What You Should Know About Frontline Plus?

Cats and dogs are susceptible to flea attacks. Whether they live an indoor life or outdoor, there are fair chances of them being attacked by flea larvae and pupae spread over the carpet, bedding and in the surroundings. Abolishing fleas and ticks from a pet’s life is nearly impossible. One popular and effective flea and tick treatment for them is Frontline Plus. This powerful medication is potent enough to kill 98-100% adult fleas within 12 hours and ticks in just 48 hours of application.


The added advantage is that this treatment destroys immature stages of the flea life cycle. This way, it prevents any kind of future infestations as well as slashes down the flea population. It can be applied from the age of 8 weeks, be it a kitten, cat, puppy or a dog. Safe as heaven, the treatment is apt for breeding, pregnant and nursing pets. The monthly flea medication is easy to use and is highly reliable for all breeds of dogs.

How it works?

The Merial product is a spot-on treatment that needs to be applied at one or more spots on the pet’s back. Made up of fipronil and S-methoprene, Frontline Plus attacks the central nervous system of the parasites. It paralysis them and kills them eventually. Here, fipronil is an insecticide and methoprene is an insect growth regulator that slays the juvenile stages of parasites. The combined effect of both results in drastic reduction in adult flea population and blocking the growth of flea life cycle.

Benefits of Frontline Plus:

This topical treatment is easy to apply. A waterproof treatment makes it active even after bathing or washing the pet. By killing adult fleas as well as juvenile life stages, it prevents future infestations of parasites. It is available for all sizes of cats and dogs. Being an EPA approved flea treatment, it is highly safe for the pets. Side effects can be seen in very rare cases. It occurs when the pet is allergic towards any of the ingredients or is extra sensitive.


Compared to many other flea and tick treatments, Frontline Plus has gained a high level of popularity. It is one of the most in-demand products for parasite treatment. This super safe flea preventive is available at various online stores. Buying it at a considerably cheaper rate is also possible. You just have to find the store that offers it at least prices. Buying in bulk also saves a lot of the cost. And if the store offers it at free shipping then the deal is a cracking one.

Thus, the review of Frontline Plus is a positive one. There are thousands of satisfied pet parents across the globe. This super effective tick treatment should be used around the year, even in winter months to destroy any chances of flea infestations. To sum up, it is simple, effective, long-lasting flea treatment that will say bye to many flea and tick borne diseases. So, if you are planning to get one then you would not be disappointed at all.


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