Is your pet absolutely fit?

If you think that your furry bundle of joy is completely fit then thin again. Absolute dog fitness is achieved when the puppy is physically strong, mentally active and emotionally stable. Yes! Dog health includes everything from a healthy body to an enjoyable state of mind. If you feel that your pet’s routine mood swings are nothing but natural tendencies then you need to cross check it with your vet.


Veterinarians will define the rules of dog fitness and how it can be achieved. They would be able to read the issues your pet may be facing due to change in environment, food and people surrounding him. He would be able to sense anxiety symptoms in your puppy and recommend the medical and emotional cure for it. He is the best judge for your pet’s healthy state of body and mind. So, on your next visit to the vet’s clinic make sure you ask him whether your pet is totally healthy or not.

Factors affecting dog health:

Physical activity: If becoming couch potato is not good for you then it is not so for your pet as well. Do not let him become lazy by keeping him indoors. Take him out for walking, running, swimming and for fetch games. This will not only keep him active and physically fit but will improve his state of mind. Just like kids, games are enjoyable for dogs as well. So, make sure you arrange for his recreational activities on a daily basis.

Diet management: For a healthy body and mind, your pet needs to be given good quality of food. Keep a habit to feed him finest quality of treats and food. Good diet will reflect in his health. He would also develop a shinier coat. It will also keep away many digestive problems. Whenever you make changes in his diet, just go slow as sudden change in food may upset his stomach. Avoid feeding him table scraps. Ask your vet for foods that are not good for your pet and just stop giving them at once.

Mental activity: Interactive toys stimulate the pet’s mind. It would make him active throughout the day. He would have less time to bark and chew the home furniture. Bring him toys so that he remains occupied. Behavioral training is also a fodder for canine brain workout. If your puppy is a smart led then you can hire an expert trainer who can mold him for agility. This way, Fido can participate in agility of obedience competitions and make you a proud owner.

Social activity: Dog health improves when he socializes with other pets, kids, neighbors and new family members. By taking him to pet parks, training classes, dog competitions, you will polish his social skills. Doing this at a young age will help develop good habits in a pet. He will become well behaved towards new people, pet and become friendly in general.

Family activity: Your pet is your most loved family member. Involving him in outings, festivals and celebrations is very important. Since dogs are pack animals, they love to be surrounded by others. Ensure that you treat him just like another member of the family.

Though these steps seem very simple, they are highly important for dog fitness. All pet parents to bring up an absolutely fit pet must practice them. What say?


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