Simple Home Tips to Ensure a Healthy Life for Your Dog

To lead a good and disease-free life, it is important to stay fit and healthy. Being fit and healthy is by no means a simple task. Dog parents these days know the importance of making their munchkins fit and healthy. In order to prolong their buddy’s lifespan and keep numerous diseases away, being fit and healthy is very essential. Therefore, as dog parents, it is our sole responsibility to help our furry buddies stay healthy and fit. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a list of things one must follow for the betterment of their canine’s lives.


Provide Clean Drinking Water & Food Bowls

It goes without saying but providing clean drinking water to your pal is the first and most basic step towards keeping your buddy healthy. At least twice a day you should change your furry friend’s water bowl, no matter what. And not to forget, the food bowls in which you give him to eat should be cleaned before and after every use.

Everyday Exercising Is Essential

Exercising is a must, not only for you but also for your four-legged friend. Going for daily walks is a great way to burn out those extra calories. Even running is an option you can opt for. Running also helps to strengthen your pal’s joints and helps improve overall health. Other exercising methods like playing fetch with your Fido can be implemented too.


Proper Balanced Diet Is Pivotal

Health concerns largely arise due to improper feeding habits. Therefore, to keep your buddy fit and healthy, it is important to feed him the correct diet. For that, it is best advised to consult a vet. The vet will help you pick the right diet for your pal, provided you feed him with valuable information such as:

  • The type of food (wet or dry food) preferred by your dog.
  • Allergic reactions to any particular ingredient.
  • Any other information related to his (your dog) feeding habits.

Grooming On a Regular Basis

Maintaining cleanliness from outside goes a long way in keeping the body clean from inside. Thus, grooming is essential and must be executed on a frequent basis. Grooming includes:

  • Brushing the fur coat to keep it shiny as well as healthy.
  • Cleaning the ear canals for better hygiene.
  • Brushing teeth regularly to maintain strong gums and teeth.
  • Clipping excess growth of nails.

Assist in Socializing with Others

If your dog is one of those pets than seldom likes to socialize with others then there lies a problem, my friend. Lack of socializing is not good for health and may lead to issues like depression. To avoid such things from happening, assist your canine in socializing with people and other animals. Get other humans to be friendly towards him and speak in a soft tone. This will help him to overcome his fears and aid him in socializing with others.

Routine Health Check-ups

Last but not the least; make sure you take your four-legged pal to the vet for regular health check-ups. Even if your buddy seems fine, going for regular check-ups can help detect a problem early on which in turn helps in the treatment process. Hence, make it a point to visit a vet at least once in three to four weeks.


Our loyal furry pals never fail to put a smile on our faces and they do it without trying. Therefore, as pet parents, the little we can do for them is to take utmost care of them. We must follow these health tips and strive towards keeping them fit and healthy because after all, the most important thing in life is health.


Home Remedies for Allergies in Dogs

We all know that some point in our pet’s lives they are bound to fall sick and we as pet parents can only help in one way, and that is, look for remedies to stem the flow of the illness. It is always a painful sight to watch our furry canines suffer from problems and it is imperative for us pet parents to seek quick solutions. One such issue that affects a large chunk of dogs is allergies. These allergies can be very upsetting and extremely debilitating. There a quite a few ways to treat allergies but if you’re one of those parents who prefer home remedies instead of drugs and steroids, then read on.

Allergies in Dogs: Home Remedies

Below are a few effective and efficient home remedies for allergies in dogs. Go through them carefully before selecting any one for the treatment of allergies in your furry buddy.

Aloe Vera

A single leaf of an Aloe Vera plant contains antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that make it the ideal cure for treating burns, hot spots, itches, rashes, etc. To treat allergies in dogs, apply the Aloe Vera gel in and around the affected areas (including itching areas). The gel contains a cooling effect that will help reduce discomforts and aid in the healing process.

Note: Do not use the whole Aloe Vera leaf (use the gel only) as it contains saponins (an orange or yellow substance found in the rind), which is a laxative and can cause sickness to your dog.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another effective home remedy for dog allergies is Apple Cider Vinegar. The vinegar can be used for rinsing purposes to help diminish allergies and skin rashes. Rinsing your dog’s paws with Apple Cider Vinegar will help eliminate some pollens and allergens that accumulate on the pet. If used as a spray, it should be sprayed directly on the affected areas.

