Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children

Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Pets are related to childhood memories where the images of children walking their dogs, or playing with a pet cat or swimming together is mostly tagged. However, many parents are always in a dilemma when it comes to adopting a pet especially when they have children with allergies. It is not possible for many children to have pets specially a dog or a cat. And, it is quite heartbreaking for parents to confine their children from pets. Fortunately, there are ways to tackle this and there are pets that are best suited for allergic children.

Here are the five top pet selections, that every parent can look for if their children are allergic.


Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Some breeds like a poodle, some terriers, the bichon fries and the Portuguese water dog are often the best choices for children with allergies. No dog is free from allergens due to the foreign elements on their fur. On the positive side, there are certainly dog breeds that are a lot lower on the allergy threshold than others.


Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

As pet birds spend most of their time and space in a confined environment, there is less to no possibility of causing allergy to your children. They are less likely to affect humans when compared to other pets.


Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Lizards, geckos, frogs and snakes can be a great fun for children as well as they are allergy friendly. However, if you are considering to opt for turtle, then you need to know that these reptiles can transmit infection like salmonella and other bacterial infections. So, it is better to check with your doctor before going for a selection.


Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

The lovely animal with fluffy fur is always adorable and most liked by children. Though they have fur and can bother some humans with allergies, they are least likely to cause allergy. Compared to dogs and cats, they do not share your bed or spend time in other areas of your house, hence the impact of allergies is quite negligible.


Top Five Pet Choices for Allergic Children - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Nothing to worry about fish if you take them as your pet. They are probably the best pet any child with an allergy can have. Living in their water world they least bother you or anyone with allergies. They don’t affect the home environment and they are beautiful to look at. Unlucky that you can’t take them for a walk but definitely you are free from those heavy sneezes and wheezes.

So, break down your constraints about pets and look out which pet you can choose for your child with an allergy.


6 Amazing Benefits of Owning a Pet

Dogs are special species as they have the ability of making our day without speaking a single word to us. With a single gesture they can enlighten our mood and make our lives stress free and lively. The more you get to learn about this four-legged friend the better it becomes for you. So what makes your life so enthralling and rich when you have a dog? One of the answers is that your pooch understands you better than an average person and can keep you away from the usual drudgeries of life.


Apart from the companionship and entertainment quotient that a dog provides in our lives there are other things that make them a larger than life character in our aimless existence. Let us explore some of these things that make these four-legged friends special for us and make our life awesome in some way or the other:

Dogs have the ability to boost up your frame of mind
It has been scientifically proven that a 15-30 minutes of session with your dog can make you feel relaxed and give you the peace of mind that you need desperately in this bad world. Playing with your pooch can help you immense pleasure and tranquility, as this activity enhances the dopamine and serotonin levels in your body. According to psychologists from Miami and St. Louis Universities, “Owning a dog can give you the same satisfaction as having a human companion.” This goes to show that your pooch is the best possible thing that has ever happened to you since a very long time.

Dogs work better than medicines
Your little pooch can be great for your health. It has been found that having a pet dog around can reap in a lot of health benefits in dog owners. In fact a pooch can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and fewer heart attacks than non-dog owners. According to a research conducted by British Journal of Health in the year 2004, having a dog ensures that you have fewer medical problems than those who do not have a dog.

A pooch is one of the reasons for you to exercise
Having a dog is a blessing in disguise as he encourages you to exercise more. Having a dog walk and throwing a ball around makes a good exercise for dogs as well as dog owners. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that having a dog makes for an advanced stage of movement compared to those who have dogs and do not walk with them. According to Journal of Physical Activity and Health it has been observed that dog owners who walked with their dogs generally walk for more than an hour longer than the ones who do not walk with their dogs.

Dogs help you to socialize
A dog is the best possible wingman that you can ever get. He will make you feel interesting in front of the opposite sex and help you become more approachable. Taking your pooch to pet stores, dog parks and other special events can be a great way to meet new people and interact with other dog owners. According to Britain’s Warwick University, it has been found that 40% of people make friends easily with the help of their pooches then the remaining non-dog owners.

