K9 Advantix – FAQs Everything You Need to Know

The most common parasites that attack your pets are fleas and ticks. These annoying pests not only irritate and harm but also spread dangerous diseases in pets. Among numerous flea and tick control products, K9 Advantix is one of them. This unique topical treatment fights against fleas and ticks, and protects pets from pest infestation.


Though many proven results exist in controlling pests on dogs and cats, pet parents have numerous queries about this product. To help your doubts cleared, here we have disclosed a set of FAQs from the most reliable sources.

What is K9 Advantix?

K9 Advantix is a topical flea and tick treatment for dogs. This monthly solution protects pets from flea and tick infestation by killing fleas and ticks. It protects dogs and cats from fleas and ticks for 30 days. K9 Advantix repels fleas and ticks before they attack pets. It destroys flea life cycle by killing eggs, pupae, larvae and adults. It effectively prevents flea re-infestation. This topical treatment also protects against mosquitoes that carry heartworm disease.

What does Advantix do?

K9 Advantix controls variety of external pests such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies, sandflies, Lice, brown ticks, bush ticks, paralysis ticks. It not only destroys parasites but also repels them.

How long does it take K9 Advantix to work?

Advantix starts working within 20 minutes of application. It destroys fleas, ticks and larval fleas and protects pets from flea infestation. Before fleas and ticks attack, it repels them and prevents them from sucking blood within 5 minutes. It will take 24 hours to be in full use.

How long K9 Advantix lasts on my dog?

For 30 days, Advantix works and protects pets from fleas and ticks. It stops fleas and ticks from attacking pets for whole month and prevents flea infestation.

For ticks, it works for 15 days only. If you are using K9 Advantix for fleas and ticks then you need to treat your pet fortnightly.

Can I wash or bathe my dog after treatment with K9 Advantix?

Before and after 24 hours of application, you should not wash or bathe your dog. Do not allow your dog to go for a swim also. After that for the rest of the month, Advantix is water resistant.

How often can I use Advantix on my dog?

If you are living in heavy flea infested region, treat your pet with Advantix once a week. When treating for both fleas and ticks, use this topical solution once every 2 weeks. If you are using it for only fleas and other external parasites, then once in a month is fine.

How long Advantix is effective in treating fleas on my dog?

Advantix is effective for 30 days in treating and controlling fleas on dogs. In case, flea infestation appears before a month, re-administer K9 Advantix and continue the dosage monthly from that date.

How long does Advantix treat for ticks on my dog?

For ticks on dogs, Advantix is effective for 2 weeks only. You need to repeat treatment after 2 weeks in case you are living in a tick-infested region.

Can I use Advantix on my cat?

No! Advantix is not recommended for use in cats. It is harmful for them and results into severe consequences. If you have mistakenly used it on your cat, take her to a vet immediately.

Why I can’t use Advantix on my cat?

K9 Advantix is specially designed for dogs. It contains a flea-killing ingredient, which a cat cannot metabolize due to its unique physiology. If applied or accidently ingested by a cat, it can cause serious effects. Therefore, avoid using it on cats. In case of application, take your cat to a vet as soon as possible.

How should I apply Advantix on my dog?

Directions of use are profoundly given on K9 Advantix pack.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Remove required tube from package
  2. Hold tube upright and pull off cap
  3. Reverse the cap and push cap back on tube
  4. Twist cap to break seal, then remove cap from tube
  5. Apply between the shoulder blades
  6. Your dog should be standing for easy application. Part the hair until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube firmly twice to apply the solution directly on the skin. (Avoid pet’s eyes or mouth).
  7. Record treatment date and repeat monthly or fortnightly as directed in instructions.

What does different colors of Advantix packs mean?

According to the weight of a dog, different color packs are available for treatment. Depending on your dog bodyweight, you need to purchase K9 Advantix box.

There are 4 different colors which are

  • Green pack for dogs up to 10lbs (up to 4kgs)
  • Teal pack for dogs 11-20lbs (4-10kgs)
  • Red for dogs 21-55lbs (10-25kgs)
  • Blue for dogs over 55lbs (over 25kgs)

Do I need a prescription from a vet for buying Advantix from an online store?

K9 Advantix is an over-the-counter product. To purchase K9 Advantix, you do not require a prescription from a vet. You can easily place an order online with any reliable online vet store. Petcaresupplies.com is a reputed online store from where you can purchase.

