Dog’s Skin & Paw Care In Winter- Let’s Put Up A Fight Against The Cold!



Winters can be harsh for your pet’s skin and paws. The snow and cold winds can make your pet’s skin and paws itchy, hoarse and cracked. This weather may always ask for a little extra care from your side if you want your pups to have smooth skin and paws. Here are a few tips that could make that possible your you in winter:

  • Groom often in winters: Grooming includes brushing your pet’s coat, clipping the nails, bathing and cleaning the paws. Brushing will help you remove the dead skin on your pet’s body and aid in circulation which is necessary in the colder seasons. Clip your doggy’s nails to avoid the splaying while they walk in snow. Try bathing your pet with plain water as shampoos tend to be the cause of dandruff and dry coat in winters.
  • Humidification may help: Dry weather outside as well as inside your home during colder days may make your canine’s skin flaky and itchy. To keep their skin nourished and non flaky, use a humidifier when inside the house.
  • Bathing frequencies can be reduced: It is not recommended to bathe your pooch frequently in winter. Doing so may make their skin and coat dull and dry. Try not to bathe them as often as you do in regular days to keep up their coat’s shine. Also, try not using shampoo every time you wash your pet.
  • Paw cleanliness is necessary: It is recommended to wash and dry your pooch’s paw after every walk, also between the toes. After cleaning, use a paw balm or petroleum jelly to soothe their paws. Check for dryness, redness or cracks in their paws.

In all it is not difficult to manage your pet’s skin and paw in winters. It may take a bit more of your attention, but that’s fine, right? Use the above discussed tips if you want your pet’s coat to shine even in the dry season.

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