Know The Allergy Triggers in Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can contract allergies from miscellaneous sources. They are equally vulnerable to allergens in the environment as much as we are. We as humans can atleast take precautions and necessary measures to safeguard ourselves. Whereas these poor little munchkins don’t even have any other companions other than us to take care of their health. Because they are completely dependent on us for their well-being, it is our responsibility to understand as to what can be bad for our pet, what can trigger an allergic reaction in them and how we can combat that. Better if we take preventive measures to avoid our furry friend from such misery.


Allergic reactions occur in pets when their immune system is compromised. And it is evident that the pet is suffering from a reaction if he is found itching every now and then. Inflammed skin causes severe itching and to relieve that, dogs constantly bite the affected area which results in bald patches of skin. Increased sneezing, face scrubbing, rashes, nasal discharge and uncontrollable belly or paw licking are some of the other major symptoms of an allergic reaction in a pet.

Allergy causing agents in pets are primarily categorized into four types: Food Allergy, Flea Allergy, Contact Allergy and Air-Borne Allergies.

FOOD ALLERGY: It is the most common kinda allergy in pets. Foods like milk, wheat, fish, meat, soy or corn can prove to be allergic to some of the dogs. When their system shows aversion to such products, it comes out in the form of vomit, diarrhea or excessive gas passing. The only way to test if the food is allergic to your pet, is to conduct a food test. If there is any reaction, it means you need to change the brand of the food product to the one that has lesser amount or no allergic food at all. Do consult the vet to treat your dog and get a diet plan for him.

FLEA ALLERGY: There are new cases of flea allergic reaction in dogs every day. It is the most prominent allergy of all and is caused when the flea bites the pet’s skin and leaves its saliva on it. As a result, the pet suffers from severe itching, uneasiness, vomiting and diarrhea. The most effective way to treat him from this reaction is by administering Frontline Plus. Use flea comb to remove any eggs or flea stuck in the tangled fur. Daily grooming regime must be maintained so as to avoid the flea infestation in the first place.


AIR-BORNE ALLERGY: Allergens in our environment can cause air-borne or atopic dermatitis in pets. Main culprits are wild grass, molds, dust mites and pollens. The best way to avoid this allergy is by keeping the house and the surroundings clean and immaculate. Vacuum regularly and wash the beddings thoroughly. Cleaner the surroundings, lesser would be the chances of your pet to contract this kind of allergy.

CONTACT ALLERGY: It could happen when the pet comes in contact of things like cleansers, shampoos, plants or any random thing that causes irritation and redness of the skin. You can figure it out only through reliving your pet’s regular routine. Just try to keep your Fido as clean as possible and keep him away from those products or things. Consult the vet if he has already contracted the allergy.


Program Flavor Tabs – Dependent and Trustworthy Product

Program Flavor Tabs

Fleas are like birds without feathers! You never know, when it is going to jump on your pooch baby. Stopping your pooch from roaming is like restricting them to enjoy. Pet owners, find it difficult to resist the fact that their pooch is not that sophisticated from inside!! It is said that dog’s natural life is about biting fleas, burying bones and barking on an empty tree whole night.

Biting fleas is one of the common traits in a dog, according to million idioms and thousands of phrases. But, is it bothering you?? If yes!!! Then this is a good sign of parenting. Never let your pooch to turn into an addicted pet of biting fleas. Keep those thirsty fleas at bay! As they are sucking your pet’s blood.

In this modern era, markets are almost flooded with plenty of products. But, just like you, your pooch is also a sensitive living creature. Experimental use of products can be dangerous to your pet. Go for a brand, which better suits on the medical conditions of your pet. In short, Don’t be a copy cat!!
In order to reduce the complex process, here is a firm suggestion of a great product named Program Flavor Tabs. Good fame and broad spectrum of working make it a trust worthy product.

The active ingredient of Lufenuron, which is a benzoyl phenyl-urea derivative. This product works by breaking the flea’s life cycle at an initial stage or at the egg stage. Treatment should begin during the season, which is most favorable to fleas, and it should not stop till the season ends. It will ensure good results with desired effectiveness.
You can simply offer the tablets along with the supper. But, be a little cautious, to ensure the proper intake of the tablet by your pet.

