Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children

Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Pets are related to childhood memories where the images of children walking their dogs, or playing with a pet cat or swimming together is mostly tagged. However, many parents are always in a dilemma when it comes to adopting a pet especially when they have children with allergies. It is not possible for many children to have pets specially a dog or a cat. And, it is quite heartbreaking for parents to confine their children from pets. Fortunately, there are ways to tackle this and there are pets that are best suited for allergic children.

Here are the five top pet selections, that every parent can look for if their children are allergic.


Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Some breeds like a poodle, some terriers, the bichon fries and the Portuguese water dog are often the best choices for children with allergies. No dog is free from allergens due to the foreign elements on their fur. On the positive side, there are certainly dog breeds that are a lot lower on the allergy threshold than others.


Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

As pet birds spend most of their time and space in a confined environment, there is less to no possibility of causing allergy to your children. They are less likely to affect humans when compared to other pets.


Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Lizards, geckos, frogs and snakes can be a great fun for children as well as they are allergy friendly. However, if you are considering to opt for turtle, then you need to know that these reptiles can transmit infection like salmonella and other bacterial infections. So, it is better to check with your doctor before going for a selection.


Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

The lovely animal with fluffy fur is always adorable and most liked by children. Though they have fur and can bother some humans with allergies, they are least likely to cause allergy. Compared to dogs and cats, they do not share your bed or spend time in other areas of your house, hence the impact of allergies is quite negligible.


Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Nothing to worry about fish if you take them as your pet. They are probably the best pet any child with an allergy can have. Living in their water world they least bother you or anyone with allergies. They don’t affect the home environment and they are beautiful to look at. Unlucky that you can’t take them for a walk but definitely you are free from those heavy sneezes and wheezes.

So, break down your constraints about pets and look out which pet you can choose for your child with an allergy.


6 Amazing Benefits of Owning a Pet

Dogs are special species as they have the ability of making our day without speaking a single word to us. With a single gesture they can enlighten our mood and make our lives stress free and lively. The more you get to learn about this four-legged friend the better it becomes for you. So what makes your life so enthralling and rich when you have a dog? One of the answers is that your pooch understands you better than an average person and can keep you away from the usual drudgeries of life.


Apart from the companionship and entertainment quotient that a dog provides in our lives there are other things that make them a larger than life character in our aimless existence. Let us explore some of these things that make these four-legged friends special for us and make our life awesome in some way or the other:

Dogs have the ability to boost up your frame of mind
It has been scientifically proven that a 15-30 minutes of session with your dog can make you feel relaxed and give you the peace of mind that you need desperately in this bad world. Playing with your pooch can help you immense pleasure and tranquility, as this activity enhances the dopamine and serotonin levels in your body. According to psychologists from Miami and St. Louis Universities, “Owning a dog can give you the same satisfaction as having a human companion.” This goes to show that your pooch is the best possible thing that has ever happened to you since a very long time.

Dogs work better than medicines
Your little pooch can be great for your health. It has been found that having a pet dog around can reap in a lot of health benefits in dog owners. In fact a pooch can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and fewer heart attacks than non-dog owners. According to a research conducted by British Journal of Health in the year 2004, having a dog ensures that you have fewer medical problems than those who do not have a dog.

A pooch is one of the reasons for you to exercise
Having a dog is a blessing in disguise as he encourages you to exercise more. Having a dog walk and throwing a ball around makes a good exercise for dogs as well as dog owners. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that having a dog makes for an advanced stage of movement compared to those who have dogs and do not walk with them. According to Journal of Physical Activity and Health it has been observed that dog owners who walked with their dogs generally walk for more than an hour longer than the ones who do not walk with their dogs.

Dogs help you to socialize
A dog is the best possible wingman that you can ever get. He will make you feel interesting in front of the opposite sex and help you become more approachable. Taking your pooch to pet stores, dog parks and other special events can be a great way to meet new people and interact with other dog owners. According to Britain’s Warwick University, it has been found that 40% of people make friends easily with the help of their pooches then the remaining non-dog owners.

A pooch helps you to identify cancer faster
Dogs have an amazing capability of smelling different things before dog owners can find it out. One of those is their sixth sense in detecting cancer. Dogs get to know about a cancerous organ in a human being before it gets detected by sniffing, nudging or licking the spots that are cancerous. This comes from the fact that dogs face the same type of cancer as we human beings do hence, they are better at judging this disease. One of the most amazing benefits of this is that it can help you save a life by detecting cancer in a person early on.

Dogs make you become a better human being
Having a dog is surely a blessing in disguise, but it can also make you become a better human being. A pooch teaches you altruism, loyalty and patience. When you take care of your little pooch it shows that you are willing to take accountability and dedication and it also teaches you to be more patient and less self-centered. When you have a pet dog you tend to be less focused on your needs and become more patient towards them since, dogs have their unique way of testing the most tolerant people.

Adopting Senior Pets- An Ideal Choice For A Wise Companionship

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“Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog!”

Someone has rightly said that the person who receives the love and warmth of a senior pet is truly blessed. Usually people choose to adopt a pup and as a result the shelters are flooded with senior pets. A dog falls into the category of “senior” after the age of 7. It is astonishing how these wise and responsible companions are neglected by the people. Adopting a senior pet does have a lot of benefits over adopting a pup. To some extent senior dogs and cats can be an ideal choice if you are looking for a wise companionship.

Let’s have a look at some benefits of adopting a senior pet!

  • It would not be fair to use the word “train”, but senior pets will easily adapt your home rules!
    Generally people refer the usual command following and discharge management a training, but that would be totally unfair to use that word for these wise canines. Senior pets are responsible and may take a day or two to adapt the rules of your home. Once you show them, the instructions will be imprinted on their brains and accidents are unlikely to happen.
  • Their senses are stronger!
    The senses of a pup or kitty may be at its developing stage when you adopt them. Senior dogs and cats have stronger senses as compared to that of the younger ones. They may be better at helping you in alarming when going through critical situations.

