Tummy Tucks and Facelifts in Dogs – Unveil the Truth under the Knife

Going under a knife for a facelift or tummy tuck is nothing strange now days. It’s the latest trend that most men and women are undergoing to liven up both their professional and personal lives. But, the strange thing that follows here is – this trend is catching up with pet world too.


Many pet parents, awe with the great looks of their fellow pooches’ cuteness, want the same for their furry friends. The latest fashion for oh-so-cute wrinkles is increasing dramatically so much that pet owners are putting the health of their furry friends under great danger.

Pet owners are eagerly looking for facelifts and tummy tucks for their pets. They are putting their pets under the knife for the great new look – either for their status or to compete with others. But, this brings danger along with it in a long run, which most pet parents are not aware of.

Dr. Chris Bern says, “I don’t think it’s worth putting them through the pain and the recovery and the risk for our perception of how they’re supposed to look.” There are vets who are much concerned about pets health and want that pet owners learn about this reality. Unless and until plastic surgery is not required on your furry pal for health conditions, never go for it.

Humane society of the United States is all against performing surgeries on four-legged companions for cosmetic reasons. And, even The American Veterinary Medical Association.

Canine chic is the prominent reason that vets perform cosmetic procedures, whereas health issue is also a reason why a pet has to undergo plastic surgery. Canine facelifts helps to prevent serious health issues, such as infections and trouble breathing. Tummy tucks is done on dogs that have reduced weight but have lose skin due to weight loss thus, excess skin is removed. Whereas chin lifts are done to prevent excess drooling.

The other pet body part where plastic surgery is done is ears. Some dogs suffer from low cartilage in their ears because of which their ears droop and this leads to ear problems. Ear implant fixes this problem so that canine ears stand erect allowing proper air circulation and cleaning process.

Dr. Langenbach explains, “procedures like eyebrow lifts, wrinkle reduction, even reconstructive work after removing cancerous tumors. And while plastic surgery in people is generally done for cosmetic reasons, in pets it’s primarily done to improve their overall quality of life.”

For whatever reason you are putting your pet under the knife be assured that it does not harm your pet. In case of health reason, your vet is the best judge why your pet needs that special mark.


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