bonding and loving with dog

Brilliant Ideas To Improve Bonding With Your Dog

bonding and loving with dog

Building up the intimacy with dog is important as what they require other things to grow and flourish. There are many ways by which you can improve the relationship with your dog, so that you both understand when you’re happy, sad, sick, worried, afraid or just in need of comfort. Here are some brilliant ideas that you can follow to build a good bonding with your dog.

Improve Your Bond With Your Dog

Spend Time Together with Dog:

spending time with doggy

It is important that you spend some quality time with your pet by playing, taking your dog for a walk and by spending all the time in enjoyable ways. So that time spent together strengthens the relationship between you and your furry pal.

Keep The Communication Clear With Dog:

Clear Communication With Dog

Communication is essential in every relationship with your pet too, as there can be misunderstanding and confusions. When you’re communicating with your doggy, see to that you be consistent with your training signals. Since dogs tend to learn visual signals faster than vocal cues, use the former when possible. So try to communicate with your dog by showing him clear signals and by using same commands without adding more words to it. This is will make a great understanding between you and your pooch.

Well Trained Dog:

well trained dog

A well trained dog will always follow your command and he can even get to spend more time off leash. Training your dog properly will reduce your frustration and start building more love for your dog, as he does everything what you ask him to do and he will do it because you have taught him how to do it.

Remain Calm With Dog:

staying calm and assertive with dog

Make sure, that you never show up your anger by yelling or freaking out in any way on your furry pal. No matter what’s going on, exude a sense of tranquility so your dog can count on you to keep your cool.

Pet Your Pooch:

petting your dog

Researchers have found and believe that a physical contact with your furry pal can enhance the bond between you and your pet. This is not the only thing, it has been also researched that grooming or petting can lower the stress, lower the risk of heart attacks as well as increase the anti-stress hormone oxytocin.

Follow the above ideas, it will surely improve the intimacy and the relationship with your dog.

steps to Make Your Dog Smell Better

4 Ways To Make Your Dog Smell Better

steps to Make Your Dog Smell Better

Are you finding your dog stinky? If he is, it’s really unavoidable. A strong smell from your dog can be caused because of poor health or an encounter with something smelly. If you don’t know the real reason, take your canine to the vet or you can try these natural ways to deal with the bad odors and make your pooch smell better.

Natural Ways To Deal With Dog’s Bad Odors

Chlorophyll for Dogs:

Dog With Chlorophyll

This is a natural substance, which is used by the plants to prepare their own food, this content makes the leaves green in color. The element chlorophyll also works as a natural deodorizer that eliminates most toxins, fungi, bacteria from the body. You can add the liquid form of chlorophyll to your dog’s diet on daily basis such as in water. It reduces odor causing problems and make your dogs skin and breath smell better.

Tooth Brushing of Dog:

teeth cleaning of dogs

Try to give your dog more crunchy or chewy foods and toys, as this will help to scrape off the plaque from his teeth. The build up of plaque on teeth carries bacteria, which results to bad breath in dogs and also makes unpleasant to be around him. Make sure, that you brush his teeth regularly with a soft brush, so that it helps to get rid of the harbor bits of old food and the sticky coat too. Don’t use human toothpaste, use only dog toothpaste.

Baking Soda On Dog’s Coat:

baking soda usages for dogs coat

This content is also known as a natural deodorizer and it works great on canine’s coat, who has a bad odor. At first, you need to comb your pooch’s coat to remove the foreign matter that is causing your pet’s coat to smell. After that sprinkle the baking soda on his coat, ensure that you don’t put it in his eyes. Let the baking soda start working and may take few minutes to work, then at last give him another good brushing to remove it from his coat.

Vinegar solution for Dog:

vinegar for pets

A dog that has a close come in contact with the skunk will smell quite badly, but you can remove this odor from his coat by using vinegar. You need to rub the vinegar on your dog’s fur for at least 10 minutes, adding a good dish washing detergent. This will help to loosen the grip of the oily skunk spray on your pooch’s coat and let the smell go away. Make sure that you rinse him nicely, to remove the detergent from his body.

