Cat Care Essentials for First Time Pet Parents

Are you in a spree of bringing a kitty home? If you love that mewing furry creature and want to add her in your family then it would certainly be a rewarding experience. For this loving experience, you need to make some preparations. You have to mold your environment, home and your nature to ensure that your kitty is happy to be a part of your life. If you are a first time pet parent then a general know-how of some cat care essentials will help you a great deal.


Cat care essentials for first time pet parents:

Home amendments: Prepare your home to welcome the feline. Bring litter box, food bowls, beddings, scratch pole etc. These cat care essentials are important to give a comfortable life to your kitty. Make sure you put everything at the correct place, which is easily reachable by the cat.

Safety with the leash: Even if your kitty spends most of the time in your lap, it is important to put a harness around her neck. It will restrict the chance of slipping her when you go out. Put a collar ID with her name and your contact number to avoid losing her.

Vet visits: As part of the routine pet care regime, you need to be in touch with the veterinarian. Be regular with her vaccinations, parasite preventives and periodic health checkups. This will help you prevent any diseases that take time to show up.

Spaying for good: It is important to spay or neuter your kitty. This keeps her healthier and is your step towards keeping cat population in check. It also reduces the chances of euthanizing many felines who are killed for the fact that they are born in a country that is over populated with cats.

Diet habits: As a pet parent, you must get finest cat supplies for her diet. Do not feed her table scraps or fatty treats. Instead, go for nutritionally balanced diet. Take veterinarian guidance to know the exact meal timings and quantity of food that needs to be offered.

Litter habits: Cats are generally clean in nature. They do not prefer ill hygiene and need some quiet time as well. Make sure you put the litter box at a quiet place so that she enjoys privacy while emptying the bowels. It is very important to clean the litter box regularly.

Cat grooming: Grooming felines is a must. It will not only help to keep her skin and coat clean but also give you a time to check for any lumps, fleas or skin cuts that otherwise gets unnoticed. Clip her claws to prevent them from poking inside her paws.

Incorporate playfulness: It is important that you spend some quality time in creating play sessions with your furry bundle. This will give her physical and mental strength. It will also enhance your bond with your kitty. Bring ping-pong balls, kitty condo, cat post etc. Just spend some good time with her.

Obedience training: Cats may turn out to be extremely moody. As a general habit, they would damage furniture, couch or kitchen counter by scratching and jumping around the place. Giving obedience training will help them adapt to house rules and make your life easy.

To sum up, new pet parents need to be prepared for the pre and post requirements of petting a cat. By a little more effort, they can provide health and happiness to their furry pal. These tips would help you in dealing with the idea and implementation of petting a cat. Happy petting!


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