Our Flea & Tick Products












Some of the beneficial aspects of Program Flavor tabs are:

1. It can be used along with Capstar, to eliminate adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching. Great combination, good work!!

2. These tabs are meant for monthly application, so no worries, in case any dose is missed.

3. It’s proven a safe remedy for dogs and puppies of four weeks of age and older, for the prevention and control of flea populations.

To avoid any complications, never ignore the instructions written over the packages. Keep the tabs away from the reach of small children.Buy Pet Care Products


Activyl for dogs - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Get the Benefit! Activyl that will Effectively Cut the Flea Life Cycle

Activyl for dogs - Pet Care Supplies Blog

For many humans, the spring is a glorious season to enjoy the warm weather. But for pets, spring means a slew of health concerns. That’s right, fleas love the warmer atmosphere and this is the time when their breeding becomes rife. Such pesky nuisances not only cause your pets to itch and scratch but also bring many diseases. So, here’s the most important step to take for your pet’s flea protection and switch to the effective flea treatment – Activyl.

It is a very powerful flea treatment that works by a method of bioactivation (metabolic activation). Such spot-on flea treatment spread through pets’ skin when a flea lands on them. Indoxacarb is a key ingredient in Activyl. Unlike other flea treatments, Activyl eliminates adult fleas, prevent flea eggs and larvae to be mature in the environment, break the flea life cycle and even keep your pet fleas free.

Fleas can hastily become a big problem for dogs and even for your entire family. Because all female fleas are able to produce more than 40 to 50 eggs in a single a day, and from them, just a few fleas can infest your entire home. So, in order to control this heavy flea infestation, Activyl can work best.

Moreover, if you have puppies and kittens older than 8 weeks of age, this spot-on can be used.

Quick and Easy to Apply

This treatment comes in an easily opened applicator, just like other flea spot-on products. Simply, hold the applicator and bend the tip to snap. Next part your pet’s fur and squeeze applicator tightly to apply entire content evenly on the back between shoulder blade and tail base in three or four spots for large dogs. Do not contact with the treated area until the content has dried. Reapply Activyl every month. And, never remove the applicator from the pack until it ready to use.

Activyl’s Key Features:

  • Effective treatment to control flea for the entire month
  • Quick-drying, water-resistant and fragrance-free
  • Fast-acting – to kill fleas within just 8 hours
  • Break the flea life cycle
  • Keep pets away from new infestations for 4 weeks

Impressive Ideas To Stop Fleas And Ticks Biting Your Pet

Eventfully, your pet needs your undying devotion. You can repay your pet’s love by giving them protection against harmful fleas through Activyl every month. But before that always consult your veterinarian first and enjoy the benefits of flea treatment and keep away from uncertain concerns.

Buy Activyl for Dogs - Pet Care Supplies Blog

8 Reasons Why Your Pooch Is Scratching All the Time!

8 Reasons Why Your Pooch Is Scratching All The Time!

8 Reasons Why Your Pooch Is Scratching All The Time!

Have you observed that your furry pal is itching more than usual or are you worried as itching has just become all day activity of your furry friend? Of course, it makes your dear friend so miserable. At some point, all dog owners have faced this issue of a dry, itchy or flaky skin of kittens or doggies.

Just like humans, all hairy pets can also have dandruff and chronically itchy skin. There are many reasons of dry and itchy skin. So, to cure the skin first you need to explore reason of same and then prevention. Of course, we don’t want our Fido to be miserable all the time. So, for keeping away Itching, we must need to take care of below point.

1. Lack Of Grooming

Lack of Grooming - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Lack of grooming is most common cause of dry, dead and itchy skin especially if your furry pal is long haired. Brushing or combing your Fido regularly is considered to be good hygiene practice to follow. Insufficient grooming always ends up building of dead skin under coat and this is mainly seen in double coated or long haired dog breeds.
Most of the time, dogs self-groom their dead skins and hairs by scratching but there could be some parts of the body where they cannot reach. Watch carefully, at which part they have excessive flaking and brush it regularly.

2. Too Few Or Too Many Baths

Dog Bath - Pet Care Supplies Blog


Not washing your pooch regularly is a problem. Most dogs love to bath daily during summer days and we think there is no problem in it. But too many baths are also not good for your canine.

