10 Most Surprising Things to Know About Dogs

How much do you know about dogs? Probably your answer is – pretty much everything. But, we are damn sure that you would still be unaware of certain facts about these furry munchkins. We have listed down some extremely intriguing facts about our favorite pet companion that will amaze you to the core.


10 Things to Know About Dogs

1. Dogs Know The Directions

Yes, it is true! Unlike humans who are completely dependent on a compass to tell them the correct direction to move ahead, dogs can sense it quite easily. Even if they are lost, they can decipher the directions by sensing the magnetic field of the earth.

2. Your Fido Can See The Colors

If you are of a belief that they only see things in black and white images, that is not true at all. Dogs image a picture in a blue-yellow background though they may not be as vivid as humans can perceive.

3. Dog’s Hearing Ability is Thrice as Good as that of Humans

Dogs surpass our hearing abilities by detecting the frequencies even above 23000 hertz (upper limit of human hearing capacity). They can clearly hear a sound coming from a distant place and can even distinguish them pretty well. They know the difference of sounds between a foot tap and a creaking door.

4. Dogs Have High Body Temperature

Your furry pal is hotter than you 😉 …. in a literal sense! Dogs have a normal body temperature of 38C, a degree higher than that of humans which is 37C in general.

5. Dogs Have Sweat Glands in Their Paws

Our furry companions are a little different from us when it comes to sweating that heat out. Their sweat glands are located in the paw pads from where their body releases excess heat. That is why it is relaxing for dogs on a hot summer day if you wet their feet.

6. His Whiskers Help Him See in The Dark

In the wilds, dogs used to sense danger or a prey through their whiskers. These long natural antennae measure disturbances in the air currents and make the dog aware of any nearing object or body.

7. Dogs Also Have Unique Fingerprints

You must be wondering how dogs can have fingerprints when they don’t have any lines on their paws at all. Well, in dogs, these are not exactly fingerprints, but nose prints. Yes! Every dog has unique lines on its nose which can be used to differentiate them from their peers.

8. Dogs Fall in Love

You heard it right! Dogs too fall in love, just like humans. They can have those mushy feelings for their canine friend as well as for any human companion. This is because their brains also produce love hormone – oxytocin, which is known to generate these feelings and emotions.

9. Dogs are Smarter Than you Think

They can understand up to 200-250 words and can understand gestures. Their mind has the ability to perform simple calculations and some of them are quite clever. Dogs are known to defy commands when they know the easy way out to complete the chore. They are also pretty good at understanding and learning things.

10. Dogs can Sniff your Disease

Canines have 220 million receptors in their nose and thus they can easily sniff any changes in our body. They get the smell of the volatile compounds released from the body of a person suffering from Cancer. Dogs can even sense minute hormonal changes in our bodies. Other than Cancer, these furry companions are able to detect Narcolepsy, Migraines, Low Blood Sugar, Stress and fear in the human body. Aren’t they just brilliant?

Dogs are definitely in every sense a great companion as well as amazing creatures. They are more like humans yet unique in some ways that make them one of the best companions people have ever got. Isn’t it a good enough reason to look after this beautiful buddy? Or, adopt one if you haven’t already?! They are definitely beneficial in every way.

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