Are there any side effects of Advantix on my dog?

K9 Advantix rarely has any side effects. Do not use Advantix if your dog is allergic to imidacloprid, permethrin or pyriproxyfen.

Where I can buy advantix online for my dog?

Petcaresupplies.com is an affordable pet supplies store where you can place an order online. This reliable pet supply retailer offers genuine, branded and quality products at affordable rates.

For more information on K9 Advantix visit www.petcaresupplies.com


Important Tips to Boost Your Pet’s Health

Even if your furry child is in pink of health, you can always keep a check on what is good for him and what is not. Being a pet parent, it is not only our joy but also responsibility to keep a tab on our pet’s health. Moreover, it is not just the physical health but also a healthy state of mind that matters. If your pooch is an obedient child and a friendly soul then he would add to the joy of your family. So, make sure he remains in complete health.


Tips to boost your pet’s health:

Exercise: Just as your body demands exercise to stay fit and healthy, your pet’s body also needs a good exercise session. Routine walks, fetch games, Doga, jogging, swimming can be considered to keep your pet’s body healthy. These are also important to convert their aggression. Studies suggest that regular exercise keeps pets calm. This way, exercise is the best way for gifting a good body and relaxed state of mind to the pet. So, don’t forget those daily doses of fitness.

High quality food: Food plays a big role in creating as well as maintaining a pet’s health. High quality food with low calories and more nutrients would serve the purpose. Many of his health problems are solved only by changing his food habits. No table scraps or extra sweets but healthy nutritious food is the key to good health for pets.

Regular vet check-ups: Apart from his regular vaccines, spaying and neutering, you need to keep in touch with your vet for the routine check-up of the pet. Ideally, you should visit the vet at least once a year but you can take his guidance at any point of time. Asking queries about the seasonal changes you need to incorporate in your pet’s care would help you a great deal. So, just form a good pet care partnership with your vet to keep your pooch or kitty healthy and happy.

Therapies for the elderly ones: Alternative therapies like acupuncture for dogs, massages, botanical medicines, homeopathy etc should be considered for faster healing of the pet. These therapies work best with elderly pets suffering from joint problems, arthritis and other health issues. They are also good for young pets suffering from congenital issues like allergies etc. So, do not shy away from all these therapies and alternative veterinary treatments.

Peaceful environment: The most important factor in pet health care is a loving and caring environment. If your home is suitable for your pet as in it takes care of his exercise, food, water and poop facilities then it is well and good. Moreover, create an environment of love and care in the house as the mute creatures want nothing else but your admiration and appreciation. Keep a peaceful environment in the house so that the pet feels safe, secure and loved.

Family support: Just like humans need emotional support in thick and thin, pets also need that support from you. Be it his growing years or recovery times, your care is a must. Involve him in all family activities so that he feels special. Be it vacations, camping, outings or just a family gathering, keep that space for your furry baby and you will surely make him live a healthier and longer life.

To sum up, pets are a part of the family. Their health includes the emotional comfort apart from the regular physical wellbeing. You as a pet parent should maintain a balance in all dimensions of pet care to give complete health to the pet. A healthy pet is the best reward for any pet parent. So, you better earn that reward by stretching a little extra for your pet. What say?

What You Should Know About Frontline Plus?

Cats and dogs are susceptible to flea attacks. Whether they live an indoor life or outdoor, there are fair chances of them being attacked by flea larvae and pupae spread over the carpet, bedding and in the surroundings. Abolishing fleas and ticks from a pet’s life is nearly impossible. One popular and effective flea and tick treatment for them is Frontline Plus. This powerful medication is potent enough to kill 98-100% adult fleas within 12 hours and ticks in just 48 hours of application.


The added advantage is that this treatment destroys immature stages of the flea life cycle. This way, it prevents any kind of future infestations as well as slashes down the flea population. It can be applied from the age of 8 weeks, be it a kitten, cat, puppy or a dog. Safe as heaven, the treatment is apt for breeding, pregnant and nursing pets. The monthly flea medication is easy to use and is highly reliable for all breeds of dogs.

How it works?

The Merial product is a spot-on treatment that needs to be applied at one or more spots on the pet’s back. Made up of fipronil and S-methoprene, Frontline Plus attacks the central nervous system of the parasites. It paralysis them and kills them eventually. Here, fipronil is an insecticide and methoprene is an insect growth regulator that slays the juvenile stages of parasites. The combined effect of both results in drastic reduction in adult flea population and blocking the growth of flea life cycle.