“A senior pet – That just means he has years of experience in the fine Art of friendship!”

  • Mature dogs and cats are wise companions!
    A child fully concentrates on the fun part. Similar are the pups and kittens. At a young age, all they care for are treats and play. A senior dog or cat can easily sense your mood and will console you at your sad times. They can be your wise companions that stand beside you in your thick and thin.
  • They are the unlimited supply of love!
    Being seniors, they easily understand the situation. When you adopt them, they understand that they have received their parents and a home to live. And, for that they may give an infinite supply of love for the rest of their life as a token of thankfulness.

“Adopt a senior pet- Their affection is timeless….their devotion is ageless….and their love is forever…”

Senior pets are last to get adopted and first to get euthanized. Euthanasia is the saddest thing in the whole world. You have an opportunity to save their life which will leave you feeling proud for the rest of your life. And, do you lose anything in the process?  Senior pet adoption has many things to offer you like their wise companionship, love, friendship, loyalty and much more. Adopt a senior pet and stay at peace for your whole life!

5 Myth About Small Dog Breeds (& The Facts To Know)

Humans have a tendency to judge on the basis of size and quantity. The same judgmental attitude is seen when one goes to adopt or buy a pup. Small breed dogs are often neglected due to some or the other reasons, or maybe because of just the myths prevailing about them.

There are many misconceptions about small breed dogs that does not allow people to choose them as pets. However, as Mark Twain has said, the size of the dog do not justify the quality of fight, it is the inner strength that is virtuous.

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”
Mark Twain

Let’s check the facts behind the most famous myths about small breed dogs!


  1. Small breeds are not manly enough!

Yes, there are still some people who think their self-esteem is at stake if they walk with  a small breed dog. “Not manly enough” is the usual tag given to cute, small pooches. But, it is an absolute myth!

Before falling for this myth just think, do you have Facebook followers in the millions? Or, is there a book written about you? “Boo” has both! Boo is a Pomeranian having over 17 million followers on Facebook and a book named “Boo- Life of the world’s cutest dog”. Another example is Menswear dog. He is ranked $15,000 a month. These examples put down the popular myth that small dogs are not manly. Their popularity shows their rage! So, size may not be the right criteria to choose a pet.

  1. They are the yappiest breeds

This is the most famous myth about small breed dogs. Yes, there are some that bark a lot, but not all of them are noisy. Breeds like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Italian Greyhounds made in the list of the quietest breed. There are some other breeds which are not barkers, like Chinese Cresteds, Boston Terriers, Japanese Chins and Shiba Inus.

Small or large breed dogs, their barks can be controlled by the pet parents. We often pay attention to all their talks. Instead, if we teach them a “shush” command, maybe they would not yap a lot. Just some training and your pet will know when to be quiet.

  1. All small breeds are for women to be carried around in purse!

Some breeds like Jack Russell and Pomeranian are made to sit on your laps or carried around in purses. But that does not mean that all small breeds are the same. Airedale terrier is one of the breeds that is a great runner.

So, if you would let them walk on their paws, they will definitely walk around. It is a misconception that small breed dogs are best fit in lap or purse. You can actually have a great jogging time with them!

  1. “Aww! She is so small, doesn’t need exercise at all!”

This is a human tendency to think that small or thin people do not need exercise. This is a myth in both, people and dogs. Small breed dogs are little, but they too consume food and need exercise to stay fit and healthy.

In fact, Terriers like, Boston terrier, Australian terrier, Border terrier and many more needs a lot of physical as well as mental exercise. If these small breeds with high energy levels are not given regular exercise, then they might get bored and destructive. So, it is a fact that small breeds need exercise!

  1. Sizes and care has no connection!

It has been observed that some people buy small breeds with a reason in mind that, ”It is easier to take care of small breed dogs than the larger breeds”. This is absolutely a myth! Undoubtedly, small breed dogs are easier to carry and their appetite is comparatively less. But, according to some studies, small breeds need the highest attention and affection. They are also difficult to train. And, without training they can be very bold which may irritate you at public places.

Breeds like Shih Tzus and Yorkies need high maintenance and grooming. Some breeds like Bichon Frises can be very notorious, they often pee inside. With their tiny bodies, they have tiny jaws and teeth too. Dental care can ask a little more effort from you. So, smaller breeds can come with a lot of challenges and are definitely not easy to care!

All in all, size cannot be the only factor to make any choice for a lifelong furry friend. Facts may help you choose a little pooch that brings in a bundle of happiness. These 5 facts over 5 myths prove that small breed dogs can be the best pet. So, check them and don’t hesitate to bring in a tiny little pooch in your life!

Why Adopt a Dog? – Save Lives, Stop Puppy Mills

Why Adopt a Dog

Owning pets is bliss for they are your source of unconditional love, contagious enthusiasm and total acceptance. Most of us hop around puppy stores to get the cutest of all dogs for our family. Adding a furry new member in the family is a thrilling idea, but adoption is another way of doing this and gives one far more satisfaction. Adopting abandoned, injured or orphan pets from rescue shelters or animal homes has many positive sides to it.

Many pet parents are reluctant in adopting pets as there are several misconceptions surrounding it. The common assumption about animals living in rescue shelters is that they have some kind of behavioral or physical problem. It is concluded that because of these problems, their owners have left them in shelters. It is actually the other way round. Pet parents who cannot accommodate their pets in their house or are shifting to a ‘no pet’ homes leave these beautiful creatures in shelter homes. So, there is no point in punishing these innocent animals? Continue reading