Important Questions To Ask Your Vet About Cat’s Health

Cat Health Questions To Ask The Vet

When you visit the veterinarian with your cat for regular checkup your vet will start to examine your furry pal by asking you some questions to rule out any serious feline diseases. The vet may inquire whether your cat has been showing any changes in appetite, thirst or urination. After he finishes the examination and with his questions, you can take the opportunity to talk to him and ask questions that pertain your kitty’s specific health care.

Top 5 Cat Questions To Ask The Vet:

1. Is My Cat At The Appropriate Weight?

This question is important to ask, as the obesity can lead to many other problems in your cat such as: heart, liver kidney etc. Obesity is a growing concern in pets as well in people. So, it is essential that you keep your cat’s weight in control.

2. How Are My Cat’s Teeth And Gums?

The oral health problems in cats starts from the age of two, it can get worse as furry pal gets older. She can face tooth deterioration, tartar buildup and gum disease, the infection of gums can spread to other areas of the body. It is important to ask this question, so that you can keep your cat away from oral health problems.

3. What Should I Feed My Cat Or Kitten?

There many cat food products that have come up in the market. If your cat needs special formula like weight loss, hairball treatment or any supplement that is needed for senior cats. There are many other food formulas, that contains antioxidants, omega-3 for healthy skin and coat of cat with vitamins and minerals. You can ask the vet to recommend the best dietary needs that suits her and help your pet live a healthy, long and happy life.

4. Is My Cat Getting Enough Exercise?

It is an important question particularly for indoor cats. To keep your cat active and fit with regular program of exercise and environment enrichment. For this you can make your cat chase toys up and down stairs, you can even use a laser or dream catcher to interact with you furry pal.

5. Is There Latest Vaccine To Be Given To My Cat Or Any Follow-up Booster Shots?

Vaccination is the best method to protect your cat from many sort of diseases. Remind your vet about the vaccination, as the last round of cat vaccines should be administered after a kitten is 16 weeks old. And, it is also important to get any follow-up booster shots to your furry companion.

Make a point, whenever you visit the vet for a health check-up of your furry pal, make the most of it and ask the questions or any concerns to him/her about your cat. The vet will help you out and ensure the health and well being of your pet.


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