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Whether it is a pug or a Labrador, a bulldog or a Yorkshire Terrier, a Beagle or a Poodle, all sizes require the same pet health care and your unconditional love. Starting from taking care of their food, water, vaccinations, preventive treatments to grooming, as a pet parent you need to take care of their every necessity. Taking care of your loving companion is same as taking care of a growing kid. There are so many things that you need to take care of your pet to help him stay and grow healthy. To help you provide them an excellent pet care we offer an exclusive range of pet health care supplies. Catering to the needs of pet owners, at PetCareSupplies, we carry pet care products sourced from branded manufacturers that you can depend on.

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Taking care of animal health starts right from the feeding, providing vaccinations, to protecting them from external and internal parasites, as a pet parent you have to be responsible for the best care to provide. You need to take care of your pet to maintain his health. From brushing teeth, cleaning claws, grooming hair to providing them flea and tick treatment, you need to maintain their health.

At PetCareSupplies, we offer a specified range of pet products at affordable rates. Whether you are looking for Frontline Plus, Capstar, K9 Advantix, Popantel, Dermaclens, Cosequin to Joint Guard, our product range is authentic and we offer the best price value. As pet lovers, we aim to help you and every pet parent to provide their pets good health and protect them from harmful diseases.

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Pet Gift Ideas for Christmas

Are you done with shopping gifts for your friends and family? Is your mind boggling about what you would like to gift your furry child? Well, the pup demands nothing more than oodles of love from your side. Yet to celebrate the giving time, one can buy something that would keep that tail wagging. You can choose between something that is useful or tasty. The first one goes well without any dilemma.


Gifting a collar, heating pad or cozy bed is always a better idea than choosing flavored treats would vanish in a second. Pet parents have a huge list to check out as the best presents for their pet. You can check out the following and pick out the one that suits your pet and your family.

Best Christmas gifts for pets:

Kennel heat pad: In this chilly weather, this would be the best Christmas gift for your pet. This sleek pad can be put inside the doghouse or on the room floor. It comes with an electric chord used for heating the pad. It is suited for whelping puppies, convalescing pets, aging pets and pets that like a warm area to relax.

GPRS collars: If your pooch loves to stroll around outside the house then there are chances of him getting lost. A collar with GPRS system is an ideal gift not only for the pooch but for yourself. Such techno collars help you in tracking down your wandering pet. It is highly recommended for safety of a pet. It will help a great deal if the pet gets lost in any unfortunate circumstances.

Bench quilted car cover: This is best suited for pets that love to travel with their human parents. It can be easily fixed in the car. It is very comfortable as the pup can sit or lie down during the journey. Belts straps for seat belt helps to keep the pet steady. This waterproof car cover for the pet would not have any strands of the pet’s fur. It paves way to clean and comfortable journeys with the pet.

Pet bed: Your pup would love a new cozy bed. Club it with a pillow and you adding to the comfort of your pet. There are various types of pet beds available in the market. Choose the one that suits your pet’s size and your budget. You can also buy a blanket to make it a complete gift. Nothing would match this cozy gift.

Toys: Your pet would never say no to a toy. If you have a young pup at home then a toy is ideal for his teething habits. If your pet is elder and not aging then a toy would be the best addition to make his play sessions interesting.

Any of this and other gifts can be given to your pet. The idea is to make him feel special. Just like other family members, he should feel belongingness in the house. Moreover, Christmas is the best time to share this love. Isn’t it? However, if you are planning to present a pup to someone then please drop that idea. Pets are an absolute responsibility that should be taken by will and not received as a gift. Just enjoy your time with your family and pets and make a merry time for yourself! Merry Christmas!!!

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How to Treat Dental Problems in Dogs?

Canine dental hygiene is of utmost importance as it plays a big role in his overall health. Teeth and gum problems may lead to secondary infections and severe dental diseases. Thus, it is not just about your pet’s pearly whites but also about her complete health. Gum diseases are often found in pets as young as four years of age. This is due to the lack of dental care.  A lot of it is also because of the kind of food the pet munches on. Now days, oral diseases are becoming a major concern for pet parents.


How to solve dental problems in dogs?