Hope, these home remedies will work out best for you to remove the smell from your four-legged pal’s coat and make him smell better as well as it will be beneficial to maintain good dog health and fitness for longer duration. You can alternatively find some effective pet hygiene and pet supplies products  online to make sure about your doggy’s dental health and get rid of stink as well.

slow down fast eating of doggy

How To Stop A Dog From Eating Too Fast

slow down fast eating of doggy

Most dogs have their meal, like they are never going to get it. They start gulping the food without chewing it. It is really sad to see the pooch eating his food at full speed, as if you have not given him food from past few days. But the worst part is, it can be dangerous to your dog in many ways, he may sometimes get choked, cause bloat or cause him to vomit, while eating or after his meal immediately. Here are some fast fixes to slow down your speedy dog.

Ways To Slow Down Fast Eating Dog

  • You can toss the kibbles on the floor or spread it, so that your pooch stop, hunt and peck for it. This will slow down his eating considerably. You can do it outdoors, in the lawn or around the yard.

  • You can even bring a food dispenser, where your pooch needs to play with the dispenser toy, to release the kibble one at a time. This can be the best way to feed the fast eater, by occupying him in little workout to slow his speed of eating.

tips to stop fast eating dogs

  • There are many varieties of puzzle feeders or treat stuffed toys, you can get one of them to slow your fast eater. This will really make your Fido to work for each tasty bite as well as give a mental workout too.

  • Make the mealtime of your furry pal for training the obedience skills. Command your pooch to perform some activity like sit, lie down etc and reward him with each bite.

  • To slow down his eating speed, hide his kibble in different places in the house or yard and let him sniff and find it to eat.

  • If you have stairs in your house, you can place some pieces of kibbles on each step. This will make your dog to walk from step to step and stop to eat the kibbles.

  • Feed your dog small meals at intervals during the day, instead of feeding two big meals per day.

You can try the above suggestions to slow down your speedy dog. Moreover, we have other valuables and branded dog supplies that will ensure good dog health and maintain optimum fitness. But make sure, that you feed your furry companion fresh and balanced food to meet all his needs for an optimal health and to live a long life.

Life Lessons We Can Learn From Dogs

life lessons from dogs

Just looking at your furry pal, what words strike through your mind. Or observing him what things come to your mind. Do you find any of the important life lessons or imperative words come to your mind? Well, looking at your dog or seeing the different dogs, our team has come up with certain words that keep tapping in our minds when we spend time with our dogs.

Life Lessons We Can Learn From Dogs

Dog is an epitome of unconditional and compassionate love that you will never get from anywhere. They go beyond their limits and shower that lovey dovey looks and licks to make you feel special every time they do this. Whether you show your love or not, adore them or not, they never set back to show their affection to you.

Of all the creatures on this earth, dogs are the most faithful animals (even compared to humans, (no pun intended)). They always stand by your side in your most difficult times. Passing through the thick and thin times, you can always have their support.

Their mere presence makes you hopeful. In your tough times, they help you believe and assure you to have hope. Making you feel positive, they bring in new hope and encourage you to wait and have faith that good times are surely on their way to meet you. Their hopeful assurance will assist you pass the most difficult times.

Life Learning Lessons From Dogs

Optimistic – They help you believe that being optimistic is the real key to turn the tables and get what you believe in.

Waiting for their treats or having that patience waiting for you to turn up from your work, teaches you a great lesson of patience. They are always at patience whether your kid is tugging their tail or playing with their ears. They just love to sit at your feet and adore your presence waiting there to get one lovely touch of yours.

It must be difficult for you to get into a meditative state.  But, for your pooch, he just turns out to be a great hermit, switching his mind and getting into a meditative state. Whether laying on the couch or are standing at the gate, they just drift into meditation and make you realize that how important it is to be in the meditative state to a peace of mind.

These are some of the qualities of your furry pal and definitely he can teach you the greatest lessons of life. So, just follow your dog and see how wonderful the life would be without any tension and worries. You will get happy and healthy life with your friend and stay always fit with simple life learning lessons from dogs at ease.

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Cat Health Questions To Ask The Vet

Important Questions To Ask Your Vet About Cat’s Health

Cat Health Questions To Ask The Vet

When you visit the veterinarian with your cat for regular checkup your vet will start to examine your furry pal by asking you some questions to rule out any serious feline diseases. The vet may inquire whether your cat has been showing any changes in appetite, thirst or urination. After he finishes the examination and with his questions, you can take the opportunity to talk to him and ask questions that pertain your kitty’s specific health care.