Earlier shampoos were too harsh which used to cause dry and flaky skin. So, it was recommended to pet owners not to wash their pets regularly. However, now a day, shampoos are smoother and gentle. Still, shampooing too much your little pooch creates excessive flaking.

While some breeds of dogs don’t need daily bathing, other with oily skin or long hair need regular bathing. In the more humid climate, your puppy needs to be bathed regularly skin irritation is felt during that time. Never washing your dog build-ups dead skin, while daily bathing leads to dry skin.

According to many professionals, you can apply coconut or other oil. But, choosing a gentle and soft shampoo designed particularly for pets is the best way, it can also be followed by a conditioner to keep away dry and flaky skin. As per the recent nationwide survey, Malaseb shampoo is one of the most recommended shampoo brands by a veterinarian. It is designed to prevent all types of microbial infections occurring in pets and beneficial to clean and degrease the coat. MalAcetic Conditioner belongs to the same manufacturer and contains all-natural ingredients. It is really helpful to repair damaged skin and relieve itching.

3.  Nutritional Deficiency

nutritional deficiency in dog - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Lack of omega 3 essential is the major cause of skin dryness. If you are feeding homemade food, then following a perfect diet chart must. You can include fish in daily food. Your pets need a lot of omega-3 fatty acids in everyday food. You can also use a spot on treatment created to keep your pooch’s skin healthy and nourished.

Essential-6 spot on treatments includes fatty acids of omega-6 and omega-3, 10 essential oils, hemp and Neem oil. That not only improves skin and coat sheen but also very effective to treat itchy skin and to restore hydration level of the skin.

4. Drug Reaction

Drug Reaction in Dog - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Are you feeding your dog any oral medications as of now or are you treating your dog with any spot on treatments? Many breeds are allergenic to many drugs or ingredients of it. So, if you find that you have just change or started new medicines and after that, he has started itching than normal, the best way is to consult the vet. They may suggest changing the medications or have any alternate solution to it.

5. Allergies

food allergy in dogs - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Allergies are mainly caused due to a number of reasons like food allergies, particular drug allergy, seasonal allergy, any chemical allergy. Also, your furry friend could have particular grass or plant allergy or specific smell or spray allergy.

The best way is to observe if at any particular time or after particular task, your pooch is constantly scratching or itching. You can always consult a vet to know from which substance or ingredient, your doggie has allergy and can avoid that while purchasing the product for your pooch.

6. Bite Of Insects

Insect Bites on Dogs - Pet Care Supplies Blog

Vets always advise; regularly comb your pets after a bath! So, insects can be thrown away into water. A bite of parasites or insects troubles your pooch and make him irritated. Parasites like fleas, ticks, and lice love to drain the blood of your little pooch. Using regular flea and tick topical and oral treatment helps to keep away these canny insects.

7. Behavioral Issues Like Anxiety And Stress

Anxiety in Dogs -  Pet Care Supplies Blog


It is also observed that due to behavioral issues like anxiety, fear of a new place or meeting new people, too much stress creates behavioral issues in the dog. Due to that they might Itch or scratch themselves more than usual. There are many products available now a day to control anxiety and stress of your furry pal. DAP Spray and DAP collars help to calm your furry pal and help in adjusting to the new environment.

So, as we have gone through causes of extensive itching and scratching in your dog. It is mainly due to dry skin coats or allergies or reactions. Few things can be taken care in advance but what if your Fido suddenly suffers excessive itching? It is advisable to keep some solution in your first aid box for your Fido. These homeopathic skin and itch relief is the best natural solutions for treating skin itchiness. Skin and Itch reliefs the oral treatment offers instant relief from scratching, licking and biting.


Frontline Plus for Dogs and Cats

A Safe Solution For Flea and Tick Control – Frontline Plus For Dogs And Cats

Frontline Plus for Dogs and Cats

Fleas and ticks have been sustaining on this planet since so long. These parasites have been infecting our little pets from the beginning. But, now we have a solution for these blood-sucking icky parasites.