Note: Do not use Apple Cider Vinegar on open wounds and bites.

Chamomile Tea

One of the best skin allergy treatments for dogs is Chamomile tea. It contains a natural disinfectant that soothes the skin by erasing bacteria and yeast. Furthermore, Chamomile tea does a wonderful job at curing an upset stomach, anxiety as well as gas problems. So get hold off a Chamomile plant and make some Chamomile tea for your allergic munchkin.

Coconut Oil

The one good thing about coconut oil is that it gives multiple benefits. Coconut oil contains lauric acid that helps in the decrease of yeast production as well as reduces allergies. It can help suppress inflammatory allergic responses by combining coconut oil with fish oil. Moreover, coconut oil has antibacterial properties that reduce itchiness and boosts the immune system by catering to digestive issues. The usage of coconut oil can be used simply by mixing a portion of the oil in your dog’s food.

Naturally Healthy Diets

A simple yet effective method of treating allergies is by providing your pal naturally healthy foods. Many dog diets have added preservatives and additives that don’t gel well with your dog’s immune system and can cause issues if you don’t opt for a change in diet. Feeding the proper diet with correct ingredients and nutrients is essential in giving your pet a healthy and disease-free life. Make sure to consult a vet before changing your Fido’s diet.

Oat Baths

One of the most efficient and natural home remedy for curing skin allergies is oat baths. Oat baths are generally very soothing and bring about a relaxing feeling to your dog. It contains necessary ingredients that help in relieving itchiness in canines. To give an oat bath to your dog, all you have to do is either boil some oat straw or grind the oatmeal before mixing it in your pal’s bathing water.

Note: Oatmeal is a rich source of carbohydrates that yeast thrives on. Thus, opt out of an oat bath if your buddy has even a mild yeast infection.

While there are many other ways to treat allergies in dogs, the above six remedies are perhaps the best natural methods to treat allergies at home. And if you’re skeptical about using any method, you can always ask your vet before going forward.



Finding ticks on your pooch is not an easy task, it may seem to be an easy task but it’s not. Especially when your pooch is furry because these creeps are smart enough to find a safe and warm area on your pooch’s body that is not visible to naked eyes.

You may think that you can tackle tick infestation by putting your pooch on a tick control treatment. But that alone is not enough you need to still be vigilant and search for ticks on your pooch’s body parts whenever he/she comes back from an outing.

Spotting the tick is very crucial because the disgusting creatures if ignored, can transmit many dangerous pathogens which are the cause of some fatal diseases and these fatal diseases are called tick-borne diseases.

 Some of the diseases that can be passed by the ticks are

  • Lyme Disease
  • Babesiosis
  • American Canine Hepatozoonosis
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Tick Paralysis
  • Tularemia
  • Haemobartonellosis
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Hence, you should develop a habit of searching for ticks on your pooch’s body. Below are some of the hot spots you should never ignore while hunting these nasty creatures.

  1. Ears

Always check the area in and around the ears. Nowadays many dogs are found who have a very heavy infestation in their ears or outside. Vets always recommend checking inside your dog’s ears, including the ear canal.

2. Groin Area

You should raid the perianal area first because damp and moist areas on the body are favorite places for ticks. Ticks also are very fond of the groin area because dogs can’t reach there and also it is the best place to operate and stay hidden. Never forget to examine the tail as well.

3. Eyelids

You may think it is a skin tag but have a closer look, it may be a tick. So, observe closely and don’t bypass the eyelids.

4. Toes

The area between the toes is the perfect place because most of the parents don’t search there for ticks. Hence, even the toe area is tough to infest still they would try to latch on to your dog’s paws.

5. Under the Clothes and Collars

Search beneath the tick collars, harnesses, sun protectors, and clothes. Anything that covers the skin should come off when you are on an inspection. Because these creeps hide below these protectors

What Should I Do If I Spot A Tick?

