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Get the Benefit! Activyl that will Effectively Cut the Flea Life Cycle

Activyl for dogs - Pet Care Supplies Blog

For many humans, the spring is a glorious season to enjoy the warm weather. But for pets, spring means a slew of health concerns. That’s right, fleas love the warmer atmosphere and this is the time when their breeding becomes rife. Such pesky nuisances not only cause your pets to itch and scratch but also bring many diseases. So, here’s the most important step to take for your pet’s flea protection and switch to the effective flea treatment – Activyl.

It is a very powerful flea treatment that works by a method of bioactivation (metabolic activation). Such spot-on flea treatment spread through pets’ skin when a flea lands on them. Indoxacarb is a key ingredient in Activyl. Unlike other flea treatments, Activyl eliminates adult fleas, prevent flea eggs and larvae to be mature in the environment, break the flea life cycle and even keep your pet fleas free.

Fleas can hastily become a big problem for dogs and even for your entire family. Because all female fleas are able to produce more than 40 to 50 eggs in a single a day, and from them, just a few fleas can infest your entire home. So, in order to control this heavy flea infestation, Activyl can work best.

Moreover, if you have puppies and kittens older than 8 weeks of age, this spot-on can be used.

Quick and Easy to Apply

This treatment comes in an easily opened applicator, just like other flea spot-on products. Simply, hold the applicator and bend the tip to snap. Next part your pet’s fur and squeeze applicator tightly to apply entire content evenly on the back between shoulder blade and tail base in three or four spots for large dogs. Do not contact with the treated area until the content has dried. Reapply Activyl every month. And, never remove the applicator from the pack until it ready to use.

Activyl’s Key Features:

  • Effective treatment to control flea for the entire month
  • Quick-drying, water-resistant and fragrance-free
  • Fast-acting – to kill fleas within just 8 hours
  • Break the flea life cycle
  • Keep pets away from new infestations for 4 weeks

Impressive Ideas To Stop Fleas And Ticks Biting Your Pet

Eventfully, your pet needs your undying devotion. You can repay your pet’s love by giving them protection against harmful fleas through Activyl every month. But before that always consult your veterinarian first and enjoy the benefits of flea treatment and keep away from uncertain concerns.

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Techniques To Improve The Oral Health Of Your Pet

Techniques To Improve The Oral Health Of Your Pet

Is your canine or feline suffering with oral health? You need to take the precautions to ensure that your pet’s have healthy teeth and free from the bad breath. Here some of the essential tips which help you to take a good dental care of your furry pal’s as follows:

Regular Checkup:

Regular CheckupTake your pet for a annual oral health checkup. Your vet will do some basic examination of your furry pal’s teeth and mouth. It is essential that you take your pooch or kitty for a checkup, as your vet may advice you regarding oral health of your pet.

Brush The Teeth:

Brush The Teeth

It is important to brush the teeth of your canine and feline to prevent tooth decay and other oral problems. You should use the oral products which are made your pet. Choose the toothpaste and brush which is designed for your pooch and kitty. Do not use the toothpaste made for human beings.

Choose The Right Food:

Choose The Right Food

The food which consumed by your dog or cat has a huge impact on your pet’s oral health. Feeding the right food can help to maintain a cleaner and healthier mouth. If your mutt or kitty eat wrong food, it may help plague to form on teeth easily. It is better to give dry food rather than the wet food when it comes to dental care.

Choose Appropriate Chews or Treats:

Choose Appropriate Chews or Treats

You can choose chews or treats which help to scrape of the plague, make the gums healthy and also prevent your pet’s from the bad breath. If your are not able to brush your dog or cat’s teeth on regular basis, the chews or treats will play a active role in their oral health routine. You can look for the such treats which will help to keep their teeth clean and improve oral health.

Ensure that you don’t brush your canine and feline’s teeth when you notice any swelling of the gums. If your dog or cat has bleeding gums or bad breath, make sure that you take your pet to the veterinarian.

Buy Oral Pet Hygiene

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Are You New With Pet Parenting? Check the Bucket List

Pet Parenting Bucket List

Adding a new member into the family is always exciting. You may be going through the same excitement if you have recently added a doggie or a kitty in your family. However it also brings equal responsibility and not only fun. If you are new with the whole pet parenting thing then there are a few things that you must have a hold on for your pet’s better and healthy living. Shall we go through the main points?

Bucket List- Most important Do’s and Don’ts for new pet parents

  • Training: Have you given a thought on training your pup or kitty? If not then it may be time to give some! There is no need of professional inclusion; you may start by being reasonably strict while dealing with your new companion. Remember, this the time to inculcate habits which you want or don’t want your pet to have. 
  • First Vet Visit: Overall check-up of you pup or kitty is extremely important. Your pet may have dangerous infections such as heartworms, intestinal worms and other external parasitic infestations which are needed to be looked after right away. Ask your vet what so ever crosses your mind. 
  • Vaccinations: Your vet may give the first necessary shots on your pet’s first visit. But what you may have to keep in mind are the next dates for shots and the complete detailed records or vaccination certificates on hand- all the time. 
  • Healthy diet: Keep a balanced diet that does not include extra carbs and make sure you choose the best of foods for your pawed friends after consulting your vet. 
  • Microchipping: This should be your first in the to-do list. It may really help you in identification of your pet if lost which ultimately may give you peace of mind. 
  • Grooming and exercise: Do not over groom your furry pals. Cats are extremely clean and may not need a bath for a long time except for their messy, muddy incidences. Dogs may need one bath session in a month or two. Make sure you don’t overdo it as it may affect their coats and make it dry. Exercise is important for dogs and you need to give them at least 20-30 minutes of walk twice, daily. 
  • Nail clipping: Make your pet comfortable with your touch right from the start by touching his paws, head, mouth, etc. Now if you think that their nails may wear off with their activities, then it is a misconception. You need to clip them carefully. 
  • Oral health: Now this is something that experienced pet parents too lack! You may do it in a better way as it is just a start for you. As mentioned in the above point, make your pet comfortable with your touch. Use rinsing solutions while they are young and you may move to toothbrush later. Neglecting this may result in gum and oral diseases. 
  • Flea and worm treatments: Flea and tick may become your pet’s regular companions if you do not take preventive measures. Choose dependable flea and tick treatments to keep the skin issues at bay. The same goes with wormers. Consult your vet for suggesting a suitable dewormer for your fur baby. 

So, this was the detailed and explained bucket list for your pet’s healthy being if you are new to pet parenting. Let’s hope you make the right decisions and be a successful companion of your furry pal. All the best!