A renowned product designed by Merial, Frontline Plus is a relief for cats and dogs both. A fast-acting formula to fight against these external parasites is a spot-on treatment. Frontline Plus ensures the protection of the pets against flea and tick-borne diseases too. It is a monthly treatment with long-lasting effects which starts its action immediately by eliminating fleas in dogs within 24 hours of application and in cats within 12 hours. After administrating the treatment, ticks are efficiently killed within 48 hours. Killing adult fleas and destroying the entire flea life cycle by eradicating all the life stages including flea eggs and flea larvae.

Cat Vaccinations and Treatments – Uncover the Hidden Facts about Them

The waterproof treatment doesn’t allow re-infestation of fleas and ticks for up to a month and also protects cats and dogs from Flea Allergy Dermatitis. It is very advantageous as the pooch won’t have any trouble bathing or going near water. The waterproof property is also suitable and safe to use on pregnant, nursing and breeding pets. Frontline Plus efficiently removes and eliminates brown ticks, lone star ticks, and American dog ticks and prevents re-infestation of these to avoid any tick-borne ailments.

The composition of Frontline Plus includes two active ingredients – Fipronil and (S)Methoprene. These two work together to kill fleas and ticks. After the application of the treatment, Frontline spreads on the skin of the pet evenly because of its penetration action and lasts for 4 weeks. Fipronil eliminates adult fleas and ticks while (S)Methoprene, disrupts the life cycle of the fleas and attacks on flea eggs and larvae. The combined effect of these two active ingredients provides complete protection to both canines and felines from flea and tick borne diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain fever, Flea Allergy Dermatitis etc.

Frontline Plus is suitable for both pups and kitties of 8 weeks of age and elder to that. Every product comes with some safety rules and so thus this one. A layout of basic safety measures and precautions one should be aware of while using Frontline Plus are:

  • The products for both cats and dogs come in different packs.

  • Read the pack before opening it.

  • Frontline for dogs cannot be used on cats and vice-versa.

  • Store it in cool and dry place.

  • Do not apply on damaged skin.

  • Wash hands after using this product.

  • Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

  • Keep it away from flames and heat.

  • Do not allow the pets to lick each other until the treatment has dried.

  • Do not smoke, eat or drink while applying the treatment.






While using this broad spectrum treatment, firstly read the label for instructions and precautions. If any doubt, consult a vet immediately. The usage for both cats and dogs are different. So, first talking about cats:

  • Part the fur at the base of the skull and between the shoulders and create a spot to apply the medication.
  • Put the tip of the pipette on the spot and squeeze approximately 0.5ml of solution. Let it dry.

Know About Importance Of Proper Dental Care Of Your Dog And Cat

For dogs, the treatment varies with the weights. So, weigh the dog before the treatment.

  • Make your dog comfortable and part the fur between the shoulder blades.

  • Place the tip of the pipette on the spot without touching the hair.

  • Squeeze and empty the entire content on that spot.

  • For small and medium dogs, apply at a single spot

  • For large dogs, apply at 4-5 spots starting from shoulder blades till the base of the tail.

According to the weight of the dogs, different packs of Frontline Plus has been designed with color codes for easy purchase.

Don’t wait any longer, Frontline Plus is a verified product and a trusted brand that is an effective monthly solution for your beloved pets.

Questions about Fleas & Ticks on your Pets

5 Important Questions & Answers About Fleas And Ticks On Pets

Questions about Fleas & Ticks on your Pets

Most of the pet owners might have heard about these fleas and ticks but they do not know much about these pesky parasites. It is time to educate the pet owners on the way these pests work, where they come from, how they harm the pets and how to prevent and get rid of them. There are several spot-on treatments like Frontline Plus that are reasonably priced, effective and kills adult fleas and ticks along with stopping the lifecycle of the younger parasites. They are not about basic things that are very important to know as a pet owner.

Let us look at some of these questions and answers that will help you know these pesky parasites better:

Questions & Answers About Fleas And Ticks On Pets

Aware of These Questions about Fleas & Ticks on Pets

Where Do Fleas & Ticks Come From?

Pets get fleas from other pets and objects that are infected with fleas including carpet and upholstery. Ticks attach themselves to pets from lawn debris including dead leaves and tall grass.

Is It Possible To Pull Out A Tick From The Pet’s Body Without Visiting The Veterinarian?