Teeth and gum problems in dogs are actually life style diseases. It is due to wrong eating habits and unclean oral cavity. Pet parents often neglect oral health of the pet. Not forming regular teeth brushing habit, results in plaque. Deposits of tartar for a long time damages the nerves of gums and weakens the teeth. Thus, it is important to practice caution and develop teeth cleaning and maintaining habits in the pet.

Symptoms of oral diseases in dogs:

  • Foul breath
  • Uncontrolled drooling
  • Gum inflammation
  • Gum tumors
  • Cysts in the mouth
  • Weak teeth

If your pet shows any of these symptoms then you need to go to a vet and figure out what’s wrong with your pooch. Most of the time things will come in control by improving dental care routine. In extreme cases, you need medical intervention in terms of surgical procedures. Young pets show faster recovery while healing takes time in elder pets.

When should one start teeth brushing habit in pets?

Teeth brushing habit is recommended right from the time the pet is a pup. You can start developing teeth cleaning habit when the pup is few months old. Confirm the exact age with a vet. The pet may not give you an easy time, as rubbing things on the teeth may not sound a great idea to him. The best thing is to buy flavored toothpaste, allow the pet to lick it for few days and then slowly start rubbing it with your finger.

Once the pet adapts to this routine, gradually shift to the use a soft bristled toothbrush. You can opt for finger brush or two-faced toothbrush. Both are designed especially for pets. The two-sided brush is convenient option as it suits all sizes of dogs. You can use pet dent toothpaste and toothbrush that are popular among pet parents. You can choose from weekly, daily or twice a week brushing or follow your vet’s advice on the frequency of teeth brushing.

Appreciate the pet for being cordial while brushing the teeth. He will slowly get accustomed to this habit. You can also use oral gels while travelling with the pet. Apart from this, you need to take extra care about the kind of food you give to your pet. Veterinarians suggest giving dry food instead of spongy food. Spongy food sticks on the teeth and gums. This results into tooth decay in a couple of years. So, ensure that you give the right kind of food to your pet.

To sum up, your pet’s dental wellbeing has an effect on his overall health. That is why it is important to take care of your pet’s pearly whites. Invest few minutes in maintaining this routine to keep your pet healthy for a long time. Regular oral hygiene will add more healthy years to your pet’s life. So, what are you waiting for? Just start taking care of your pet’s teeth from now!

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Top 8 Tips To Keep Pets Healthy And Happy This Holiday Season!

With the starting of December month, the holiday season has set in bringing in all kinds of joy and fun. Starting with the huge shopping, planning for holidays, or arranging for the guests, and bringing in Christmas tree and decorations to doing lot other festive things. Holiday season is really to have a gala time after waiting yearlong.


Nevertheless, with the onset of holiday season, special care for pets is also important for all of us. Find here what all things you need to do to help your lovable companion have a healthy and happy holiday.

  1. Keep Distance from Drinks

Never let your pet have those glasses of drinks to have even a little. Take care that you don’t leave alcoholic drinks unattended within a pet’s reach. These hard drinks pose great danger to your furry pals and the poor four-legged companion doesn’t know not to drink it.

  1. Water Water!

Just in your holiday mood and with lots of guests around, you may forget to fill that water bowl. Remember to fill it with fresh and clean water for your pooch to have it whenever he feels thirsty.

  1. Limit in Self in Serving Pets

With holiday season in and lots of candies, sweets, chocolates, pastries and cakes around, you would like to treat your pet with those delicacies. But, beware! These are not for pets. These human foods are high in sugar, fat and seasoning, which can make pet sick. Small bones or bone chips may choke your pet’s throat, stomach or intestinal tract. If you want them to cherish then bring in those pet feed or precook some dog or cat food to have it on the table to feed them.

  1. Curious Pets

Your furry pals are always curious about the whole lot of decoration in the house. Just put those tinsel, ribbons and other decoration items out of reach of your pet. They can just grab them all and it can choke them. Also, check that you properly secure trees from dogs and cats, so they can’t climb or knock them over. If your tree has any real pine needles, clean them up regularly as ingesting the sharp needles or breakable ornaments, tinsels, dreidels and other such decorative items is quite harmful for them.

  1. Season Dress

Winter is already there to welcome holiday season. Small and shorthaired dogs usually get cold. If you have such pets, better order a sweater or a coat with a high collar and complete belly coverage, which can help to keep them warm and cozy.