Top 5 Cat Questions To Ask The Vet:

1. Is My Cat At The Appropriate Weight?

This question is important to ask, as the obesity can lead to many other problems in your cat such as: heart, liver kidney etc. Obesity is a growing concern in pets as well in people. So, it is essential that you keep your cat’s weight in control.

2. How Are My Cat’s Teeth And Gums?

The oral health problems in cats starts from the age of two, it can get worse as furry pal gets older. She can face tooth deterioration, tartar buildup and gum disease, the infection of gums can spread to other areas of the body. It is important to ask this question, so that you can keep your cat away from oral health problems.

3. What Should I Feed My Cat Or Kitten?

There many cat food products that have come up in the market. If your cat needs special formula like weight loss, hairball treatment or any supplement that is needed for senior cats. There are many other food formulas, that contains antioxidants, omega-3 for healthy skin and coat of cat with vitamins and minerals. You can ask the vet to recommend the best dietary needs that suits her and help your pet live a healthy, long and happy life.

4. Is My Cat Getting Enough Exercise?

It is an important question particularly for indoor cats. To keep your cat active and fit with regular program of exercise and environment enrichment. For this you can make your cat chase toys up and down stairs, you can even use a laser or dream catcher to interact with you furry pal.

5. Is There Latest Vaccine To Be Given To My Cat Or Any Follow-up Booster Shots?

Vaccination is the best method to protect your cat from many sort of diseases. Remind your vet about the vaccination, as the last round of cat vaccines should be administered after a kitten is 16 weeks old. And, it is also important to get any follow-up booster shots to your furry companion.

Make a point, whenever you visit the vet for a health check-up of your furry pal, make the most of it and ask the questions or any concerns to him/her about your cat. The vet will help you out and ensure the health and well being of your pet.


Five Effortless Things To Do To Earn A Dog’s Love And Trust


We may fall in love with a dog or puppy effortlessly and we tend to take it for granted that the pooch will reciprocate. But the actual thing is that furry pal don’t like us for looking at him from a human perspective. When two people meet we shake hands to introduce ourselves, but dog socialization is different from human socialization. Here are some of the procedure you should do to earn love and trust of a dog, whether you are adopting a new dog or meeting a neighbor’s dog for the first time:

Be Calm:

Calm with Doggy

Greeting a dog can be very tempting, but you need to avoid the temptation. If you show excitement to dog, even he will get more excited than you and lead to unwanted greeting, like jumping on you. Dog may also bite, if a stranger with high energy approaches him. So, its important to stay calm and speak softly to dog.

Maintain A Distance:

maintain distance with dog

If you want to greet a strangers dog, talk to the stranger about it and ignore the pooch. See to that you don’t touch, don’t talk, don’t make any eye contact and also try not stand close to him. Stand four feet away from the Fido’s personal space before getting permission to approach him.

Get On His Level:

get level with furry pal

Whenever you want to approach a dog remember to do it from the side and never from the front. You should kneel down beside the dog, facing the same direction like him. Now you have entered in the dogs personal space but in a non-confrontational way. Hold your hand in a fist, without making any eye contact with the pup.

Let The Pooch Come To You:

Let the dog come to you

If the pooch comes near you and sniffs, licks your hand and be calm in his place, this shows that he is interested in you. Now you can pet the dog, but make sure not to touch the unfamiliar dog from above; pet him at the front of his chest. If the dog just turn away his face from you and doesn’t pay attention, this shows he is not interested in you. At this time you need to just leave him alone and move on.

Take Doggy For A Walk:

Take Doggy For A Walk

Doggy loves to get outside and smell new things and experience something outside of the house, this will make the dog love and trust you more. If you are adopting a dog and meeting him for the first time, you need to follow all the above procedures that is to be calm, maintain a distance, get on his level and let the pooch come to you. As you get the pet’s attention take him to walk this is the best way to earn his trust and love.

Here you will be playing the role of pack leader in action that is by directing and giving him protection. Make sure, you always maintain a calm assertive state, and this confidence will teach the pooch that he is safe and happy with you. If he follows your instructions, stays cool this also shows that he trust you.