Yes, it is possible to pull out a tick out of the pet’s body. You can do this by pulling it straight on the tick’s body with the tweezers and do not allow the head of the tick to lodge itself into the body of your pet. If you are uncomfortable with the process, take the pet to the veterinarian.

Is It Possible To See Fleas Through Naked Eyes?

Fleas are very difficult to see but their effect can be seen on the pet’s body. An infected pet spends a lot of time scratching the same areas, and might develop skin rashes as a result.

Can Fleas & Ticks Endanger Your Pet’s Health?

Ticks carry Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever while fleas carry problems like cat scratch fever and tapeworm.

How Can You Get Rid Of Fleas?

Questions & Answers About Fleas and Ticks on Pets

There are special combs which are available that can be employed to get rid of fleas from the pet’s fur. Once it is done, you will also need to wash any affected cloth in hot water and use flea preventive treatment to kill fleas in your carpet and upholstery.

These questions and answers will give you an idea about how fleas and ticks can harm your pet’s body. Hence, veterinarians recommend Flea And Tick Preventative Treatments to ensure that your pet is not irritated by these pesky parasites.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever- A Tick Borne Disease To Protect Your Pooch From!

A Tick Borne Disease To Protect Your Pooch From!

Ticks pose more dangerous issues than fleas do and this is why it is important to protect our dogs from ticks with much more intensity than we prevent fleas. Tick borne diseases have serious effects on dogs such as anemia, fever, paralysis, etc. Different ticks are responsible for different illnesses in dogs.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is one of the most common and dangerous tick borne diseases that is needed to be prevented from spreading in pets. It is transmitted by Rickettsia rickettsii, an organism that appears like bacteria but acts as a virus. It could be carried by any of the tick types which make it necessary to use a preventive that fights all four types of ticks.

What are the signs you should look for?

Most of the dogs catch fever within 5 days if infected with Rickettsia rickettsii. There are breeds like German shepherd and other pure breeds that are more likely to get this disease. The general symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever are:

  • Depression
  • Lack of energy
  • Anorexia
  • Blood spotted in urine
  • Heartbeat getting irregular
  • Purplish colored spots on the skin, often seems like bruises
  • Limb inflammation
  • Issues in mobility
  • Sudden nose bleeding
  • Problems in blood clotting that could be lethal
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Pain in the eyes
  • Eyes issues such as conjunctivitis or hemorrhage and inflammation in mucosal membranes

What should you expect as treatment for this disease?

We are talking about Rocky Mountain spotted fever because it is a serious disease that has a chance even to take your companion’s life away. Thus on acquiring this, pets may need dedicated and intensive care.

Infected pets may be needed to admit in hospital for the treatment. There could be a great deal of blood loss which may leave your pet with anemia. Thus blood transfusion may be required in severe situations. Apart from that your pet will be on antibiotics and anti inflammation drugs that will help him recover fast.

What could be the safest option to prevent your pet from getting infected with this fever?

Prevention is always better than cure and this condition is no different than others. Using dependable tick treatments may be the only option to keep Rocky Mountain spotted fever at bay. Treat your furry friends with parasite preventives on a regular basis to keep them healthy and fit. Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix or a tick collar are some of the reliable options to go for.

In all, this fever sounds to be dangerous enough to trigger precautionary measures among pet owners, which was the motto. Keep your pets protected using required measures to not let this disease even come anywhere near them.

Advantage flea control

Advantage for Cats – Tested and Trusted flea treatment

Do you want your feline to be absolutely free from fleas this summer? Being a pet parent brings a lot of responsibilities of which, this may take most of your time and concern. It may harm your kitty as well as you if you do not take care of primary issues like fleas. These pests can also hop up your body and feed on your blood which may bring diseases like anemia. Of all the seasons, summers can be the worst for a flea infestation. It is inevitable to treat your kitties with efficient flea preventive to protect her from anemia or other diseases.

Advantage flea control

Advantage for cats is one of the most trusted flea preventive recommended by the veterinarians. Being a topical treatment, it is easy to apply as you just need to empty the pipette at a single spot on your feline’s body. This monthly treatment is safe to be applied on adult cats and kittens over 8 weeks of age. This Bayer product is one of the fastest flea controls that starts killing fleas in one hour and eliminates all the fleas within 12 hours. It breaks the flea life cycle by destroying the juvenile stages of fleas which prevents its re-infestation in cats.