Benefits of Frontline Plus:

This topical treatment is easy to apply. A waterproof treatment makes it active even after bathing or washing the pet. By killing adult fleas as well as juvenile life stages, it prevents future infestations of parasites. It is available for all sizes of cats and dogs. Being an EPA approved flea treatment, it is highly safe for the pets. Side effects can be seen in very rare cases. It occurs when the pet is allergic towards any of the ingredients or is extra sensitive.


Compared to many other flea and tick treatments, Frontline Plus has gained a high level of popularity. It is one of the most in-demand products for parasite treatment. This super safe flea preventive is available at various online stores. Buying it at a considerably cheaper rate is also possible. You just have to find the store that offers it at least prices. Buying in bulk also saves a lot of the cost. And if the store offers it at free shipping then the deal is a cracking one.

Thus, the review of Frontline Plus is a positive one. There are thousands of satisfied pet parents across the globe. This super effective tick treatment should be used around the year, even in winter months to destroy any chances of flea infestations. To sum up, it is simple, effective, long-lasting flea treatment that will say bye to many flea and tick borne diseases. So, if you are planning to get one then you would not be disappointed at all.

Good Health – A Natural Side Effect of Pet Parenting!

Pets certainly make this world a better place to live in. For innumerable reasons these furry, scaly or feathered creatures make our life more beautiful. They are the ones who instill faith in humanity by making us more caring and loving. Just like babies, pets also create a beautiful environment around us. They make life more enjoyable by baring all our non-sense and foolish activities. With their presence around us, these loved ones make us happier and healthier.


Several studies have suggested the health benefits of having a pet. It has been said that pet parents of any age group can experience a healthier body and happier life by the sheer presence of these furry kids. Pets are beneficial in diminishing allergies, blood pressure, sugar problems, obesity, cardiac problems, stress etc. Yes! That wagging tail can keep away number of diseases from his human parent. The power of a true companionship benefits humans in many ways. Let’s see how.

How pets improve our health?

Uplift the spirit: Our non-judgemental pets have an innate quality of uplifting our spirits instantly. They are the perfect shoulders to cry on, ideal companions to listen to our sad stories and matchless friends who would stay with us in every thick and thin. They can alleviate our moods by their jigs and constant companionship.

Makes you outgoing kind: Your furry pet can bring out the outgoing guy in you. In an effort to walk him around or play with him, you get to know other pet parents and make new friends. Also, you become more close to nature while you go on jogging and running with your furry friend. So, Fido can actually add more colors to your personality.

Keeps you fit: For your pet’s health, you need to exercise him on a regular basis. Moreover, you would love to play and laugh with him. This way, your furry friend will have a straight effect on your fitness. He will boost your fitness levels by making your body healthy and mind relaxed. So, your four legged friend will be your ideal fitness partner.

Sensory stress relief: The petting, stroking of your pet’s body is not just relaxing for him but is therapeutic for you as well. A comforting touch heals your pet as well as has a calming influence on you. It is a sign of acceptance from both sides and thus has a very strong effect on the emotional wellbeing of the pet as well as the owner.

Stress boosters: After a tiring working day or a spat with a friend, you end up at home and there is a cuddling, tail wagging friend ready to hug you. This feeling of affection moves you from within and helps in reducing your stress levels and anxieties. Studies suggest that pet owners have far lesser stress levels compared to those who don’t have pets. Thus, pets are the best antidote to stress.

Add values and responsibility: With pets at home, you need to maintain a daily routine. Moreover, you have to add more hygiene in your home to make sure your pooch or pussy stays away from infections. Children learn human values faster when they take care of diet, exercise and general wellbeing of the pet. Thus, having a pet polishes your skills and makes you a responsible person.

Make life meaningful: Apart from everything else, pets add meaning to your life. They just bring in more harmony, sense of self, care and positive energy. Being the most loyal friends, they make you love yourself. All these optimistic ways of living life make it worth enjoying. So, if you have pet at home then life becomes smoother as well as selfless.

To sum up, pets bring in lot of vitality and optimism in life. If you can take care of those furry friends then you not only fulfill a moral responsibility but also make yourself into a better human being. With all these special things at place, good health just comes up as a side effect of having pets. So, don’t forget to give a pat to your furry friend for making you a better and healthier person! Isn’t it?