Whenever you spot a tick don’t pluck it with your bare hands because it can leave their mouth part embedded in the skin, resulting in several infections. Always use tweezers to hold the tick’s mouthpart, as a result, it loosens the grip on the skin, making it easy and safe to remove them. You can also apply alcohol on that area so that the mouthparts leave the skin and the removal becomes easy.

Preventing, Treating And Removing Ticks

You should know The DOs and DONTs of Removing Ticks from Your Dog. Always use a tweezer and never pluck the ticks directly. Because plucking leaves the mouthparts of ticks embedded in your pooch’s skin.

Tick treatments like– Bravecto, Frontline plus, Bayopet killtix collar, Effipro duo spot-on and Preventic tick collar are outstandingly instrumental in treating and preventing ticks and even fleas.

Always keep a track on the tick infestation in your backyard or playing are outside. Treat your backyard to keep it tick free.

Zoonotic- Transmission Of Diseases From Pet To Human

There are numerous benefits of having a pet. A dog or a cat can lower your stress. A dog triggers social and emotional development among children. Your pet will always give you one or the other reason to smile. When your pet is around it is impossible that you feel alone or sad. Knowing all the benefits, a pet lover should also be aware of the diseases that they get from their pet.


Contagious Diseases That You Get From Your Pet:


Toxoplasmosis: It is a parasitic infection. The parasite is Toxoplasma gondii. This parasite is commonly found in cats. The symptom of this infection starts with mild flu. It can create a fatal problem if a pregnant lady is infected with this parasite.

Prevention is the best option. Keep the litter box and living area of your cat clean, use gloves if required, and wash hands after playing with your cat.
Rabies: A highly contagious disease. It infects the central nervous system of both the animal and human. It can turn into fatal. To prevent rabies, give timely rabies vaccination to your pet.

Lyme Disease: Lyme disease spread through tick in your pet. The ticks are picked up by your pet when they are playing outside or in your yard. Ticks hide in your pet’s fur. If the same tick infects you, initially you won’t see any symptoms. Gradually the symptoms will start rising into fever, bulls eye rashes on the skin, and pain in joints. It is recommended to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Restrict your pet from playing in grassy areas and a place not properly cleaned. Check every time when you come home after a walk with your pet whether you or your dog have picked up ticks or not.

Salmonellosis: Salmonella is found in the gastrointestinal tract of your pet. This infection doesn’t only spread through contaminated food. It also spread to you from your pet. The infection develops fever, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps within 12 to 72 hours.

Cat Scratch Fever: Cat scratch fever is also known as cat scratch disease. It is spread through the bite or scratch by the cat. The symptoms of this infection are fever, swollen lymph nodes, headache, and less appetite.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: Rocky Mountain spotted fever is one of those diseases caused by a spotted fever group rickettsia. The (RMSF) spread when an infected ticks or mites bite the human.

The above mentioned infections are easily transmitted to human from their pet. You can always take the preventive measures to protect you and your pet from getting these infections.


Frontline Plus for Dogs and Cats

A Safe Solution For Flea and Tick Control – Frontline Plus For Dogs And Cats

Frontline Plus for Dogs and Cats

Fleas and ticks have been sustaining on this planet since so long. These parasites have been infecting our little pets from the beginning. But, now we have a solution for these blood-sucking icky parasites.

A renowned product designed by Merial, Frontline Plus is a relief for cats and dogs both. A fast-acting formula to fight against these external parasites is a spot-on treatment. Frontline Plus ensures the protection of the pets against flea and tick-borne diseases too. It is a monthly treatment with long-lasting effects which starts its action immediately by eliminating fleas in dogs within 24 hours of application and in cats within 12 hours. After administrating the treatment, ticks are efficiently killed within 48 hours. Killing adult fleas and destroying the entire flea life cycle by eradicating all the life stages including flea eggs and flea larvae.

Cat Vaccinations and Treatments – Uncover the Hidden Facts about Them

The waterproof treatment doesn’t allow re-infestation of fleas and ticks for up to a month and also protects cats and dogs from Flea Allergy Dermatitis. It is very advantageous as the pooch won’t have any trouble bathing or going near water. The waterproof property is also suitable and safe to use on pregnant, nursing and breeding pets. Frontline Plus efficiently removes and eliminates brown ticks, lone star ticks, and American dog ticks and prevents re-infestation of these to avoid any tick-borne ailments.