A pooch helps you to identify cancer faster
Dogs have an amazing capability of smelling different things before dog owners can find it out. One of those is their sixth sense in detecting cancer. Dogs get to know about a cancerous organ in a human being before it gets detected by sniffing, nudging or licking the spots that are cancerous. This comes from the fact that dogs face the same type of cancer as we human beings do hence, they are better at judging this disease. One of the most amazing benefits of this is that it can help you save a life by detecting cancer in a person early on.

Dogs make you become a better human being
Having a dog is surely a blessing in disguise, but it can also make you become a better human being. A pooch teaches you altruism, loyalty and patience. When you take care of your little pooch it shows that you are willing to take accountability and dedication and it also teaches you to be more patient and less self-centered. When you have a pet dog you tend to be less focused on your needs and become more patient towards them since, dogs have their unique way of testing the most tolerant people.

5 Tips On Planning A Late Summer Hike With Dogs

The summer is about to wave us goodbye in a few days, and these days of late summer are the most enjoyable ones. It is considered to be a perfect time to go hiking with your pooch. The moderate temperature, no wet rocks, no chilly wind and low humidity make the late summer a perfect period for a hike.

Though, it may become difficult for your pup to sustain while hiking, if he has never done it before. Thus, it is important to prepare your pooch for this adventure to make it enjoyable and successful. The following tips to prepare for a hike with your furry companion may definitely help you do so.

Let’s have a look at 5 ways on planning a late summer hike with your dog!


  1. Build strength for this adventure!
    The scorching heat of the summer may have made you and your pooch a little lazy and the ones who prefer to be indoors. Thus, it is necessary that you and the dog have enough exercise as practice to build the required strength for the hike. Convert your short walks into long and turn your walks into jogs.
  1. Ensemble of required equipments!
    Make a list of whatever you may need on your hiking expedition. Be smart in picking up things. If you have a bigger dog, consider getting him a doggie backpack to share your load. Make sure it is not heavier than 15-20% of your dog’s weight.Make your dog carry the backpack on his regular walk to get him used to it. Your dog’s backpack should carry his first-aid kit, dog waste bag, water bowl, food, and food bowl. Water may be too heavy for your dog to carry. So, it would be better if you carry the water bottle.
  1. Consistent recall is a must have behavior!
    Hiking is a great opportunity for dogs to have an unleashed fun experience. Now, it does not imply that you and your pets will be the only ones going for a hike. There may be other people and dogs on the trail. So, it is very important that your pooch is obedient and knows the consistent recall behavior.Your furry friends should come to you at your command. For taming them, start practicing from today. It is a big responsibility to take your dogs for this adventure. There may be distracting environment, other canines that might not be as good as yours. Thus, good behavior is one of the first things to be certain of before going for hiking.
  1. Are the creeks and lakes safe for your pooch?
    When you decide which trail to choose for the hike, it is important that your research well on it. If there are lakes and creeks falling on the way, will it be alright if your companion drinks water from it, or not. There may be several bacteria and parasites in stagnant water. Get to the bottom of the place and then settle for that trail.
  1. Other dangers that you need to take care of!
    Before taking off into the wild, it is imperative to stay up-to-date on your dog’s vaccinations. Rabies, flea and tick treatments, heartwormers, etc. are some of the prime treatments that your pooch might need to be on. The wilderness of the trail may have odd surprises which could be harmful for your pet. Thus, use of preventives is a must before you take your canine for hiking.

Overheat can cause a heart stroke. Keep him hydrated throughout the walk. Dogs can be over-excited with their exploring instinct and may not consider about their health. It is your responsibility to keep a check on it. Take frequent breaks if you see your canine is panting freakishly.

The coming weekend or the next one may be the perfect one for taking your pooch for hiking. Use these tips to plan a fun trip to the nearest hiking spot and spend some quality time with your furry friend.