Weird Facts About Your Dog

Weird Facts You Probably Never Knew About Your Dog

Weird Facts About Your Dog

Have you ever tried to know the facts about dogs? If not, Here you will find number of weird facts, some will surprise you as go through them. If you are dog owner or planning to get a new furry pal, you should know about your dog. So, go ahead and read it and enjoy by knowing the new things about your pooch.

Weird Dog Facts & Amazing Things About Your Doggy

  1. Dogs are color blind is a myth. They can see colors but not as vividly as humans.

  1. Like human babies even Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot in their skull which closes with age.

  1. Dogs have seat glands which are found between their paw pads.

  1. The breed Lundehune has 6 toes and it can also close its ears.

  1. The Greyhound is the fastest dog in the world. He can run 40 miles per hour.

  1. Dogs have low-light vision, as they have a special light-reflecting layer behind their retinas.

  1. One year old dog is mature physically, as a 15 year old human.

  1. Newfoundlands are great swimmers because of their webbed feet.

  1. Basset Hounds cannot swim.

  1. 89% of dogs curls upside at their owners feet while watching T.V.

  1. Obesity can be the first problem in dogs.

  1. U.S has the highest population of dogs over worldwide.

  1. France stands second for the population of dogs in the world.

  1. The largest breed of dog is the Irish Wolfhound.

  1. The world’s smallest dog breed is the Chihuahua.

  1. The St. Bernard is the heaviest.

  1. Only dogs and humans have prostates.

  1. But dogs do not have an appendix.

  1. Basenji, an African wolf dog is the only dog which can’t bark.

  1. Dog’s nose prints are unique as human’s finger prints, and they can be used to identify them.

  1. Dogs have 100000 times stronger smell senses than the human’s.

  1. Smaller breed mature faster than the larger breed.

  1. Dogs with long nose have more effective internal cooling system.

  1. Dalmatian puppies are born completely white.

  1. More than 5000000 puppies are born in U.S every year.

Hope you learned something new to know about your furry pal from these facts. There are still many things to know about your pet which were impossible to cover in this blog. We will come up with something interesting in our forthcoming blogs to give useful insights about your furry pal. Till then keep reading our blogs!!!

Techniques To Improve The Oral Health Of Your Pet

Techniques To Improve The Oral Health Of Your Pet

Is your canine or feline suffering with oral health? You need to take the precautions to ensure that your pet’s have healthy teeth and free from the bad breath. Here some of the essential tips which help you to take a good dental care of your furry pal’s as follows:

Regular Checkup:

Regular CheckupTake your pet for a annual oral health checkup. Your vet will do some basic examination of your furry pal’s teeth and mouth. It is essential that you take your pooch or kitty for a checkup, as your vet may advice you regarding oral health of your pet.

Brush The Teeth:

Brush The Teeth

It is important to brush the teeth of your canine and feline to prevent tooth decay and other oral problems. You should use the oral products which are made your pet. Choose the toothpaste and brush which is designed for your pooch and kitty. Do not use the toothpaste made for human beings.

Choose The Right Food:

Choose The Right Food

The food which consumed by your dog or cat has a huge impact on your pet’s oral health. Feeding the right food can help to maintain a cleaner and healthier mouth. If your mutt or kitty eat wrong food, it may help plague to form on teeth easily. It is better to give dry food rather than the wet food when it comes to dental care.

Choose Appropriate Chews or Treats:

Choose Appropriate Chews or Treats

You can choose chews or treats which help to scrape of the plague, make the gums healthy and also prevent your pet’s from the bad breath. If your are not able to brush your dog or cat’s teeth on regular basis, the chews or treats will play a active role in their oral health routine. You can look for the such treats which will help to keep their teeth clean and improve oral health.

Ensure that you don’t brush your canine and feline’s teeth when you notice any swelling of the gums. If your dog or cat has bleeding gums or bad breath, make sure that you take your pet to the veterinarian.

Buy Oral Pet Hygiene

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Pet Disease That Cannot Be Treated With Natural Remedies

Pet Disease That Cannot Be Treated With Natural Remedies

Most of them prefer natural remedies, also known as home remedies or natural cures, for the treatment. This is a treatment which is made with natural ingredients that are really found in each and everyones home. People keep looking for the tips of the natural remedies to cure the ailments in themselves, for their pets, etc. There are lots of natural pet care information available online but not all of it is reliable.