The composition of Frontline Plus includes two active ingredients – Fipronil and (S)Methoprene. These two work together to kill fleas and ticks. After the application of the treatment, Frontline spreads on the skin of the pet evenly because of its penetration action and lasts for 4 weeks. Fipronil eliminates adult fleas and ticks while (S)Methoprene, disrupts the life cycle of the fleas and attacks on flea eggs and larvae. The combined effect of these two active ingredients provides complete protection to both canines and felines from flea and tick borne diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain fever, Flea Allergy Dermatitis etc.

Frontline Plus is suitable for both pups and kitties of 8 weeks of age and elder to that. Every product comes with some safety rules and so thus this one. A layout of basic safety measures and precautions one should be aware of while using Frontline Plus are:

  • The products for both cats and dogs come in different packs.

  • Read the pack before opening it.

  • Frontline for dogs cannot be used on cats and vice-versa.

  • Store it in cool and dry place.

  • Do not apply on damaged skin.

  • Wash hands after using this product.

  • Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

  • Keep it away from flames and heat.

  • Do not allow the pets to lick each other until the treatment has dried.

  • Do not smoke, eat or drink while applying the treatment.






While using this broad spectrum treatment, firstly read the label for instructions and precautions. If any doubt, consult a vet immediately. The usage for both cats and dogs are different. So, first talking about cats:

  • Part the fur at the base of the skull and between the shoulders and create a spot to apply the medication.
  • Put the tip of the pipette on the spot and squeeze approximately 0.5ml of solution. Let it dry.

Know About Importance Of Proper Dental Care Of Your Dog And Cat

For dogs, the treatment varies with the weights. So, weigh the dog before the treatment.

  • Make your dog comfortable and part the fur between the shoulder blades.

  • Place the tip of the pipette on the spot without touching the hair.

  • Squeeze and empty the entire content on that spot.

  • For small and medium dogs, apply at a single spot

  • For large dogs, apply at 4-5 spots starting from shoulder blades till the base of the tail.

According to the weight of the dogs, different packs of Frontline Plus has been designed with color codes for easy purchase.

Don’t wait any longer, Frontline Plus is a verified product and a trusted brand that is an effective monthly solution for your beloved pets.

Life Lessons We Can Learn From Dogs

life lessons from dogs

Just looking at your furry pal, what words strike through your mind. Or observing him what things come to your mind. Do you find any of the important life lessons or imperative words come to your mind? Well, looking at your dog or seeing the different dogs, our team has come up with certain words that keep tapping in our minds when we spend time with our dogs.

Life Lessons We Can Learn From Dogs

Dog is an epitome of unconditional and compassionate love that you will never get from anywhere. They go beyond their limits and shower that lovey dovey looks and licks to make you feel special every time they do this. Whether you show your love or not, adore them or not, they never set back to show their affection to you.

Of all the creatures on this earth, dogs are the most faithful animals (even compared to humans, (no pun intended)). They always stand by your side in your most difficult times. Passing through the thick and thin times, you can always have their support.

Their mere presence makes you hopeful. In your tough times, they help you believe and assure you to have hope. Making you feel positive, they bring in new hope and encourage you to wait and have faith that good times are surely on their way to meet you. Their hopeful assurance will assist you pass the most difficult times.

Life Learning Lessons From Dogs

Optimistic – They help you believe that being optimistic is the real key to turn the tables and get what you believe in.

Waiting for their treats or having that patience waiting for you to turn up from your work, teaches you a great lesson of patience. They are always at patience whether your kid is tugging their tail or playing with their ears. They just love to sit at your feet and adore your presence waiting there to get one lovely touch of yours.

It must be difficult for you to get into a meditative state.  But, for your pooch, he just turns out to be a great hermit, switching his mind and getting into a meditative state. Whether laying on the couch or are standing at the gate, they just drift into meditation and make you realize that how important it is to be in the meditative state to a peace of mind.

These are some of the qualities of your furry pal and definitely he can teach you the greatest lessons of life. So, just follow your dog and see how wonderful the life would be without any tension and worries. You will get happy and healthy life with your friend and stay always fit with simple life learning lessons from dogs at ease.

