How to Treat Dental Problems in Dogs?

Canine dental hygiene is of utmost importance as it plays a big role in his overall health. Teeth and gum problems may lead to secondary infections and severe dental diseases. Thus, it is not just about your pet’s pearly whites but also about her complete health. Gum diseases are often found in pets as young as four years of age. This is due to the lack of dental care.  A lot of it is also because of the kind of food the pet munches on. Now days, oral diseases are becoming a major concern for pet parents.


How to solve dental problems in dogs?

Teeth and gum problems in dogs are actually life style diseases. It is due to wrong eating habits and unclean oral cavity. Pet parents often neglect oral health of the pet. Not forming regular teeth brushing habit, results in plaque. Deposits of tartar for a long time damages the nerves of gums and weakens the teeth. Thus, it is important to practice caution and develop teeth cleaning and maintaining habits in the pet.

Symptoms of oral diseases in dogs:

  • Foul breath
  • Uncontrolled drooling
  • Gum inflammation
  • Gum tumors
  • Cysts in the mouth
  • Weak teeth

If your pet shows any of these symptoms then you need to go to a vet and figure out what’s wrong with your pooch. Most of the time things will come in control by improving dental care routine. In extreme cases, you need medical intervention in terms of surgical procedures. Young pets show faster recovery while healing takes time in elder pets.

When should one start teeth brushing habit in pets?

Teeth brushing habit is recommended right from the time the pet is a pup. You can start developing teeth cleaning habit when the pup is few months old. Confirm the exact age with a vet. The pet may not give you an easy time, as rubbing things on the teeth may not sound a great idea to him. The best thing is to buy flavored toothpaste, allow the pet to lick it for few days and then slowly start rubbing it with your finger.

Once the pet adapts to this routine, gradually shift to the use a soft bristled toothbrush. You can opt for finger brush or two-faced toothbrush. Both are designed especially for pets. The two-sided brush is convenient option as it suits all sizes of dogs. You can use pet dent toothpaste and toothbrush that are popular among pet parents. You can choose from weekly, daily or twice a week brushing or follow your vet’s advice on the frequency of teeth brushing.

Appreciate the pet for being cordial while brushing the teeth. He will slowly get accustomed to this habit. You can also use oral gels while travelling with the pet. Apart from this, you need to take extra care about the kind of food you give to your pet. Veterinarians suggest giving dry food instead of spongy food. Spongy food sticks on the teeth and gums. This results into tooth decay in a couple of years. So, ensure that you give the right kind of food to your pet.

To sum up, your pet’s dental wellbeing has an effect on his overall health. That is why it is important to take care of your pet’s pearly whites. Invest few minutes in maintaining this routine to keep your pet healthy for a long time. Regular oral hygiene will add more healthy years to your pet’s life. So, what are you waiting for? Just start taking care of your pet’s teeth from now!

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