Reasons, Symptoms And Treatment Of Dog Cancer

Cancers are a common cause of deaths in pets. Dogs and cats aging more than 10 years are susceptible to cancers of various kinds. Studies estimate that more than fifty percent pets suffer from tumors and malignant cell growth especially during their aging years. The best part is that more than 60 percent cancers are cured and there is always have a ray of hope for the pet parents. Knowing about the reasons, symptoms, treatment and precautions for cancer in dogs and cats will help them in taking absolute pet health care.


What are the symptoms of cancer in pets?

How can I know that my pet has cancer? This very basic question arises in every pet owners mind. The answer lies in various symptoms that suggest carcinogenic activity in the pet’s body. You must get a hint if you observe any of these abnormal behaviors.

  • Lumps on the pet’s body
  • Foul smell from mouth, anal area or any other part of the body
  • Discharge from any organ of the body
  • Persistent wounds, sores and skin problems
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Abnormal or difficult breathing
  • Black colored stools
  • Lethargy

What are the common reasons for cancer in dogs and cats?

Cancer is an abnormal growth of tissues at a specific part of the body or throughout the body. Reasons can vary from genetic inheritance of cancer cells, environmental factors and even stress.

Genetic inheritance of cancer: Certain breeds like golden retrievers, boxers, Bernese mountain dogs etc have more chances of contracting tumors and developing malignant cell growth. Each breed can have a specific type of cancer. Large dogs develop bone marrow cancer while younger pets are vulnerable to oral and other types of cancer.

Environmental factors: Factors like insecticides, pesticides, food loaded with chemicals, artificial preservatives, synthetic products and pollutants are not good for cats and dogs. These tacit reasons creep in the pet’s system and are basic cause of malignant cell growth in pets. Stress is another chord between dogs and cancer. High levels of stress results in this disease, be it in humans or in pets.

How can we save our pets from severe damage caused due to cancer?

Prevention and precautionary measures help to prevent cancer in breeds susceptible to it. Early detection of cancer is the first step towards controlling the disease. Whenever you observe the symptoms mentioned above, just rush to your vet and get your pet diagnosed for any unwelcome health conditions. The treatment has a high ratio of success and your pet may recover to the best of health.

Possible treatments: Treatment depends on the type of cancer and the health condition of the pet. It can vary from radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery. Your vet can decide as per the diagnosis.

Must take precautions: Make sure that your pet stays in a healthy environment. A lively cheerful environment in the family gives no stress to the pet. This improves his immunity and general wellbeing. Apart from that watch his food and do not give items with extra preservatives and chemicals.

Hygiene, vaccine and care: Oral hygiene, regular exercise and complete care are beneficial. On the discretion of your vet, you can also give vaccines if you know that the breed is susceptible to this disease. Regular vet visits will help you a big deal in preventing and controlling cancer in pets.

To sum up, cancer can occur to any of your family members including your pet. Fighting with it is difficult but not impossible. Pets respond well to treatment and so recovery is faster in pets. So, if your pet is diagnosed with this diseases just don’t lose hope. Adequate treatment, your care and prayer are enough to get him back to health! Isn’t it?

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