.


Nocturnal hunting, territory surveillance and aggressiveness are a part of the feline’s nature. It is the underlying genetics of their mind, which makes them display this kind of attitude. As pet parents, we can groom our cats, condition them for changing habits and train them for social grace. In addition to this, we need to become compatible with them to understand what they want and feel. This mutual understanding will make pet parenting enjoyable and create a win-win situation on both sides.

So, let us peep into the mind of our kitty and see what is causing that notoriety. Let us discuss the solution of the following cat behavioral problems:

Nibbling: If you find your kitty chewing everything that comes to her sight then just relax, as this is natural reflex. It is an acquired behavior from their wild ancestors. Wild cats torn the meat, skin, fur, feather of its prey, and have this tendency to chew up things. Just as if your son acquires your habits, similarly the felines get this chewing, biting thing from their four legged ancestors.

Solution: Until you give them things to satiate their gums and teeth, they cannot be made quite. A tip is to hide valuables that can be chewed. Electric wires need to be wrapped with tapes to avoid damage. You can also use cat-repellant sprays on the chewing targets.

Littering problem: Do you find that your cat does not use the litter box every time and has developed bad toilet habits? Is she spraying urine in the space outside the litter box? These are the signs of an underlying illness or bad health condition or happen if you are keeping the litter box dirty.

Solution: Clean up the litter box at least once a day. Cats choose to eliminate feces at a place that is clean and quite. So, make sure you keep the clean litter box at a place that is not noisy. Do not keep food near his litter box. Urine spraying may be a sex or stress related prob. So, talk to your vet and get your pet sterilized.

Excessive scratching: This behavior is again a reflex and a natural tendency of cats. They may damage the most expensive furniture due to this habit. They scratch to get rid of the dead portion of their nails, to sharpen their nails, to exercise and to mark their territory.

Solution: As a part of cat behavioral treatment, you can put a tall post covered by sisal rope, tree bark or cardboard to fulfill your pet’s desire to rub paws and scratching habits. Attract the cat by keeping treats over the post. Keep it near the pet’s resting area and away from furniture.

As part of good pet parenting, you must understand your feline’s mood swings, health conditions, and behavioral changes and facilitate her to become stress free. You can ask a vet for more guidance about your feline’s individual behavioral problems and suitable solutions. This way, you will develop a great rapport with your kitty.


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