Not all the diseases can be cured with only natural remedies in you or in your pets. In reality, all need synthetic treatment. Yes, there are some conditions and symptoms which can be treated with natural solutions, but often you will also need veterinary care, allopathic treatment, pharmaceutical treatment to cure yourself and your pets.

There are some of the common pet diseases which can not be treated with natural remedies:

Bacterial/Viral/Fungal Infections:


There are tiny microbial’s that cause infections in or on your pet’s body. They are bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Here your veterinarian will diagnose and determine what kind of organism is causing the problem and according to that, your vet will prescribe the treatment for your pooch.

Kidney Disease:

Kidney Disease

There is no way to repair your pet’s damaged kidneys. Only an attempt can be made to slow down the rate progression of kidney disease so that the body of your pet handles the situation. This can be done by fluid injection therapy, treatment and through diet.

Heart Disease:

Heart Disease

If your pet has heart disease, he may show the symptoms such as coughing, edema, belly distended, difficulty in breathing or fluid buildup. As you consult your vet and tell him the symptoms what you are observing in your pet, he will examine and diagnose. If the vet gets any evidence of a heart abnormality such as an enlarged heart, valve changes, heart murmur or other heart abnormalities. The vet may start the conventional therapy for heart disease may include calcium-channel blockers, diuretics, ACE inhibitors etc.

Canine Hypothyroidism:

Canine Hypothyroidism

The pet who has got the hypothyroidism will be on medicine for a lifetime. According to the life stage of pet, the treatment requirements may change. Then they start slowly in beginning and then it is adjusted until the proper blood level is achieved in the pet.

Remember, Before you start any treatment for your pet, always take him to the vet. Let the vet examine and diagnose your Canine or Feline. As per the condition, he will recommend or give you the advice what to do next.

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9 Powerful Rituals to Perform When Introducing Your Dog To a New Puppy

9 Powerful Rituals to Perform When Introducing Your Dog To a New Puppy

Planning to get a new puppy to have a lovely pet family? It is really a great thing to do. But, STOP! If you have an old dog, do you think that it would be easier or worried how to introduce both of these pooches. Normally, puppies are highly energetic whereas the old ones are less energetic. So whenever, a new pup enters, it is not that the old dog is jealous or not compassionate but the fact is due the difference in their energy levels, older one normally avoids the newer one.

The introduction is a mammoth task, but considering a few below Steps you can definitely make the process easier.

Rituals to Follow When Introducing Your Dog To A New Puppy

  • Know your dog first, his likes and dislikes as well as how he behaves with other neighborhood pets or dogs when in dog parks. This helps in bringing your new pup interacting with your pooch.
  • One of the effective ways is to introduce both your new pup and old dog in a neutral place. This helps dog learn that the new puppy is just a baby.
  • Creating positive associations help in bringing both of them together. Like for the first-time meeting take them to a park, make them play with a ball or a dog toy, give a treat and take them together on a car ride (if your old dog is not phobic about the car rides). This will create positive association with the pup.
  • Bringing home new puppy, you may be likely to revamp your house making it puppy proof. If you are onto this, then do these changes a few weeks back making your old dog to adjust with the changes. This will help your dog to get used to the new environment and quite easier to accept the new one.
  • Make changes in routine ahead before bringing in puppy. Change your dog’s feeding and walking time to avoid the clashes between both the pooches. For example, if you are taking your dog for a walk in the mornings, make it to afternoon or evenings. Similarly, switch the feed time a little bit later in the day as you need to give priority to your new pup.
  • During the starting phase, don’t force interactions. Some easily mixes and some remain indifferent for a long time. Bring them together by having a play with them or go for a group walks. Apart from this, let them mingle on their own way.
  • Ensure that your pooch has a quiet place where he can retreat to when he wants.
  • In spite of directing your old pup to stop growling or barking, teach your new puppy not to bite or irritate your dog. It is a simple basic training, which you need to give to your puppy.
  • Though puppy is your new priority, set separate time for your old pooch. Have one-to-one meeting going on walks, play and training without your puppy.

Little things will ease the air of storm and bring in a smooth new beginning. Just bringing in that new pup is not that enough but making sincere efforts help settle the differences and makes a great pet family.

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