Top 8 Tips To Keep Pets Healthy And Happy This Holiday Season!

With the starting of December month, the holiday season has set in bringing in all kinds of joy and fun. Starting with the huge shopping, planning for holidays, or arranging for the guests, and bringing in Christmas tree and decorations to doing lot other festive things. Holiday season is really to have a gala time after waiting yearlong.


Nevertheless, with the onset of holiday season, special care for pets is also important for all of us. Find here what all things you need to do to help your lovable companion have a healthy and happy holiday.

  1. Keep Distance from Drinks

Never let your pet have those glasses of drinks to have even a little. Take care that you don’t leave alcoholic drinks unattended within a pet’s reach. These hard drinks pose great danger to your furry pals and the poor four-legged companion doesn’t know not to drink it.

  1. Water Water!

Just in your holiday mood and with lots of guests around, you may forget to fill that water bowl. Remember to fill it with fresh and clean water for your pooch to have it whenever he feels thirsty.

  1. Limit in Self in Serving Pets

With holiday season in and lots of candies, sweets, chocolates, pastries and cakes around, you would like to treat your pet with those delicacies. But, beware! These are not for pets. These human foods are high in sugar, fat and seasoning, which can make pet sick. Small bones or bone chips may choke your pet’s throat, stomach or intestinal tract. If you want them to cherish then bring in those pet feed or precook some dog or cat food to have it on the table to feed them.

  1. Curious Pets

Your furry pals are always curious about the whole lot of decoration in the house. Just put those tinsel, ribbons and other decoration items out of reach of your pet. They can just grab them all and it can choke them. Also, check that you properly secure trees from dogs and cats, so they can’t climb or knock them over. If your tree has any real pine needles, clean them up regularly as ingesting the sharp needles or breakable ornaments, tinsels, dreidels and other such decorative items is quite harmful for them.

  1. Season Dress

Winter is already there to welcome holiday season. Small and shorthaired dogs usually get cold. If you have such pets, better order a sweater or a coat with a high collar and complete belly coverage, which can help to keep them warm and cozy.

  1. Keep Away All Those Fireworks

Fireworks and loud noises are part of festive but not good for your furry kid. As these things, either upset or frighten most of the pets. During firework celebration, keep your dogs and cats in a quiet, comfortable, escape proof room. Engaging them with toys or pet treats will help to distract their attention.

  1. A Quiet Place

Rush of guests, the added holiday pomp and gatherings may stress your four-legged pal. Some may shy away or get overwhelmed with anxiety. Find a quiet place in your home and help your pet to relax there with a blanket. If possible, provide food and water bowl there only so that he may not get disturbed due to constant rush.

  1. Stick to Your Home Rules

Keep a check on what your pets are eating when there are large gatherings in the house.  Politely request your guests not to feed extra table scraps like cakes, grapes or chocolates. These things may seem delight to your furry friend, but conversely they are very dangerous for their health.

Bonus Holiday Tip

Tag your Furry Kid

With friends, relatives and families coming in and out, there is a possibility that the doors may left open. And, without your notice your pet may run out of the house. To safeguard your pet from being lost, have a collar with ID tag on at all times. Also, have a microchip with your current contact information in case they move out. Also, request your guests to be careful while entering or existing your home.

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