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Present for Pets From Pet Care Supplies – A Token Of Affection


Greetings from Pet Care Supplies! The most awaited time of the year is rolling towards us and here we are, waiting for the time of exchanging gifts with much anticipation. All pet owners must have already thought about what they would give to their beloved pets. Isn’t it? Pet Care Supplies has been silently dealing with pets via you people, the guardians of furry friends. We somehow feel a part of your family and a friend to your pets which would make us feel left out if we do not offer something to the pets this Holiday season.

Therefore, PetCareSupplies has decided to trim the prices of all pet products by 8% and make pet caring easy and affordable in this Christmas. This discount is our gift to each and every pet of the country and we would love to have the parents become the medium between the furry companions and our token of affection. You can stock on your favorite treatments and save more than usual by just entering the coupon code: PCSXMS while checking out.

How is this gift to pets also a gift for pet owners?

 Pet Care Supplies has the most affordable rates and sells the cheapest treatments for canines and felines. Christmas Sale will further reduce the prices and you will be able to bag branded treatments at the price of generic ones. Try not to miss on this discount offer as this could be a perfect time to stock on the yearly supplies for regular treatments like flea and tick.

Christmas discounts this year will be able to help you out on trying new products for your furry friends. Pet owners think of the budget while making a purchase every time and this becomes a hindrance while buying the product which may prove to be the most effective for pets. Such treatments could be added to your carts at lower prices. Thus you would have your dream treatment at your dream price with this sale.

We genuinely feel that pet caring should be offered at the least prices that could be afforded by everybody. Slashing a few dollars and then adding them as shipping charges is something we don’t believe in. We offer unconditional free shipping all over the country which would definitely save some more bucks in this festive season, which is highly needed.

 To conclude, Pet Care Supplies is gifting the best pet care products to the pets and economic freedom to the parents this Christmas. We invite you all to shop for your pet friends and improve their health at minimal cost. Pet Care Supplies wishes you happy holidays and Merry Christmas!


Ingenious Herbs good for Dogs Health

If you cook, then you might be aware of the herbs that add aroma, flavor and spice to the foods. In addition to this, they also provide health benefits. As a pet owner, you always want your pets to be healthy and fit and hence, you feed them with quality food consisting of all natural pet supplies. When you mix herbs with pets it results in boosting their overall immune system. It also repels and parasites and prevents future diseases along with healing wounds. When utilized effectively herbs assist in keeping your dog healthy and fit.

Sprinkle some dry or fresh herbs over the food of the dog or integrate it to the homemade dog treats which will effectively make them healthier and more flavorful. Let us now look at some of the herbs that are good for the health of the dogs:



Also known as Origanum vulgare these herbs are world renowned for their usage as an added flavor on pizza. Oregano consists of very high amount of antioxidants and flavonoids. It is also said to be antimicrobial. Due to its non-toxic property, oregano is effective during digestive problems, gas and diarrhea.

The oil of oregano also consists of antifungal properties. Since the oil of oregano is thicker than oregano it is advised to use it in small quantity. You can also utilize oregano drops specifically prepared for dogs and other pets.


Also known as Mentha balsamea, peppermint acts as a natural smoothening agent during upset stomach. Peppermint is renowned to resolve digestive problems. The aromatic herb lessens the impact of nausea, gas, motion sickness and stomach aches.

In addition to this, there are no apparent side effects / toxicity in dogs so if you find your pooch struggling with an upset stomach, you know now that peppermint may do the trick.


Also known as Rosemarinus officinalis, this herb is extremely good for dogs as it consists of high degree of calcium, herb and Vitamin B6. It also acts as an antioxidant.


Also known as Ocimum basilicum, basil is a well-renowned herb which is great for the health of dogs. Basil leaves have a delicious taste and antioxidant, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Sprinkle a few leaves of basil on top of your dog’s dinner and you will always keep your pooch healthy and fit.


Neem bark powder an extract of neem tree is prominently found in Eastern recipes than Western cooking. If it is sprinkled over the food of your dog it enhances dental and digestive health, cures and pacifies skin issues in dogs. It is also known to repel insects like mosquitoes.

