Is your pet absolutely fit?

If you think that your furry bundle of joy is completely fit then thin again. Absolute dog fitness is achieved when the puppy is physically strong, mentally active and emotionally stable. Yes! Dog health includes everything from a healthy body to an enjoyable state of mind. If you feel that your pet’s routine mood swings are nothing but natural tendencies then you need to cross check it with your vet.


Veterinarians will define the rules of dog fitness and how it can be achieved. They would be able to read the issues your pet may be facing due to change in environment, food and people surrounding him. He would be able to sense anxiety symptoms in your puppy and recommend the medical and emotional cure for it. He is the best judge for your pet’s healthy state of body and mind. So, on your next visit to the vet’s clinic make sure you ask him whether your pet is totally healthy or not.

Factors affecting dog health:

Physical activity: If becoming couch potato is not good for you then it is not so for your pet as well. Do not let him become lazy by keeping him indoors. Take him out for walking, running, swimming and for fetch games. This will not only keep him active and physically fit but will improve his state of mind. Just like kids, games are enjoyable for dogs as well. So, make sure you arrange for his recreational activities on a daily basis.

Diet management: For a healthy body and mind, your pet needs to be given good quality of food. Keep a habit to feed him finest quality of treats and food. Good diet will reflect in his health. He would also develop a shinier coat. It will also keep away many digestive problems. Whenever you make changes in his diet, just go slow as sudden change in food may upset his stomach. Avoid feeding him table scraps. Ask your vet for foods that are not good for your pet and just stop giving them at once.

Mental activity: Interactive toys stimulate the pet’s mind. It would make him active throughout the day. He would have less time to bark and chew the home furniture. Bring him toys so that he remains occupied. Behavioral training is also a fodder for canine brain workout. If your puppy is a smart led then you can hire an expert trainer who can mold him for agility. This way, Fido can participate in agility of obedience competitions and make you a proud owner.

Social activity: Dog health improves when he socializes with other pets, kids, neighbors and new family members. By taking him to pet parks, training classes, dog competitions, you will polish his social skills. Doing this at a young age will help develop good habits in a pet. He will become well behaved towards new people, pet and become friendly in general.

Family activity: Your pet is your most loved family member. Involving him in outings, festivals and celebrations is very important. Since dogs are pack animals, they love to be surrounded by others. Ensure that you treat him just like another member of the family.

Though these steps seem very simple, they are highly important for dog fitness. All pet parents to bring up an absolutely fit pet must practice them. What say?


Important Tips for Pet Hydration

Do you know that your pet’s body is made up of 80% water? And just like us humans, the pets need the proper supply of this essential body fluid. Fido needs this essential fluid to keep up with good health and to make sure that his metabolism is going well. It is important to keep your pet hydrated. Fluid balance in your pet’s body is a necessity for combating rising temperatures as well.

Pet Hydration Awareness

With summers reigning high, it is time to pay complete attention on pet hydration. Adequate water intake aids in various biological processes like digestion, excretion and fluid balance in the pet’s body. It is thus extremely important to keep an eye on water intake of your pet. Besides that, pet parents need to limit pet’s exposure to higher temperatures especially in this hot weather.

Lack of water supply and fluid food will result in dehydration. Your pet would get exhausted, weak and energy less if he suffers from dehydration. It will lead to loss of appetite, dry mouth, sunken eyes, dullness, exhaustions and depression in your pet. As he cannot convey you his need for water, you need to be vigilant and provide him fresh water supply throughout the day.

Pets that are prone to dehydration:

  • Sick dogs with kidney or cardiac problems
  • Pet suffering from diabetes
    Pregnant female dogs
  • Nursing dogs
  • Aging dogs

In addition, pets that are highly active need extra water during the day. You must give them clean water after their exercise session, walks, swimming time and other physical activity sessions. Pet hydration thus varies with the type of pet, his nature, season as well as his activity levels. The thumb rule is to make sure that they are never deprived of water.

Measures to be taken to keep the pet hydrated:

  • Keep providing clean water. Make sure your pet’s water bowls do not contain stagnant water. Keep changing the water after regular time intervals. Maintain freshness!
  • Wash pet’s water bowls to prevent germination and growth of bacteria in the bowl. By cleaning these bowls, you ensure complete hygiene.
  • Make sure the pet takes water as per his bodyweight. Normally one ounce of water per pound bodyweight is enough for canines.
  • Offer extra water after any kind of physical activity session. Ask your vet if your pet drinks less water than required.

By taking all these measures, you can avoid dehydration in your pets. As a pet parent, you must be sure of the food and water intake of your pet. If he is not taking proper amount of food and water supply then you should take him to a vet to find the underlying problem. Remember, ample water supply keeps your pet hydrated and healthy.

Top Five Summer Tips to Safeguard Your Cat

Mathew loves to drool outdoors always but I am worried as it’s summer time and here in southern Caroline it’s so hot outdoors. Mathew is my cute hairy cat with those quirky eyes that always stare at me with love. When summer sets in, I have to be on the rush to ensure that Mathew is safe when roaming or enjoying outdoors. I ensure to provide the best care during hot months to her.


During winters, it’s little less stressful for me to take care of Mathew but when the sun is blazing hot, I need to put extra efforts to make sure that Mathew is safe outdoors. Actually, cats are well adapted to living outdoors. But, when the temperature rises outdoors they need helping hand to stay cool. For the same reason, I take certain steps that can keep Mathew well hydrated and cool in the hot days. Hope, this will be helpful for you too.