  1. Keep Away All Those Fireworks

Fireworks and loud noises are part of festive but not good for your furry kid. As these things, either upset or frighten most of the pets. During firework celebration, keep your dogs and cats in a quiet, comfortable, escape proof room. Engaging them with toys or pet treats will help to distract their attention.

  1. A Quiet Place

Rush of guests, the added holiday pomp and gatherings may stress your four-legged pal. Some may shy away or get overwhelmed with anxiety. Find a quiet place in your home and help your pet to relax there with a blanket. If possible, provide food and water bowl there only so that he may not get disturbed due to constant rush.

  1. Stick to Your Home Rules

Keep a check on what your pets are eating when there are large gatherings in the house.  Politely request your guests not to feed extra table scraps like cakes, grapes or chocolates. These things may seem delight to your furry friend, but conversely they are very dangerous for their health.

Bonus Holiday Tip

Tag your Furry Kid

With friends, relatives and families coming in and out, there is a possibility that the doors may left open. And, without your notice your pet may run out of the house. To safeguard your pet from being lost, have a collar with ID tag on at all times. Also, have a microchip with your current contact information in case they move out. Also, request your guests to be careful while entering or existing your home.

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Reasons, Symptoms And Treatment Of Dog Cancer

Cancers are a common cause of deaths in pets. Dogs and cats aging more than 10 years are susceptible to cancers of various kinds. Studies estimate that more than fifty percent pets suffer from tumors and malignant cell growth especially during their aging years. The best part is that more than 60 percent cancers are cured and there is always have a ray of hope for the pet parents. Knowing about the reasons, symptoms, treatment and precautions for cancer in dogs and cats will help them in taking absolute pet health care.


What are the symptoms of cancer in pets?

How can I know that my pet has cancer? This very basic question arises in every pet owners mind. The answer lies in various symptoms that suggest carcinogenic activity in the pet’s body. You must get a hint if you observe any of these abnormal behaviors.

  • Lumps on the pet’s body
  • Foul smell from mouth, anal area or any other part of the body
  • Discharge from any organ of the body
  • Persistent wounds, sores and skin problems
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Abnormal or difficult breathing
  • Black colored stools
  • Lethargy

What are the common reasons for cancer in dogs and cats?

Cancer is an abnormal growth of tissues at a specific part of the body or throughout the body. Reasons can vary from genetic inheritance of cancer cells, environmental factors and even stress.

Genetic inheritance of cancer: Certain breeds like golden retrievers, boxers, Bernese mountain dogs etc have more chances of contracting tumors and developing malignant cell growth. Each breed can have a specific type of cancer. Large dogs develop bone marrow cancer while younger pets are vulnerable to oral and other types of cancer.

Environmental factors: Factors like insecticides, pesticides, food loaded with chemicals, artificial preservatives, synthetic products and pollutants are not good for cats and dogs. These tacit reasons creep in the pet’s system and are basic cause of malignant cell growth in pets. Stress is another chord between dogs and cancer. High levels of stress results in this disease, be it in humans or in pets.

How can we save our pets from severe damage caused due to cancer?

Prevention and precautionary measures help to prevent cancer in breeds susceptible to it. Early detection of cancer is the first step towards controlling the disease. Whenever you observe the symptoms mentioned above, just rush to your vet and get your pet diagnosed for any unwelcome health conditions. The treatment has a high ratio of success and your pet may recover to the best of health.

Possible treatments: Treatment depends on the type of cancer and the health condition of the pet. It can vary from radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery. Your vet can decide as per the diagnosis.

Must take precautions: Make sure that your pet stays in a healthy environment. A lively cheerful environment in the family gives no stress to the pet. This improves his immunity and general wellbeing. Apart from that watch his food and do not give items with extra preservatives and chemicals.

Hygiene, vaccine and care: Oral hygiene, regular exercise and complete care are beneficial. On the discretion of your vet, you can also give vaccines if you know that the breed is susceptible to this disease. Regular vet visits will help you a big deal in preventing and controlling cancer in pets.

To sum up, cancer can occur to any of your family members including your pet. Fighting with it is difficult but not impossible. Pets respond well to treatment and so recovery is faster in pets. So, if your pet is diagnosed with this diseases just don’t lose hope. Adequate treatment, your care and prayer are enough to get him back to health! Isn’t it?

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