Why Should I Buy A Scratching Post For My Kitty?

Why Should I Buy A Scratching Post For My Kitty

Having felines as pets brings certain drawbacks such as scratched furniture. Every cat owner may agree with this, isn’t it? Scratching is a natural behavior for cats and it is necessary for them to do that. It is how they remove their outer skin of the claws and expose sharper claws. So there is nothing we can do about it.

However there is something that you can do to save your furniture. You could buy a scratching post for your kitty. Scratch post is a wooden plank covered with a rough material. This material provides satisfaction to cat’s natural urge of scratching.

The reasons for buying a scratch post for your cat are simple:

  • Your furniture will be saved. There will be no more torn couches or dismantled furniture with scratches all over.
  • Scratching post help kitties to mark their territory. Wild cats mark their territory by scratching on a tree bark which could substituted by a scratch post here.

However if you are yet to buy a scratching post and may not be able to buy one soon enough then here are some tips to avoid furniture damage:

  • Cats hate slippery surfaces. They just can’t get hold of it through their paws. What you can do is just spread some slippery plastic on your couch and it’s done.
  • Felines tend to dislike sticky substances also. If you feel your wooden drawers are at risk of your kitty’s claws then stick a double sided tape at the height where his claws may reach.
  • Keep their nails trimmed to allow minimal damage to your furniture and couches.

And, if you simply don’t want to waste your time in such things then you may need to buy a scratch post. In all, there has to be something that satisfies your cat’s scratching urge.