Dressing Pets In Halloween Costumes- Things To Keep In Mind

Halloween is one festival for which every single soul awaits eagerly, whether it is a 5 year old kid or a 50 year old adult. Everyone starts planning for this spooky holiday before a long time and tries to make it the creepiest day with fake blood, scary stories, deep scars, and horror stories.

Costume parties add a different charm to Halloween. People owning pets do not back on attending these parties in spite of the responsibility of their pets. In fact they include canines and felines in their costume parties and other celebrations of Halloween. If you too are planning to dress your furry friend in Halloween costume, then these are some things to keep in mind:

Tips for selecting a perfect Halloween Costume for pets

  • The most important thing to keep in mind while selecting a garment for your pooch or kitty is the size. It should be perfect, neither loose nor constricting. Your pet should be able to move, breathe, and bark freely.
  • Check the costume properly for lose dangling or any chewed off pieces. These pieces could choke your pet. Ill fittings, especially loose may get caught in external substances and may lead your pets to a fall or injure them.
  • Make sure your four legged friend is able to listen and see things properly. The costume should not hinder any of their senses, especially their smelling talent. Any issue with these things may make your pet anxious and restless.
  • It may be better if the costume has an easy-to-remove strap like Velcro. Such costumes help in handling things in emergencies.
  • Make your pet wear the garment for practice and observe his comfort or discomfort. Try to keep your pet in the costume for a few minutes and elongate the time gradually so he does not feel awkward on Halloween Day.

In all, it may be a great idea to blend your pets in Halloween costume party, but is really important to get a perfect costume, which is both, comfortable and spooky. Make sure the garment you choose for your furry pal has all the above characteristics. Have a spine chilling Halloween!


6 Amazing Benefits of Owning a Pet

Dogs are special species as they have the ability of making our day without speaking a single word to us. With a single gesture they can enlighten our mood and make our lives stress free and lively. The more you get to learn about this four-legged friend the better it becomes for you. So what makes your life so enthralling and rich when you have a dog? One of the answers is that your pooch understands you better than an average person and can keep you away from the usual drudgeries of life.


Apart from the companionship and entertainment quotient that a dog provides in our lives there are other things that make them a larger than life character in our aimless existence. Let us explore some of these things that make these four-legged friends special for us and make our life awesome in some way or the other:

Dogs have the ability to boost up your frame of mind
It has been scientifically proven that a 15-30 minutes of session with your dog can make you feel relaxed and give you the peace of mind that you need desperately in this bad world. Playing with your pooch can help you immense pleasure and tranquility, as this activity enhances the dopamine and serotonin levels in your body. According to psychologists from Miami and St. Louis Universities, “Owning a dog can give you the same satisfaction as having a human companion.” This goes to show that your pooch is the best possible thing that has ever happened to you since a very long time.

Dogs work better than medicines
Your little pooch can be great for your health. It has been found that having a pet dog around can reap in a lot of health benefits in dog owners. In fact a pooch can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and fewer heart attacks than non-dog owners. According to a research conducted by British Journal of Health in the year 2004, having a dog ensures that you have fewer medical problems than those who do not have a dog.

A pooch is one of the reasons for you to exercise
Having a dog is a blessing in disguise as he encourages you to exercise more. Having a dog walk and throwing a ball around makes a good exercise for dogs as well as dog owners. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that having a dog makes for an advanced stage of movement compared to those who have dogs and do not walk with them. According to Journal of Physical Activity and Health it has been observed that dog owners who walked with their dogs generally walk for more than an hour longer than the ones who do not walk with their dogs.

Dogs help you to socialize
A dog is the best possible wingman that you can ever get. He will make you feel interesting in front of the opposite sex and help you become more approachable. Taking your pooch to pet stores, dog parks and other special events can be a great way to meet new people and interact with other dog owners. According to Britain’s Warwick University, it has been found that 40% of people make friends easily with the help of their pooches then the remaining non-dog owners.

A pooch helps you to identify cancer faster
Dogs have an amazing capability of smelling different things before dog owners can find it out. One of those is their sixth sense in detecting cancer. Dogs get to know about a cancerous organ in a human being before it gets detected by sniffing, nudging or licking the spots that are cancerous. This comes from the fact that dogs face the same type of cancer as we human beings do hence, they are better at judging this disease. One of the most amazing benefits of this is that it can help you save a life by detecting cancer in a person early on.

Dogs make you become a better human being
Having a dog is surely a blessing in disguise, but it can also make you become a better human being. A pooch teaches you altruism, loyalty and patience. When you take care of your little pooch it shows that you are willing to take accountability and dedication and it also teaches you to be more patient and less self-centered. When you have a pet dog you tend to be less focused on your needs and become more patient towards them since, dogs have their unique way of testing the most tolerant people.