Preventive Measures that Enhance Your Pet’s Health

Why preventive measures important for your pet’s health?

For every pet parent, their pets’ health is their biggest asset and they do have to protect and maintain it. Ensuring their companion’s well being is their utmost duty. Pet companions when living in human environment require special care that can conserve and boost their health.


By taking a few preventive measures, pet parents can surely ensure their furry friends health. Check here the most important preventive measures that you should take to protect and maintain health of your four-legged companion.

Nutritious Diet

According to Dr. Schwartz – “Proper nutritious food is the cornerstone of pet health.” “It’s crucial for pet parents to choose healthy food for pets. Choose the quality food enriched with optimal nutrients required for your pet’s specific life stage and activity or special needs.” For every pet owner it’s essential to adhere to proper food brand to provide their furry companions all the required nutrients. It’s essential that your pet receives all the required vitamins and minerals for their proper growth and healthy body.

Take care that at every life stage you give them food that fulfils the necessary amount of nutrients they should have at that stage.  

Annual Health Checkups

With their cute smile and funny actions, pets always make your day. To keep that smile ever going and their fun non-stop on, its utmost important as a pet parent that you take your furry friend for annual health checkups. This can help to prevent any complications that may arise due to ignorance of an infection at an earlier stage. With annual health checkups, your veterinary may advice a change in diet or a change in medication according to his health condition.

Additionally, during health checkups vaccination can also be given to your pooch or kitty to protect them from dangerous diseases. Keep a record of annual health checkups as this can help your vet go through the medical history of your pet and treat him/her accordingly.  

Preventive Medications

It happens that sometimes that wagging tail or cheering nature of your lovable companion is just vanished due to some health issue, which you do not notice. There are certain infestations such as flea and tick infestation, intestinal worm infestation, heartworm disease, which can be controlled through preventive medications.

You can treat your four-legged companion with preventives such as Frontline Plus, Advantix II, heartgard and Drontal Plus to keep them safe from flea and ticks, heartworm and other intestinal worm infection.  

Good Exercise

A good exercise is the base for healthy body. This also goes true for your furry friends. A proper routine including a walk, light playing and a good exercise that makes your pet’s muscle strong and body healthy is essential. Moreover, addition of exercise in your pet’s routine helps to maintain healthy joints, improves immune power and decreases the risk of age-related problems such as arthritis.

If you are not making your dog or cat exercise, then start doing it right now to cut down expenditure on unnecessary health conditions arising due to lack of exercise. One more added benefit of exercising your pet daily is it fights against obesity. Due to proper work out, your will not become obese and is safe from the diseases related to obesity.

Proper Grooming

What if you don’t brush, take a bath and maintain daily hygiene? The same thing applies to your four-legged companion. Brush your pet’s teeth daily; give him/her a bath once or twice week as required and groom his/her coat daily or alternate days. It’s necessary that you maintain proper grooming practice to help your pooch or kitty stay healthy. Eye and ear cleaning should also be included in your pet’s grooming program.

Grooming can prevent several issues like mites, fleas and ticks, periodontal disease, ear mites, infection in nails and pads.

Taking all these preventive measures, you will find that your lovable companion is always in a great health. If you are following any other preventive measures for your pet’s health, do share with us.


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