Advantage for Cats – Tested and Trusted flea treatment

Do you want your feline to be absolutely free from fleas this summer? Being a pet parent brings a lot of responsibilities of which, this may take most of your time and concern. It may harm your kitty as well as you if you do not take care of primary issues like fleas. These pests can also hop up your body and feed on your blood which may bring diseases like anemia. Of all the seasons, summers can be the worst for a flea infestation. It is inevitable to treat your kitties with efficient flea preventive to protect her from anemia or other diseases.

Advantage flea control

Advantage for cats is one of the most trusted flea preventive recommended by the veterinarians. Being a topical treatment, it is easy to apply as you just need to empty the pipette at a single spot on your feline’s body. This monthly treatment is safe to be applied on adult cats and kittens over 8 weeks of age. This Bayer product is one of the fastest flea controls that starts killing fleas in one hour and eliminates all the fleas within 12 hours. It breaks the flea life cycle by destroying the juvenile stages of fleas which prevents its re-infestation in cats.

Let’s check some basic information on Advantage!

Why to choose Advantage over other treatments?
Among the genre of topical treatments, Advantage for cats has the potential to destroy fleas in the minimum amount of time, which is 12 hours. This quick action formula starts working in an hour of its application. This suggests that with Advantage, your kitty will not have to be covered with fleas for 24 or 48 hours, unlike other treatments that shows their effects after a day or two of its application.

We all know how cats can be! It can be very difficult to administer any oral tablets to these queens if they have turned around their face once. Being a spot-on treatment, Advantage will create no such issues. It is very easy to apply this flea preventive solution without any fuss about anything.

Advantage for cats is not only capable of destroying adult fleas but also kills the juvenile flea stages like larvae. So, if you use this treatment for your felines, they can also be shielded from flea re-infestation.

Is your kitty pregnant? Or lactating? May it be any of the two situations, your feline is safe to be treated with this flea control. Yes! Advantage is not barred for pregnant or lactating cats.

It is not safe to apply advantage to kittens younger than 8 weeks. But, they can still be protected from fleas if their mother is treated with the treatment. The solution will distribute from the coat of the mother to her unweaned kittens, thereby protecting them from fleas.

It provides a month long protection to your felines.

Being a waterproof treatment, your feline can have a splash if she wants after 48 hours of its application. It works with the same efficiency after bathing your feline post to the application of this treatment.

What are the safety measures that a pet parent should take before its application?

  • Advantage for cats is available in color coded packs. These packs are coded on the basis of a different weight range of kittens. It is advisable to weigh your feline before buying this treatment.
  • It is not safe to treat kittens less than 8 weeks of age.
  • After the application of this quick action treatment, it is advisable not to wash your feline for 48 hours.
  • Do not let children or other pets to come near your treated feline.
  • It is recommended to keep your kitty under your surveillance for some hours after its application. Do not let your feline lick the spot until it is dry.

So, don’t you think Advantage for cats will be a considerate option for your feline this summer? The efficiency of this treatment has made it one of the most recommended topical flea controls. Try Advantage flea preventive this summer to give a thorough protection to your felines from these hopping pests.


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