Veterinarians And Their Role in A Pet’s Life

Veterinarians have an added advantage of understanding the pet to the hilt. They are qualified to not only get into the anatomy of the pet but his behavioral aspects as well. With a knack of grasping the pleasure and pain of animals, vets prove to be the best help for pet parents. They are first hand help for knowing the pet’s diseases as well as discomforts.


The importance of vets in a pet’s life:

Starting from the birth of the animal to his death, one person that monitors and understands his physiological changes is the vet. He can actually trace what is good or bad for the pet. He keeps in mind the individual aspects of the animal and takes steps to cure him physically as well as mentally. This way, veterinarians play a pivotal role in overall well being of the mute creature. Frequent or annual vet visits are thus recommended for all pet parents.

Why your pet needs an annual vet visit?

Like in humans, a routine health check up makes a whole lot of difference in a pet’s life. It helps in gauging the possibilities of diseases. The vet observes the physical changes that the pet goes through and foresees any ailment that may crop up. Thus, your vet is the best person to evaluate the chances of occurrence of diseases in pets.

The vet’s job is to suggest preventive measures and medicines to keep the disease at bay. This is a big savior in terms of pet’s health as well as pet care expenses. Statistics suggest that preventives work the best in avoiding diseases in pets. Also, your pet can get medicine as per his individual nature and needs. It facilitates in giving specific pet treatment at the timely hour and at affordable rates.

An elaborate meeting with the vet helps pet parents understand their own mistakes. With the help of the vet, pet owners can chart out pet care plans that include the following:

  • Dietary changes
  • Exercise schedule
  • Preventive treatments
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Pet care routine

Thus, an annual meeting with the vet helps you chart out New Year resolutions for pet care. It also helps in planning monthly and yearly preventives and treatments. It is one of the ways to save your pet’s health from upcoming threats. Therefore, pet parents should not miss any of these meetings. In fact, frequent vet visits are the best. If time permits you to do so then visit the vet often.

To sum up, vets are an important part of pet health care. Their qualification and experience in dealing with animals makes them ideal advisors for pet care. All pet parents should keep in touch with the vet. This helps in keeping your pet healthy, happy and fit. So, do not forget your next vet visit.


What Is The Need of Dental Hygiene in Pets?

Our pearly whites and a great smile is a sign of beauty. The same may not hold true for the animal race but lack of oral care and dental hygiene is a major issue for the pet’s health. It is actually a matter of keeping away chronic diseases and adding healthy years to the pet’s life. Diseases like periodontal may start as an infection between the teeth and gums but then spreads in other parts of the body resulting in casualties and death even. Thus, there is a pressing need of dental hygiene in pets.


What is the need of dental hygiene in pets?

  • No foul breath
  • Prevents formation of plague or tartar
  • Healthy teeth and gums
  • Keeps away infections and diseases
  • Adds healthy years to the pet’s life
  • Your pet stays with you for longer years

The pups and pussies may not jump at the sight of a toothbrush but you have to inculcate the habit of teeth brushing. It will take some time but once the pet is habituated, he would not mind the teeth cleaning routine. Dental hygiene in dogs and cats involves much more than regular teeth brushing. You need to frequently check their mouth for the signs of tumors, swelling, bleeding etc. You must periodically check the health of your pet’s mouth.

Signs of healthy mouth in pets are:

  • Pink gums
  • Pearly white, undamaged teeth
  • Fresh smelling breath
  • Active and playful behavior
  • Reduced activity of plaque

If the pet is healthy with no painful teeth or gums then it adds to his playful behavior. Pet parents need not spend huge amounts on dental care. A flavored pet toothpaste and toothbrush is enough to keep away diseases at bay. Healthy food compared to tasty treats is another way of saving the pet from dental problems. Investing in all these is worth when compared to huge expense incurred in treating teeth and gum diseases.

Above all, your pet’s health is of prime importance. You will never want him in pain. And a loss of life is certainly unbearable. So, maintain appropriate dental hygiene to make sure your pet stays healthy and happy. No miss outs in brushing schedule or vet visits for dental check up. This little care will prevent major issues and keep your pet’s smile intact.

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