Top Five Summer Tips to Safeguard Your Cat

Mathew loves to drool outdoors always but I am worried as it’s summer time and here in southern Caroline it’s so hot outdoors. Mathew is my cute hairy cat with those quirky eyes that always stare at me with love. When summer sets in, I have to be on the rush to ensure that Mathew is safe when roaming or enjoying outdoors. I ensure to provide the best care during hot months to her.


During winters, it’s little less stressful for me to take care of Mathew but when the sun is blazing hot, I need to put extra efforts to make sure that Mathew is safe outdoors. Actually, cats are well adapted to living outdoors. But, when the temperature rises outdoors they need helping hand to stay cool. For the same reason, I take certain steps that can keep Mathew well hydrated and cool in the hot days. Hope, this will be helpful for you too.

Summer Food

  • I feed my cat indoors. But, if you are feeding your cat outdoors, make sure that you do not leave food out for the long time. Just after 30 minutes, bugs will start fluttering around the food. Taking away that uneaten food after 45 minutes will help you prevent flies and bugs to sit on the food and contaminate it.
  • For slow eaters, you can opt for dry feed. This will attract fewer bugs and insects.
  • I have bought ‘ant-proof’ bowl for Mathew to avoid ants and other insects. This is especially designed for outdoor cats but it also helps me to feed my furry friend. Many companies sell such bowls. You can invest in one and help your kitty enjoy ant-free feed.
  • You can also prepare natural ant barrier with the help of food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Surround cat food with this powder, which acts like barrier and prevents ants from getting onto the food. You can purchase it from any food store or pet supplies online store.

Summer Water

  • During hot days, cats dehydrate very quickly. To balance the loss of water, it is necessary to supply extra water to combat this situation.
  • In addition, you can add a few cubes of ice in the water bowl to keep the water cool for longer time as it becomes warm too quickly. But, be careful that your kitty is not fussy about these cubes.
  • Pet water fountains are available in the market. Get one of them to place outdoors for your cat. This will provide constant stream of water whole day and inspire your cat to drink more.
  • Ensure that you are not keeping the water bowl under direct sun. Keep it under some shade or under a tree, this will save water from evaporating too fast and warming it up.
  • Have a deep and narrow water bowl compared to shallow and wider bowl; this will also keep water from evaporating.

Summer Shelter

  • During hot days, it is essential that you provide proper shelter to your outdoor cats. Mostly felines prefer to stay outdoors and they find places to escape from hot sun. Better, provide them easy access to shaded places, for example a deck where they can rest and eat food.
  • I have built an outdoor cat shelter for Mathew making best out of waste supplies. You can also do the same. Make a quick straw shelter or mould some old cardboard in a form of a house. This can greatly help your furry friend to rest happily even when the sun is on the head.
  • If are not able to DIY cat shelter for your furry cat, you can definitely buy one at pet store or order one on any online pet supplies store.

Summer Treatment

Spring and summer is the time when you can find havoc of fleas and ticks along with other external parasites. With the onset of summer, it becomes crucial for all pet parents to protect pets from these notorious blood-sucking pests. I treat Mathew with flea and tick prevention, but during these months, I do take special care that I do not miss the monthly spot-on frontline plus for cats. This definitely protects your pet from certain flea and tick infested diseases.

Summer Joy

When you are going on a ride and you need to stop somewhere, ensure that you do not leave your kitty inside a closed car. In summers, temperature inside the car rises too high and it’s quite harmful for your pet. It’s better to take your kitty along with you.

I follow these few things during summer to take care of Mathew. You can definitely work out to help your kitty stay cool, hydrated and healthy during these months. Just by following all the above things, you can easily take care of your cat and feel relieved. You will be happy that your cat is safe and enjoying the shades of joy under the sun.


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