Let’s check some basic information on Advantage!

Why to choose Advantage over other treatments?
Among the genre of topical treatments, Advantage for cats has the potential to destroy fleas in the minimum amount of time, which is 12 hours. This quick action formula starts working in an hour of its application. This suggests that with Advantage, your kitty will not have to be covered with fleas for 24 or 48 hours, unlike other treatments that shows their effects after a day or two of its application.

We all know how cats can be! It can be very difficult to administer any oral tablets to these queens if they have turned around their face once. Being a spot-on treatment, Advantage will create no such issues. It is very easy to apply this flea preventive solution without any fuss about anything.

Advantage for cats is not only capable of destroying adult fleas but also kills the juvenile flea stages like larvae. So, if you use this treatment for your felines, they can also be shielded from flea re-infestation.

Is your kitty pregnant? Or lactating? May it be any of the two situations, your feline is safe to be treated with this flea control. Yes! Advantage is not barred for pregnant or lactating cats.

It is not safe to apply advantage to kittens younger than 8 weeks. But, they can still be protected from fleas if their mother is treated with the treatment. The solution will distribute from the coat of the mother to her unweaned kittens, thereby protecting them from fleas.

It provides a month long protection to your felines.

Being a waterproof treatment, your feline can have a splash if she wants after 48 hours of its application. It works with the same efficiency after bathing your feline post to the application of this treatment.

What are the safety measures that a pet parent should take before its application?

  • Advantage for cats is available in color coded packs. These packs are coded on the basis of a different weight range of kittens. It is advisable to weigh your feline before buying this treatment.
  • It is not safe to treat kittens less than 8 weeks of age.
  • After the application of this quick action treatment, it is advisable not to wash your feline for 48 hours.
  • Do not let children or other pets to come near your treated feline.
  • It is recommended to keep your kitty under your surveillance for some hours after its application. Do not let your feline lick the spot until it is dry.

So, don’t you think Advantage for cats will be a considerate option for your feline this summer? The efficiency of this treatment has made it one of the most recommended topical flea controls. Try Advantage flea preventive this summer to give a thorough protection to your felines from these hopping pests.

Flea And Tick Treatments- Pick The Best One For Your Pets This Summer

Do you want your pets to be free from flea and ticks this summer? Summers can be the worst time for your darling pooches and kitties with all the heat and the threat of parasitic infestation.

Parasites like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are found in abundance in this season as the heat and humidity help them to hatch faster. It is very necessary to pick the best flea & tick treatment for your canines and felines this season.

There are many types of flea and tick treatments prevalent from many years like preventive collars, shampoos, dips, spot-on, and oral controls. The two most popular and recommended of these treatments are spot-on and oral flea preventives. Pet parents mostly prefer to use either of them to keep their pets safe from these multi-legged pests.

Let’s check some of the best flea and tick treatments to help you pick the best for your pets!

Which are the spot-on treatments that you can use this summer?

  • Frontline Plus:
    This is the most trusted parasite control helping the pet parents for almost 14 years. It is a spot-on treatment that gives a month long protection to your canines and felines from fleas and ticks. It has the ability to kill fleas within 24 hours while it may take 48 hours to eliminate ticks. Kittens and puppies over 8 weeks of age are safe to be treated with this pesticide. If you have been using this treatment and is working for you, then it is recommended to continue applying Frontline Plus to your pets.
  • K9 Advantix:
    This spot-on treatment is available only for dogs and can be lethal if applied to cats. It is a unique flea and tick control with parasite repelling properties. K9 Advantix combats adult fleas and its juvenile stages for an entire month preventing its re-infestation. If your pup is older than 7 weeks of age, s/he is safe to be treated with this pest control. It takes the same time to destroy fleas and ticks as Frontline Plus. There have been several complaints that Frontline Plus is no longer working. This may be the result of overusing the treatment as pests may develop immunity towards the treatment. You can go for K9 Advantix in such a case.
  • Activyl:
    If your pooch is generally infested with fleas and there is no trace of ticks, Activyl can be the best option for you. This spot on treatment starts eliminating fleas and its early stages within 8 hours of time. It is safe for puppies and kitties aging above 8 weeks and weighing more than 4 lbs.
  • Advantage:
    This widely used topical solution kills fleas and all of its juvenile stages efficiently. It starts killing fleas within an hour after it application and terminates 99% of them in 12 hours. It has the potential to kill pests faster than the above mentioned treatments. Advantage is available for both, canines and felines in different packs. It is safe to apply this spot-on to your kittens or pups older than 7 weeks of age. It can be an ideal option for your pets in case of heavy flea infestation to induce faster results.

