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Get the Benefit! Activyl that will Effectively Cut the Flea Life Cycle

Activyl for dogs - Pet Care Supplies Blog

For many humans, the spring is a glorious season to enjoy the warm weather. But for pets, spring means a slew of health concerns. That’s right, fleas love the warmer atmosphere and this is the time when their breeding becomes rife. Such pesky nuisances not only cause your pets to itch and scratch but also bring many diseases. So, here’s the most important step to take for your pet’s flea protection and switch to the effective flea treatment – Activyl.

It is a very powerful flea treatment that works by a method of bioactivation (metabolic activation). Such spot-on flea treatment spread through pets’ skin when a flea lands on them. Indoxacarb is a key ingredient in Activyl. Unlike other flea treatments, Activyl eliminates adult fleas, prevent flea eggs and larvae to be mature in the environment, break the flea life cycle and even keep your pet fleas free.

Fleas can hastily become a big problem for dogs and even for your entire family. Because all female fleas are able to produce more than 40 to 50 eggs in a single a day, and from them, just a few fleas can infest your entire home. So, in order to control this heavy flea infestation, Activyl can work best.

Moreover, if you have puppies and kittens older than 8 weeks of age, this spot-on can be used.

Quick and Easy to Apply

This treatment comes in an easily opened applicator, just like other flea spot-on products. Simply, hold the applicator and bend the tip to snap. Next part your pet’s fur and squeeze applicator tightly to apply entire content evenly on the back between shoulder blade and tail base in three or four spots for large dogs. Do not contact with the treated area until the content has dried. Reapply Activyl every month. And, never remove the applicator from the pack until it ready to use.

Activyl’s Key Features:

  • Effective treatment to control flea for the entire month
  • Quick-drying, water-resistant and fragrance-free
  • Fast-acting – to kill fleas within just 8 hours
  • Break the flea life cycle
  • Keep pets away from new infestations for 4 weeks

Impressive Ideas To Stop Fleas And Ticks Biting Your Pet

Eventfully, your pet needs your undying devotion. You can repay your pet’s love by giving them protection against harmful fleas through Activyl every month. But before that always consult your veterinarian first and enjoy the benefits of flea treatment and keep away from uncertain concerns.

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Why Is Dental Care For Pets Considered Pivotal?

A perfect smile with perfectly white teeth can make your day! And that from your pet can make it even better. But apart from a good looking smile, perfect teeth also have many healthy benefits for pets. Vets often talk about pet’s dental care and suggest on being extremely careful for it.

Dog With Toothbrush | Pet Dental Care Tips

Why every pet has to have a proper dental care?

Why do vets put pressure on oral care? It is not at all about looks or white teeth. Having your pet’s teeth brushed or cleaned is utterly necessary for your pet’s health. Here are some primary reasons:

  • Periodontal diseases occur between their gums and teeth. But they also tend to spread to their respiratory tracks and eventually to lungs.
  • Teeth should look white without any gray or brown tinge.
  • The gums should neither be red nor white. They should be pink. A sign of lump in their gums can be tumor. Check their teeth and gums regularly.
  • Cysts under your pet’s tongue, or loose teeth should be immediately checked upon. There can be some infection.
  • If your pet is drooling excessively or pawing at its mouth, check their teeth and gums.
  • A vet can give an extremely thorough cleaning of your pet’s teeth.

Find it boring and expensive to visit a vet for your pet’s teeth cleaning? Well, it is not necessary to go to vet for each cleaning. You can take precautionary measures at home to avoid any dental infections. There are many products available for brushing their teeth and remove bad breath.

Where can you locate products for dental care of pets?

Baffled about what to use and where to get from? Apart from brush and paste, “Canine oral defense for dogs and cats” is a supplementary product for your dogs. There are many oral care sprays that you can look forward to. You can find these products on any pet care site. Choose your seller wisely which have suitable rates for you. You can also shop these products from your nearby stores.

Do not use human’s tooth paste. They are toxic to animals.

To put it in whole, pet’s teeth should be kept clean to avoid degrading health. Don’t you want the same for your pets? Then don’t wait and just go for all the necessary measures.

Veterinarians And Their Role in A Pet’s Life

Veterinarians have an added advantage of understanding the pet to the hilt. They are qualified to not only get into the anatomy of the pet but his behavioral aspects as well. With a knack of grasping the pleasure and pain of animals, vets prove to be the best help for pet parents. They are first hand help for knowing the pet’s diseases as well as discomforts.


The importance of vets in a pet’s life:

Starting from the birth of the animal to his death, one person that monitors and understands his physiological changes is the vet. He can actually trace what is good or bad for the pet. He keeps in mind the individual aspects of the animal and takes steps to cure him physically as well as mentally. This way, veterinarians play a pivotal role in overall well being of the mute creature. Frequent or annual vet visits are thus recommended for all pet parents.

Why your pet needs an annual vet visit?

Like in humans, a routine health check up makes a whole lot of difference in a pet’s life. It helps in gauging the possibilities of diseases. The vet observes the physical changes that the pet goes through and foresees any ailment that may crop up. Thus, your vet is the best person to evaluate the chances of occurrence of diseases in pets.

The vet’s job is to suggest preventive measures and medicines to keep the disease at bay. This is a big savior in terms of pet’s health as well as pet care expenses. Statistics suggest that preventives work the best in avoiding diseases in pets. Also, your pet can get medicine as per his individual nature and needs. It facilitates in giving specific pet treatment at the timely hour and at affordable rates.

An elaborate meeting with the vet helps pet parents understand their own mistakes. With the help of the vet, pet owners can chart out pet care plans that include the following:

  • Dietary changes
  • Exercise schedule
  • Preventive treatments
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Pet care routine

Thus, an annual meeting with the vet helps you chart out New Year resolutions for pet care. It also helps in planning monthly and yearly preventives and treatments. It is one of the ways to save your pet’s health from upcoming threats. Therefore, pet parents should not miss any of these meetings. In fact, frequent vet visits are the best. If time permits you to do so then visit the vet often.

To sum up, vets are an important part of pet health care. Their qualification and experience in dealing with animals makes them ideal advisors for pet care. All pet parents should keep in touch with the vet. This helps in keeping your pet healthy, happy and fit. So, do not forget your next vet visit.