Flea And Tick Treatments- Pick The Best One For Your Pets This Summer

Do you want your pets to be free from flea and ticks this summer? Summers can be the worst time for your darling pooches and kitties with all the heat and the threat of parasitic infestation.

Parasites like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are found in abundance in this season as the heat and humidity help them to hatch faster. It is very necessary to pick the best flea & tick treatment for your canines and felines this season.

There are many types of flea and tick treatments prevalent from many years like preventive collars, shampoos, dips, spot-on, and oral controls. The two most popular and recommended of these treatments are spot-on and oral flea preventives. Pet parents mostly prefer to use either of them to keep their pets safe from these multi-legged pests.

Let’s check some of the best flea and tick treatments to help you pick the best for your pets!

Which are the spot-on treatments that you can use this summer?

  • Frontline Plus:
    This is the most trusted parasite control helping the pet parents for almost 14 years. It is a spot-on treatment that gives a month long protection to your canines and felines from fleas and ticks. It has the ability to kill fleas within 24 hours while it may take 48 hours to eliminate ticks. Kittens and puppies over 8 weeks of age are safe to be treated with this pesticide. If you have been using this treatment and is working for you, then it is recommended to continue applying Frontline Plus to your pets.
  • K9 Advantix:
    This spot-on treatment is available only for dogs and can be lethal if applied to cats. It is a unique flea and tick control with parasite repelling properties. K9 Advantix combats adult fleas and its juvenile stages for an entire month preventing its re-infestation. If your pup is older than 7 weeks of age, s/he is safe to be treated with this pest control. It takes the same time to destroy fleas and ticks as Frontline Plus. There have been several complaints that Frontline Plus is no longer working. This may be the result of overusing the treatment as pests may develop immunity towards the treatment. You can go for K9 Advantix in such a case.
  • Activyl:
    If your pooch is generally infested with fleas and there is no trace of ticks, Activyl can be the best option for you. This spot on treatment starts eliminating fleas and its early stages within 8 hours of time. It is safe for puppies and kitties aging above 8 weeks and weighing more than 4 lbs.
  • Advantage:
    This widely used topical solution kills fleas and all of its juvenile stages efficiently. It starts killing fleas within an hour after it application and terminates 99% of them in 12 hours. It has the potential to kill pests faster than the above mentioned treatments. Advantage is available for both, canines and felines in different packs. It is safe to apply this spot-on to your kittens or pups older than 7 weeks of age. It can be an ideal option for your pets in case of heavy flea infestation to induce faster results.

All the above mentioned flea and tick preventives are waterproof. So, don’t worry about your summer splashes with your furry friends!

Which oral treatments can help your pawed friends this summer?

  • Program flavor tabs:
    Is your furry pal fussy about topical treatments? If you and your pet, both need a break from the mess of spot-on treatments Program flavor tablets can make things easier for you. This flea control can provide a 30 days protection to your pets against fleas. It does not eradicate ticks. You can either mix this tablet with your pet’s food or can place it in his mouth. If you choose Program for your canines and felines, you may not have to worry about flea re-infestation, as it also kills the early life stages of fleas. Pick Program flavor tabs to escape the mess of topical and experience the same efficiency!
  • Capstar:
    This is the fastest flea control among all the existing solutions. This oral tablet is flavorless and odorless which makes it easy to administer to pets. It is a short-term treatment that kills all the adult fleas within almost 5 hours and remains effective only. Capstar is the best option in sudden flea infestations or while you travel. To prevent the re-infestation of fleas on your pets, you may need to follow this treatment with other long term prevention.

Are you ready to keep your pawed friends safe from fleas and ticks this summer? Pick the most suitable one for your furry pals to make your summers better and enjoyable.


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