All About Naughty Dogs!

All About Naughty Dogs!

Have you ever found your couch or shoes torn when you come back home? Yes, only the parents of naughty pets may connect to this experience. Isn’t it? It is very difficult to keep up with the naughty pets. If you too are one of those pet owners who have to deal with the pet’s tantrums and mischief, then it’s time to analyze your dog’s behavior. Shall we begin?

What is the characteristic behavior of naughty pets?

For humans, “being naughty” is anything that embarrasses them. You may call such actions indecent or improper. Your naughty dog may have following characteristics that make them so:

  • Knack of performing: Naughty dogs have this urge to perform and entertain you. They want to please with their performances.
  • Humor: No, they are not humorous. But when you give a big laugh at some of their mischief they take it as positive and think that you like the deed. They like it when you laugh. You may need to deal strictly even so it cracks you up.
  • Plain disobedience: If your dog has this characteristic then going through the trash even after told not to may be often. Is it? These pooches just want to do as they please and need professional training.

These are some of the most observed characteristics that naughty dogs have. But do you know why do they show these characteristics? Here are a few possible reasons for your pooch being a naughty one:

What may be the reasons of pet’s naughtiness?

There are three obvious reasons for your pooch’s misbehavior: Your attention, to convey something, or to entertain you. If you are a busy person and are unable to give enough time to your pet then their mischief may be the way of grabbing your attention. If your pooch is following the same pattern of misdeeds then he sure is trying to convey something like he misses his game of fetch or that you are not feeding his favorite food. The last reason may be to console you, cheer you up or entertain you. It is necessary that you get to the base of your pet’s behavior to improve it. Hiring professional trainers might be the perfect way to deal with naughty pets.

Do you know which the naughtiest dog breeds are?

Although the misbehavior or naughtiness does not depend on breeds, somehow the following dog breeds are found to be more bullying or humorous:

  1. Bull Terrier
  2. Pug
  3. Maltese
  4. Dachshund
  5. Beagle
  6. Labrador retriever
  7. Yorkshire Terrier
  8. Jack Russell Terrier
  9. English Bulldog
  10. American Pit Bull Terrier

So this was all about naughty dogs! If your furry companion is giving a hard time then try to analyze his behavior and sort it out. Hiring professional trainer might be a right decision to overcome this issue on a permanent base.


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