Ingenious Herbs good for Dogs Health

If you cook, then you might be aware of the herbs that add aroma, flavor and spice to the foods. In addition to this, they also provide health benefits. As a pet owner, you always want your pets to be healthy and fit and hence, you feed them with quality food consisting of all natural pet supplies. When you mix herbs with pets it results in boosting their overall immune system. It also repels and parasites and prevents future diseases along with healing wounds. When utilized effectively herbs assist in keeping your dog healthy and fit.

Sprinkle some dry or fresh herbs over the food of the dog or integrate it to the homemade dog treats which will effectively make them healthier and more flavorful. Let us now look at some of the herbs that are good for the health of the dogs:



Also known as Origanum vulgare these herbs are world renowned for their usage as an added flavor on pizza. Oregano consists of very high amount of antioxidants and flavonoids. It is also said to be antimicrobial. Due to its non-toxic property, oregano is effective during digestive problems, gas and diarrhea.

The oil of oregano also consists of antifungal properties. Since the oil of oregano is thicker than oregano it is advised to use it in small quantity. You can also utilize oregano drops specifically prepared for dogs and other pets.


Also known as Mentha balsamea, peppermint acts as a natural smoothening agent during upset stomach. Peppermint is renowned to resolve digestive problems. The aromatic herb lessens the impact of nausea, gas, motion sickness and stomach aches.

In addition to this, there are no apparent side effects / toxicity in dogs so if you find your pooch struggling with an upset stomach, you know now that peppermint may do the trick.


Also known as Rosemarinus officinalis, this herb is extremely good for dogs as it consists of high degree of calcium, herb and Vitamin B6. It also acts as an antioxidant.


Also known as Ocimum basilicum, basil is a well-renowned herb which is great for the health of dogs. Basil leaves have a delicious taste and antioxidant, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Sprinkle a few leaves of basil on top of your dog’s dinner and you will always keep your pooch healthy and fit.


Neem bark powder an extract of neem tree is prominently found in Eastern recipes than Western cooking. If it is sprinkled over the food of your dog it enhances dental and digestive health, cures and pacifies skin issues in dogs. It is also known to repel insects like mosquitoes.

You can utilize these herbs in dried form by sprinkling it as per the size of the dog. You can even add them to the favorite dog recipes. The antioxidants and flavors present in the herbs mentioned above can assist the immune system of the dog and fight against certain diseases associated with ageing encompassing cancer, reduced immune system and canine cognitive dysfunction. For maximum effectiveness, see to it that the herbs that you use are not old.


Why does my Dog Spin in Circles?

As a dog owner you might have observed that your dog sometimes spins in circles. You should not ignore this dog behavior by assuming that he is just being a dog by doing such a thing. Although circling behaviors are harmless there are certain times when dogs spin in circles when they are dealing with medical problems. Spinning can also be a result of an emotional turmoil in your little four-legged friend. Let us look at some of the prominent reasons for your pooch to spin in circles:


Obsessive compulsive behavior

You might have observed that certain human beings have the habit of biting their nails as a result of severe stress. This is obsessive compulsive behavior similarly when a dog spins in circles it can be because they are extremely frustrated with something or someone. This can be a cause of repetitive actions. You need to find out the reason for your pooch to spin in circles.

It can be that they are not getting adequate attention from you and is aloof the entire day. Maybe he is upset because his closest canine companion is not there with him. You need to find out the reason for the spinning in circle behavior of your dog.

Once you find out the problem it becomes easier to fix it with the help of a veterinarian or diverting extra attention towards him. There are other types of obsessive compulsive behavior in pooches encompassing excessive barking, snapping flies and pursuing shadows.

Prior to sleeping

If your pooch spins in circle before bedtime it is a natural way of satisfying himself about his sleeping place. Dogs in the wild dig their own resting spots to ensure that the place is cozy and safe place for him to sleep. This is the canine style of ensuring that everything is perfect.

Once they are satisfied with the place they would circle in the bedding site before taking a nap for the night. It can even be a case that they are trying to drive away the pesky bugs that are lingering around in their sleeping spot.

As a result of nervousness and apprehension

If your pooch is dealing with an unsafe high-anxiety situation, he would spin around in circle in the immediate area fanatically. It can be that they are worried about an assault from a larger dog or they are unaware of how to deal with the situation.

Going to the restroom

If your four-legged friend is spinning around in circles while smelling the ground the reason would be that he has a call from nature and wants to go outside immediately.

Dealing with health problems

Spinning around in circles on a frequent basis can also indicate towards health problems in your pooch. If your pooch is old then spinning around in circles can indicate that they are suffering from problems with his cognition. It can be vision, memory or hearing. It can also be a symptom of different types of neurological disorders in pooches like brain tumors.

If you find that your dog is spinning around in circles regularly then you need to take him to the veterinarian immediately to find out the real cause of the circling. The quicker you take the action the better it is for the health of your pooch.