All the above mentioned flea and tick preventives are waterproof. So, don’t worry about your summer splashes with your furry friends!

Which oral treatments can help your pawed friends this summer?

  • Program flavor tabs:
    Is your furry pal fussy about topical treatments? If you and your pet, both need a break from the mess of spot-on treatments Program flavor tablets can make things easier for you. This flea control can provide a 30 days protection to your pets against fleas. It does not eradicate ticks. You can either mix this tablet with your pet’s food or can place it in his mouth. If you choose Program for your canines and felines, you may not have to worry about flea re-infestation, as it also kills the early life stages of fleas. Pick Program flavor tabs to escape the mess of topical and experience the same efficiency!
  • Capstar:
    This is the fastest flea control among all the existing solutions. This oral tablet is flavorless and odorless which makes it easy to administer to pets. It is a short-term treatment that kills all the adult fleas within almost 5 hours and remains effective only. Capstar is the best option in sudden flea infestations or while you travel. To prevent the re-infestation of fleas on your pets, you may need to follow this treatment with other long term prevention.

Are you ready to keep your pawed friends safe from fleas and ticks this summer? Pick the most suitable one for your furry pals to make your summers better and enjoyable.

What You Should Know About Frontline Plus?

Cats and dogs are susceptible to flea attacks. Whether they live an indoor life or outdoor, there are fair chances of them being attacked by flea larvae and pupae spread over the carpet, bedding and in the surroundings. Abolishing fleas and ticks from a pet’s life is nearly impossible. One popular and effective flea and tick treatment for them is Frontline Plus. This powerful medication is potent enough to kill 98-100% adult fleas within 12 hours and ticks in just 48 hours of application.


The added advantage is that this treatment destroys immature stages of the flea life cycle. This way, it prevents any kind of future infestations as well as slashes down the flea population. It can be applied from the age of 8 weeks, be it a kitten, cat, puppy or a dog. Safe as heaven, the treatment is apt for breeding, pregnant and nursing pets. The monthly flea medication is easy to use and is highly reliable for all breeds of dogs.

How it works?

The Merial product is a spot-on treatment that needs to be applied at one or more spots on the pet’s back. Made up of fipronil and S-methoprene, Frontline Plus attacks the central nervous system of the parasites. It paralysis them and kills them eventually. Here, fipronil is an insecticide and methoprene is an insect growth regulator that slays the juvenile stages of parasites. The combined effect of both results in drastic reduction in adult flea population and blocking the growth of flea life cycle.

Benefits of Frontline Plus:

This topical treatment is easy to apply. A waterproof treatment makes it active even after bathing or washing the pet. By killing adult fleas as well as juvenile life stages, it prevents future infestations of parasites. It is available for all sizes of cats and dogs. Being an EPA approved flea treatment, it is highly safe for the pets. Side effects can be seen in very rare cases. It occurs when the pet is allergic towards any of the ingredients or is extra sensitive.


Compared to many other flea and tick treatments, Frontline Plus has gained a high level of popularity. It is one of the most in-demand products for parasite treatment. This super safe flea preventive is available at various online stores. Buying it at a considerably cheaper rate is also possible. You just have to find the store that offers it at least prices. Buying in bulk also saves a lot of the cost. And if the store offers it at free shipping then the deal is a cracking one.

Thus, the review of Frontline Plus is a positive one. There are thousands of satisfied pet parents across the globe. This super effective tick treatment should be used around the year, even in winter months to destroy any chances of flea infestations. To sum up, it is simple, effective, long-lasting flea treatment that will say bye to many flea and tick borne diseases. So, if you are planning to get one then you would not be disappointed at all.