You can utilize these herbs in dried form by sprinkling it as per the size of the dog. You can even add them to the favorite dog recipes. The antioxidants and flavors present in the herbs mentioned above can assist the immune system of the dog and fight against certain diseases associated with ageing encompassing cancer, reduced immune system and canine cognitive dysfunction. For maximum effectiveness, see to it that the herbs that you use are not old.

Dressing Pets In Halloween Costumes- Things To Keep In Mind

Halloween is one festival for which every single soul awaits eagerly, whether it is a 5 year old kid or a 50 year old adult. Everyone starts planning for this spooky holiday before a long time and tries to make it the creepiest day with fake blood, scary stories, deep scars, and horror stories.

Costume parties add a different charm to Halloween. People owning pets do not back on attending these parties in spite of the responsibility of their pets. In fact they include canines and felines in their costume parties and other celebrations of Halloween. If you too are planning to dress your furry friend in Halloween costume, then these are some things to keep in mind:

Tips for selecting a perfect Halloween Costume for pets

  • The most important thing to keep in mind while selecting a garment for your pooch or kitty is the size. It should be perfect, neither loose nor constricting. Your pet should be able to move, breathe, and bark freely.
  • Check the costume properly for lose dangling or any chewed off pieces. These pieces could choke your pet. Ill fittings, especially loose may get caught in external substances and may lead your pets to a fall or injure them.
  • Make sure your four legged friend is able to listen and see things properly. The costume should not hinder any of their senses, especially their smelling talent. Any issue with these things may make your pet anxious and restless.
  • It may be better if the costume has an easy-to-remove strap like Velcro. Such costumes help in handling things in emergencies.
  • Make your pet wear the garment for practice and observe his comfort or discomfort. Try to keep your pet in the costume for a few minutes and elongate the time gradually so he does not feel awkward on Halloween Day.

In all, it may be a great idea to blend your pets in Halloween costume party, but is really important to get a perfect costume, which is both, comfortable and spooky. Make sure the garment you choose for your furry pal has all the above characteristics. Have a spine chilling Halloween!

Veterinarians And Their Role in A Pet’s Life

Veterinarians have an added advantage of understanding the pet to the hilt. They are qualified to not only get into the anatomy of the pet but his behavioral aspects as well. With a knack of grasping the pleasure and pain of animals, vets prove to be the best help for pet parents. They are first hand help for knowing the pet’s diseases as well as discomforts.


The importance of vets in a pet’s life:

Starting from the birth of the animal to his death, one person that monitors and understands his physiological changes is the vet. He can actually trace what is good or bad for the pet. He keeps in mind the individual aspects of the animal and takes steps to cure him physically as well as mentally. This way, veterinarians play a pivotal role in overall well being of the mute creature. Frequent or annual vet visits are thus recommended for all pet parents.

Why your pet needs an annual vet visit?

Like in humans, a routine health check up makes a whole lot of difference in a pet’s life. It helps in gauging the possibilities of diseases. The vet observes the physical changes that the pet goes through and foresees any ailment that may crop up. Thus, your vet is the best person to evaluate the chances of occurrence of diseases in pets.

The vet’s job is to suggest preventive measures and medicines to keep the disease at bay. This is a big savior in terms of pet’s health as well as pet care expenses. Statistics suggest that preventives work the best in avoiding diseases in pets. Also, your pet can get medicine as per his individual nature and needs. It facilitates in giving specific pet treatment at the timely hour and at affordable rates.

An elaborate meeting with the vet helps pet parents understand their own mistakes. With the help of the vet, pet owners can chart out pet care plans that include the following:

  • Dietary changes
  • Exercise schedule
  • Preventive treatments
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Pet care routine

Thus, an annual meeting with the vet helps you chart out New Year resolutions for pet care. It also helps in planning monthly and yearly preventives and treatments. It is one of the ways to save your pet’s health from upcoming threats. Therefore, pet parents should not miss any of these meetings. In fact, frequent vet visits are the best. If time permits you to do so then visit the vet often.

To sum up, vets are an important part of pet health care. Their qualification and experience in dealing with animals makes them ideal advisors for pet care. All pet parents should keep in touch with the vet. This helps in keeping your pet healthy, happy and fit. So, do not forget your next vet visit.