Summer Food

  • I feed my cat indoors. But, if you are feeding your cat outdoors, make sure that you do not leave food out for the long time. Just after 30 minutes, bugs will start fluttering around the food. Taking away that uneaten food after 45 minutes will help you prevent flies and bugs to sit on the food and contaminate it.
  • For slow eaters, you can opt for dry feed. This will attract fewer bugs and insects.
  • I have bought ‘ant-proof’ bowl for Mathew to avoid ants and other insects. This is especially designed for outdoor cats but it also helps me to feed my furry friend. Many companies sell such bowls. You can invest in one and help your kitty enjoy ant-free feed.
  • You can also prepare natural ant barrier with the help of food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Surround cat food with this powder, which acts like barrier and prevents ants from getting onto the food. You can purchase it from any food store or pet supplies online store.

Summer Water

  • During hot days, cats dehydrate very quickly. To balance the loss of water, it is necessary to supply extra water to combat this situation.
  • In addition, you can add a few cubes of ice in the water bowl to keep the water cool for longer time as it becomes warm too quickly. But, be careful that your kitty is not fussy about these cubes.
  • Pet water fountains are available in the market. Get one of them to place outdoors for your cat. This will provide constant stream of water whole day and inspire your cat to drink more.
  • Ensure that you are not keeping the water bowl under direct sun. Keep it under some shade or under a tree, this will save water from evaporating too fast and warming it up.
  • Have a deep and narrow water bowl compared to shallow and wider bowl; this will also keep water from evaporating.

Summer Shelter

  • During hot days, it is essential that you provide proper shelter to your outdoor cats. Mostly felines prefer to stay outdoors and they find places to escape from hot sun. Better, provide them easy access to shaded places, for example a deck where they can rest and eat food.
  • I have built an outdoor cat shelter for Mathew making best out of waste supplies. You can also do the same. Make a quick straw shelter or mould some old cardboard in a form of a house. This can greatly help your furry friend to rest happily even when the sun is on the head.
  • If are not able to DIY cat shelter for your furry cat, you can definitely buy one at pet store or order one on any online pet supplies store.

Summer Treatment

Spring and summer is the time when you can find havoc of fleas and ticks along with other external parasites. With the onset of summer, it becomes crucial for all pet parents to protect pets from these notorious blood-sucking pests. I treat Mathew with flea and tick prevention, but during these months, I do take special care that I do not miss the monthly spot-on frontline plus for cats. This definitely protects your pet from certain flea and tick infested diseases.

Summer Joy

When you are going on a ride and you need to stop somewhere, ensure that you do not leave your kitty inside a closed car. In summers, temperature inside the car rises too high and it’s quite harmful for your pet. It’s better to take your kitty along with you.

I follow these few things during summer to take care of Mathew. You can definitely work out to help your kitty stay cool, hydrated and healthy during these months. Just by following all the above things, you can easily take care of your cat and feel relieved. You will be happy that your cat is safe and enjoying the shades of joy under the sun.

Cat Care Essentials for First Time Pet Parents

Are you in a spree of bringing a kitty home? If you love that mewing furry creature and want to add her in your family then it would certainly be a rewarding experience. For this loving experience, you need to make some preparations. You have to mold your environment, home and your nature to ensure that your kitty is happy to be a part of your life. If you are a first time pet parent then a general know-how of some cat care essentials will help you a great deal.


Cat care essentials for first time pet parents:

Home amendments: Prepare your home to welcome the feline. Bring litter box, food bowls, beddings, scratch pole etc. These cat care essentials are important to give a comfortable life to your kitty. Make sure you put everything at the correct place, which is easily reachable by the cat.

Safety with the leash: Even if your kitty spends most of the time in your lap, it is important to put a harness around her neck. It will restrict the chance of slipping her when you go out. Put a collar ID with her name and your contact number to avoid losing her.

Vet visits: As part of the routine pet care regime, you need to be in touch with the veterinarian. Be regular with her vaccinations, parasite preventives and periodic health checkups. This will help you prevent any diseases that take time to show up.

Spaying for good: It is important to spay or neuter your kitty. This keeps her healthier and is your step towards keeping cat population in check. It also reduces the chances of euthanizing many felines who are killed for the fact that they are born in a country that is over populated with cats.

Diet habits: As a pet parent, you must get finest cat supplies for her diet. Do not feed her table scraps or fatty treats. Instead, go for nutritionally balanced diet. Take veterinarian guidance to know the exact meal timings and quantity of food that needs to be offered.

Litter habits: Cats are generally clean in nature. They do not prefer ill hygiene and need some quiet time as well. Make sure you put the litter box at a quiet place so that she enjoys privacy while emptying the bowels. It is very important to clean the litter box regularly.

Cat grooming: Grooming felines is a must. It will not only help to keep her skin and coat clean but also give you a time to check for any lumps, fleas or skin cuts that otherwise gets unnoticed. Clip her claws to prevent them from poking inside her paws.

Incorporate playfulness: It is important that you spend some quality time in creating play sessions with your furry bundle. This will give her physical and mental strength. It will also enhance your bond with your kitty. Bring ping-pong balls, kitty condo, cat post etc. Just spend some good time with her.

Obedience training: Cats may turn out to be extremely moody. As a general habit, they would damage furniture, couch or kitchen counter by scratching and jumping around the place. Giving obedience training will help them adapt to house rules and make your life easy.

To sum up, new pet parents need to be prepared for the pre and post requirements of petting a cat. By a little more effort, they can provide health and happiness to their furry pal. These tips would help you in dealing with the idea and implementation of petting a cat. Happy petting!

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