K9 Advantix – FAQs Everything You Need to Know

The most common parasites that attack your pets are fleas and ticks. These annoying pests not only irritate and harm but also spread dangerous diseases in pets. Among numerous flea and tick control products, K9 Advantix is one of them. This unique topical treatment fights against fleas and ticks, and protects pets from pest infestation.


Though many proven results exist in controlling pests on dogs and cats, pet parents have numerous queries about this product. To help your doubts cleared, here we have disclosed a set of FAQs from the most reliable sources.

What is K9 Advantix?

K9 Advantix is a topical flea and tick treatment for dogs. This monthly solution protects pets from flea and tick infestation by killing fleas and ticks. It protects dogs and cats from fleas and ticks for 30 days. K9 Advantix repels fleas and ticks before they attack pets. It destroys flea life cycle by killing eggs, pupae, larvae and adults. It effectively prevents flea re-infestation. This topical treatment also protects against mosquitoes that carry heartworm disease.

What does Advantix do?

K9 Advantix controls variety of external pests such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies, sandflies, Lice, brown ticks, bush ticks, paralysis ticks. It not only destroys parasites but also repels them.

How long does it take K9 Advantix to work?

Advantix starts working within 20 minutes of application. It destroys fleas, ticks and larval fleas and protects pets from flea infestation. Before fleas and ticks attack, it repels them and prevents them from sucking blood within 5 minutes. It will take 24 hours to be in full use.

How long K9 Advantix lasts on my dog?

For 30 days, Advantix works and protects pets from fleas and ticks. It stops fleas and ticks from attacking pets for whole month and prevents flea infestation.

For ticks, it works for 15 days only. If you are using K9 Advantix for fleas and ticks then you need to treat your pet fortnightly.

Can I wash or bathe my dog after treatment with K9 Advantix?

Before and after 24 hours of application, you should not wash or bathe your dog. Do not allow your dog to go for a swim also. After that for the rest of the month, Advantix is water resistant.

How often can I use Advantix on my dog?

If you are living in heavy flea infested region, treat your pet with Advantix once a week. When treating for both fleas and ticks, use this topical solution once every 2 weeks. If you are using it for only fleas and other external parasites, then once in a month is fine.

How long Advantix is effective in treating fleas on my dog?

Advantix is effective for 30 days in treating and controlling fleas on dogs. In case, flea infestation appears before a month, re-administer K9 Advantix and continue the dosage monthly from that date.

How long does Advantix treat for ticks on my dog?

For ticks on dogs, Advantix is effective for 2 weeks only. You need to repeat treatment after 2 weeks in case you are living in a tick-infested region.

Can I use Advantix on my cat?

No! Advantix is not recommended for use in cats. It is harmful for them and results into severe consequences. If you have mistakenly used it on your cat, take her to a vet immediately.

Why I can’t use Advantix on my cat?

K9 Advantix is specially designed for dogs. It contains a flea-killing ingredient, which a cat cannot metabolize due to its unique physiology. If applied or accidently ingested by a cat, it can cause serious effects. Therefore, avoid using it on cats. In case of application, take your cat to a vet as soon as possible.

How should I apply Advantix on my dog?

Directions of use are profoundly given on K9 Advantix pack.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Remove required tube from package
  2. Hold tube upright and pull off cap
  3. Reverse the cap and push cap back on tube
  4. Twist cap to break seal, then remove cap from tube
  5. Apply between the shoulder blades
  6. Your dog should be standing for easy application. Part the hair until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube firmly twice to apply the solution directly on the skin. (Avoid pet’s eyes or mouth).
  7. Record treatment date and repeat monthly or fortnightly as directed in instructions.

What does different colors of Advantix packs mean?

According to the weight of a dog, different color packs are available for treatment. Depending on your dog bodyweight, you need to purchase K9 Advantix box.

There are 4 different colors which are

  • Green pack for dogs up to 10lbs (up to 4kgs)
  • Teal pack for dogs 11-20lbs (4-10kgs)
  • Red for dogs 21-55lbs (10-25kgs)
  • Blue for dogs over 55lbs (over 25kgs)

Do I need a prescription from a vet for buying Advantix from an online store?

K9 Advantix is an over-the-counter product. To purchase K9 Advantix, you do not require a prescription from a vet. You can easily place an order online with any reliable online vet store. Petcaresupplies.com is a reputed online store from where you can purchase.

Are there any side effects of Advantix on my dog?

K9 Advantix rarely has any side effects. Do not use Advantix if your dog is allergic to imidacloprid, permethrin or pyriproxyfen.

Where I can buy advantix online for my dog?

Petcaresupplies.com is an affordable pet supplies store where you can place an order online. This reliable pet supply retailer offers genuine, branded and quality products at affordable rates.

For more information on K9 Advantix visit www.petcaresupplies.com


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