Dressing Pets In Halloween Costumes- Things To Keep In Mind

Halloween is one festival for which every single soul awaits eagerly, whether it is a 5 year old kid or a 50 year old adult. Everyone starts planning for this spooky holiday before a long time and tries to make it the creepiest day with fake blood, scary stories, deep scars, and horror stories.

Costume parties add a different charm to Halloween. People owning pets do not back on attending these parties in spite of the responsibility of their pets. In fact they include canines and felines in their costume parties and other celebrations of Halloween. If you too are planning to dress your furry friend in Halloween costume, then these are some things to keep in mind:

Tips for selecting a perfect Halloween Costume for pets

  • The most important thing to keep in mind while selecting a garment for your pooch or kitty is the size. It should be perfect, neither loose nor constricting. Your pet should be able to move, breathe, and bark freely.
  • Check the costume properly for lose dangling or any chewed off pieces. These pieces could choke your pet. Ill fittings, especially loose may get caught in external substances and may lead your pets to a fall or injure them.
  • Make sure your four legged friend is able to listen and see things properly. The costume should not hinder any of their senses, especially their smelling talent. Any issue with these things may make your pet anxious and restless.
  • It may be better if the costume has an easy-to-remove strap like Velcro. Such costumes help in handling things in emergencies.
  • Make your pet wear the garment for practice and observe his comfort or discomfort. Try to keep your pet in the costume for a few minutes and elongate the time gradually so he does not feel awkward on Halloween Day.

In all, it may be a great idea to blend your pets in Halloween costume party, but is really important to get a perfect costume, which is both, comfortable and spooky. Make sure the garment you choose for your furry pal has all the above characteristics. Have a spine chilling Halloween!


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