Times When Your Old Cat Needs A Vet


St. Francis of Assisi rightly quoted that a cat purring on your lap is more healing than any drug in the world. However, for vibrations of love from your feline that can heal you, he needs to be healthy himself. Don’t you agree?

Cats are generally healthier than dogs and are almost maintenance free. You may not need to pay a visit to your vet frequently for your feline until he gets old. Ageing felines may have issues that are needed to be examined by a vet right away. If your kitty is getting old and showing the following symptoms then it’s time to call your vet:

  • If you see him eating poisonous substances or plants such as lilies or antifreeze solution in current season. Any kind of injury should get examined by the vet when your feline is getting old.
  • Cats are cleanliness freaks and after years of practice there are minimal chances of soiling accidents. So, make sure you consult your vet if your old kitty is soiling your house.
  • Frequent urination or issues in urinating, constipation or diarrhea despite of balanced diet and unexplained or frequent vomiting calls for a vet visit.
  • Cats do not prefer drinking excessive water. If you find your oldie kitty getting excessively thirsty then get him examined as soon as possible. The same goes in case of excessive appetite or a sudden drop in appetite and weight.
  • We all know that cats love to climb and sometimes prefer performing gymnastics. We also know their routine as to how much do they need these physical activities. You may need to contact your vet if you observe your queen overdoing it suddenly or being lethargic.
  • Check for bumps and lumps regularly as they may need immediate veterinary attention. Also, do not ignore dental issues as they are the most common in ageing felines.
  • If you find your kitty panting even while at rest then there is something wrong and you may need instant advice from your vet. The same applies to a rapid heartbeat or unusual behavior in cats.
  • It is true that with increasing age in cats, there is a decrease in their agility. However that does not count staggering or collapsing suddenly. Similarly, contact your vet if your pet is limping, having mobility problems or having stiffness in joints.

To avoid stiffness in joints you may use joint supplements for your kitties. The above mentioned scenarios are recommended to get immediate attention from a vet for your cat’s good health. Try keeping in touch with your vet and ask frequent questions whenever in doubt.



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